Gastronomic Reinforcement

Bad GAD Conference and wellness hotel occupies three new (Martina) the 4-star-superior Hotel appreciates the input and rise three employees. Young, dedicated heads are equally in demand as long-standing expertise and experience. The changes are all in the dining area of the House. “Angelika Durbeck is Deputy Director i/c of F & B since September 2010, Angelika Durbeck belongs to the team of the Monarch Hotel”. Previously she worked in various four – and five-star hotels in Schkopau Castle Hotel”near Merseburg. The control of the use of food goods and quality assurance in the House responsible the trained engineer, Diploma operating hostess and sommelier hotel is henceforth in the monarch”for personnel management in the dining areas. In addition, it assumes the representation of the General Manager. “Karin Sangl rises to the Chief Patissiere in the Patisserie of the Monarch Hotel” Karin Sangl created since June Sweets of any kind.

The 25-year experience in this field already in the five-star Interlaken Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau”. To September of this year, she received more responsibility now as Chief Patissiere and coordinated since in addition production and use of goods. “” Stefan flour mountain is new Executive sous-chef stations like the Suvretta House”in St. Moritz and the Hilton Munich Park”in Munich Stefan flour mountain arrived in August as a sous-chef at the Monarch Hotel”. Now, the 26 year-old Executive Chef is responsible for sous-chef work processes, quality and efficiency of the hotel’s own kitchen. “Michael Lopacki, General Manager of the Monarch Hotel”, is highly satisfied with the developments of human. It is located on the heart to offer perspectives within the House. Therefore, it is a concern, to reward good performance. We congratulate all three employees to their new positions and look forward to further cooperation.” More information under.


From the 30 to the Dec, the gourmet fair opens its doors the meeting place for gourmets is again in the next few days in Munich: in the new Munich trade fair centre, which takes food & life of the 30.11 up to Dec” is Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 to 18 h. open instead of you. Over 90,000 visitors came to the last year’s exhibition, delicacies and exclusive specialities to meet and to taste. Friends, experts and operators of restaurants that they have seldom face here. The food & life has established itself as a meeting place for gourmets from Bavaria and throughout Germany in recent years. The fair offers a wonderful cross-section of selected food. A special emphasis is also on the quality of the buyer.

So, for example, the region is slow food”again a key point of the event. The market for good food”is held every year on the food & life. Traditionally crafted products, find out manufactured regional raw materials. 2011 hitting the heart of the gastronomy in Munich several celebrity chefs show off their skills onstage action every day. Pros give tips on current topics related to the theme of food and specialities from all over the world will be presented in lectures. In the exhibition area, everything is offered visitors what gourmet’s heart desires: Here you will find the different stands on issues such as fine and health foods, spices, herbs, oil, vinegar, fruit and vegetables, meat and sausages, fish, baked goods, confectionery, spreads, dairy products and eggs, drinks, nature pharmacy, tobacco products and media. As the non-commercial partner presents eleven special brewing sites from all over Bavaria the Bavarian Brewer federal e.V.

and informed on the spot about the wide variety of Bavarian beer. Wine lovers can enjoy 40 winemakers from four countries. In addition to savory and sweet dishes, there is a wide selection of top-quality wines, foam and fire wines and liqueurs. The number of visitors has increased since 2008 almost doubled: still 58,000 gourmets and interested guest, three years ago it was in last year already about 91,000. The number of exhibitors has grown during the same period from 95 to 154. Restaurants in Munich Andreas nickel.

Modern Spa Hotel Diament

Holidaymakers who are looking for hotels for relaxing hours in Kolobrzeg, book the modern Spa Hotel Diament likes in the beautiful Grzybowo of suburb of! Bath Koobrzeg is one of the most famous resorts on the Baltic Sea: in the summer months, numerous guests along the popular promenade stroll down and there is a colourful bustle on the beautiful sandy beach. The village of Grzybowo, located about five kilometers from downtown of Koobrzeg is located away from the hustle and bustle. Travellers who are looking for hotels for a comfortable stay in Koobrzeg, arrange the modern Spa Hotel Diament in Grzybowo. The location of the hotel speaks for itself, because guests reach just a few-minute walk from the beautiful sandy beach of Grzybowo and directly behind the Spa Hotel Diament, a large protected area begins with natural sand dunes and forests. Guests who are looking for hotels with a large SPA area in Koobrzeg, enjoy the modern facilities of the wellness and SPA area in the Spa Hotel Diament. Here, an indoor swimming pool with a large enrich Swimming pool, a sauna and a hot tub the stay of our guests. The in-house Spa Department patients get health care applications twice a day and in the separate wellness area, vacationers enjoy modern treatment methods. Spa holiday makers wishing to book treatments and wellness hotels in Koobrzeg, find suitable offers in Spa Hotel Diament.

After a medical examination, guests in the Spa Department can participate in all current treatments. Depending on the clinical picture, well trained therapists apply different treatments of the hydro – and physiotherapy. Anyone looking for hotels for natural remedies sourced applications in Koobrzeg, also takes this service in the Spa Hotel Diament. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatism spa guests enjoy soothing mud baths, and warm mud and fango packs. Patients with respiratory diseases reduce their symptoms by inhalation with brine and long walks on the iodine – and iron-containing air. Also various baths with brine or other essential accessories help guests with problems with the respiratory system. When advertising in Koobrzeg hotel with a quiet atmosphere, the Spa Hotel Diament belongs to the front-runner in this category! The hotel has 55 comfortable rooms that all have modern facilities and are very quiet for its guests. Here guests are not disturbed by traffic noise and the well-kept atmosphere of the small suburb of Koobrzeg is reflected also in the Spa Hotel Diament. The excellent hotel service of the Hotel Diament inspires many guests, because in addition to numerous services, German tourists enjoy the really good German knowledge of the hotel staff.

Meatball Berlin

We opened the new gastro-concept pilot store in Berlin love sausage!” With this slogan the first store of the plan in the large high-rise building from BIKINI left Germany at the Hardenbergplatz starting on July 3. The name is program, committed the slogan: the best Currywurst in town is available. Fresh produce, the abandonment of artificial flavours and preservatives, flavoring with herbs and sea salt and fat-free cooking on a lava stone Grill allow for maximum enjoyment. Each guest is his perfect Curry sausage (at the price of 2.20) even create: according to gusto can be selected between different homemade sauces and four Curry blends, ranging from fruity to super hot and exclusively designed by a chef for the plan. Where there’s Curry sausage in Berlin, the Meatball is not far away. So also in the plan.

Here she prepared recipe after a historic Berlin. It is only from high-quality ingredients as well as the poultry sausage, refined with fresh herbs and the original Thuringian Rostbratwurst manufactured. There are gourmet mustards from the Berlin mustard factory, which also are four to choose from. The French fries are another highlight of the plan. Also here are freshness and flavor Supreme Maxim and so they are fresh out of country potatoes and seasoned with sea salt. On glutamate and hardened fats dispensed with entirely. Different salads, various Zwiebeltoppings, delicious bread and crispy rolls complete the offer of the plan.

Changing Curry blends and sauces, as well as specials for the sausages, salads and dressings, ensure that each visit to the plan remains exciting. How ‘ bout champagne? The plan to choose from, in addition to soft drinks, beer, Prosecco and vodka has too. The sales room of the first plan stores is unique and fits perfectly to the innovative concept. Protected from wind and weather of the arcades a 12-metre-long beech wood table in the passage is with plenty of space for guests.

Aschaffenburg Amp

Social media: SOCIALUS widespread gastro & hotel information for free, quickly and easily a social-media concept that free, uncomplicated and without wastage disseminates industry information: this is possible with SOCIALUS. Login, article, news, or even a status message in the industry area post free – and will appear via RSS in the news area of the SOCIALUS partner sites. Easily share news! The use of the sharing service is 100% free. SOCIALUS means a vast expansion of the range! “” Kick-off of SOCIALUS took place on the 01.12.2010 with the industry of hospitality “& gastronomy”. 01.02.2011 it goes into the next round with the category “Meetings & events”. And how does SOCIALUS work? After the registration of the customer (or the Agency) maintains its technical content in the appropriate category on SOCIALUS a. Also photos and of course links can be entered in addition to the info text.

An additional link to a video of course feasible and more integration possibilities follow. After the immediate Unlock the posts via RSS all connected to the SOCIALUS system, industry-specific Web sites and expert appear – with headline and a link to the post on SOCIALUS. This means: a vast expansion of the range! In addition, the specialist posts at SOCIALUS also on several sharing buttons are also human”recommended and divided. Contact: SOCIALUS Dana summer Dumpelsmuhlstrasse 13 63743 Aschaffenburg, Germany


For each operation individually and easily designable feature exhaust air ventilation systems, as well as kitchen equipment is today in stainless steel look. The surface of the equipment and furniture is easy to clean and any catering kitchen looks stylish and modern with the help of stainless steel furniture. Also the regular hygiene controls are easy to get through. Many companies have recognized the important role of the purification and specialized in ventilation of restaurant kitchens. This is resulted in a wide range of different ventilation articles. To keep the guest area free of annoying smells and fostering a good working atmosphere, proper ventilation has become important for any business.

There are various ventilation pipes, E.g. tubes, folded spiral seams ducts, exhaust bends or elastic flexible pipes. Depending on the requirements can be these together. For an effective ventilation system, you need a powerful ventilation motor in conjunction with a good duct fan. Exhaust fans can nowadays be controlled using speed regulators by the strength of rotation can be set. To provide a good working environment, you should install pipe silencer.

They reduce all disturbing noises of the ventilation systems. Can the employees focus on their work and cook undisturbed. If the exhaust air cleaning system was completed and installed, all be blown using by gastro-activated carbon filters out bad smells after. Gastro flame protection filter in the ventilation systems protect the restaurants, so fixed fats not ignite. Fats through ascending vapors in the hoods and set within the ventilation equipment. This grease are flammable and thus constitute a major fire hazard. The flame protection filters prevent that seek a way through the pipes the resulting flame and set everything on fire later. Gastro flame protection filter today have an unlimited life and are therefore a convenient and simple help to defend the security of guests and employees. Gastroplus24 is an online shop that specializes in the trade of catering supplies. The Gastroplus24 team has adapted to the range of modern times. Therefore you will find a great selection of stainless steel furniture and ventilation systems with matching piping systems in the shop. There are regular offers and promotions, where you can conveniently and quickly as Airboxes, ventilation pipes, roof fans, and much more can find. Gastroplus24 indicates that a high quality at low prices in the ventilation systems is now possible. The guests and employees will thank one, if they can eat and cook in a geruchsfreier atmosphere. So should every restaurateur early care to a good ventilation system, or the existing modernize and upgrade. A good and effective ventilation system is nowadays no great challenge!

Hannover Congress Centrum

For a successful future for the Gastropodium offers strategies impulses, trends and visions on January 31, 2011 in Hannover. In the Hannover Congress Centrum refer known entrepreneurs successful future strategies in the Gastrobranche. Clearly, that GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants here should not be missing. “Due to the motto of the Gastropodiums strategies for a successful future” make GeMax network success-oriented hoteliers and restaurateurs for now 10 years every year on the new course for a successful year. Together you focuses on the topics of maximizing profits and sales growth.

Also, all GeMax partners put in the now mission-critical position, always two steps ahead to be the direct competitors. How is this possible? Quite simply: At GeMax, you receive everything from a single source! With rapidly growing number rely on approximately 380 individually guided individual success proven GeMax marketing concepts as well as for the industry important organizational AIDS, a Fort education with over 195 seminars, workshops and training opportunities. Curious? Then on to the Gastropodium! Robert Tom Coester, CEO of GeMax success network, speaks in his post about goal setting and goal achievement. “Realistic and at the pulse of the time he answered the burning question of each hotelier or restaurateur: how to become a winner of the region?” “” “But also other top speakers such as Katja Raasch in theme with Twitter & co. make money profitably employ social media”, Christian Steinbach makes financing despite rejection – the detail BBs”or history fascinating Saliya Kahawattes blind date with life”, in which the contracted Hotel specialist an irreparable retinal detachment by problems of disease, change, motivation, adaptation and that nobody noticed his handicap reported the unimaginable fact,, make the Gastropodium to a destination that is worthwhile.

Accompanied by exhibitions about new developments of the industry, “Flying buffet and the evening highlight Festival of the senses” the Gastropodium promises a more than interesting program. Check in at 2011.


Efficient filtration of wastewater grease separators in 2011, the year of superlatives! Gastroplus24 has made sure of that. A new conceptual planning, ranging from the price performance ratio and to the full service management. Special projects, such as the calculation and planning of efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery, as well as information about new policies and standards. Many authorities have now become aware that restaurants often the norm for wastewater (oNORM EN 1825, DIN 4040 ( grease interceptors do not comply, this led to decisive and nationwide controls in the hospitality industry.) Especially North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony are affected. Authorities are trying to regulate the limits. Because there are appropriate laws, but many gastronomy facilities dispose of grease and organic waste still in the sink. Authorities are forced to take more steps and uncover alleged polluters now with special Kamerarobots in the duct system. Bus money are not uncommon because up to 10 000.

There huge blockages, corrosion and grease deposits in Canal buildings, resulting in failure of the sewage treatment plant costs. Reach the sewage treatment plant effluent, it travels a long distance. It deposited a lot of grease and food residue in the drainage pipes. The municipal sewage regulations determine that waste water from the installation requiring plants before being discharged into the public sewer system must be cleaned and therefore require the installation of grease traps. Now upgrade many gastronomy facilities grease traps, there are different sizes and can be integrated into a large kitchen, they are flexible. Under a simple principle, the sewage is clarified up to 95% of fats and other organic wastes. Grease separator of Gastroplus24 can be quite flexible in the kitchen area. The performance convinced and respected the cleaning intervals it is technically impossible, getting fat in the public sewage system.

POS Systems

Modern POS systems have become an integral part of the gastronomy gastronomy has become an important part of the company. If you have evening no drive to cooking, it is food. This is a simple problem-solving. But lunch has become an integral part of the gastronomy. Quick and easy dishes are offered, so that the customer can eat a warm lunch. Will meet the fast-paced society.

Whether traditional cuisine, Chinese or Mexican, there is something for every taste. The gastronomy is a pitiless patch. The ever-growing competition and the high cost of distribute many small local from the scene. To survive in such circumstances, the catering operator must adapt to the prizes of the competition, or he opts for other values, E.g. Special menus, a particularly high quality or very unusual meals.

Lunchtime specials and Peisnachlasse are another way to keep the buyer happy. Modern POS systems are a become fixed part in the hospitality industry. Pen and paper are no longer the first choice for the creation of purchase order and invoice. Now, this is about POS systems. The cash registers, akin to times of grannies, is no longer up-to-date. The mobile office has taken their place. It has become essential for the catering industry. It captivates by their size and their multiple uses, such as creating invoices. Also the orders run over the mobile checkout, often over an iPad POS system. A quick editing is possible with the iPad POS system. The orders are entered into a small device, also wishes can be taken into account. The posting takes place directly on the table and, if necessary, can be rebooked on another table. Also providing a receipt is possible via this system. The settlement of a voucher is also possible. So can save valuable time be, because every employee has his own device, which he wears with you. The catering Office on the other hand is a machine, which is used by several employees. The mapping of the orders via a special access code, any service force has. This terminal is central in most cases, so that each service is free access. Basically you can specifically gastro cash registers inform itself further on the subject of gastronomy -, there is enough material to. Those who work in the service area of gastronomy, must be aware that the working times are often very long. The long standing and walking is also a great load. To increase these load unnecessary, many restaurant operators use advanced POS systems.

Gastro Chain ALEX Comes To Karlsruhe

Opening in the redesigned post Gallery in November 2011 Karlsruhe/Wiesbaden. -The Mitchells & Butlers Germany GmbH (Wiesbaden) comes with its ALEX concept successful in 31 German cities for the first time after Karlsruhe. Bernd Riegger, Managing Director of the innovative catering company, signed the contract for an operation in the neo-Baroque building of the former post office a few days ago. Ten years ago, the shopping and experience Center “Post Gallery” was opened in the prestigious former post between Europe and Stephansplatz located management Germany under the leadership of Sonae Sierra. In the context of the optimization of the Center, the integration of ALEX operation is made by mid-November. A new, large terrace, access to the gallery by St. Stephen’s square will be done directly by ALEX. Thus, the post gallery receives not only an eye-catching entrance, but also a welcoming bar with Mediterranean ambiance that will go as a modern full day concept (8 until 1: 00) for each generation at the start.

The Karlsruhe ALEX post Gallery is the 37th outlet of the chain, which was taken over in 1999 by the British Mitchells & Butlers and occupies one of the first three places among the leisure catering companies in Germany since 2004. The nationwide uniform ALEX concept which Gallery will be implemented also in the post, offers Cafe, pub, bar, bistro and restaurant under one roof and relies on a nice fresh look. Cozy furniture, natural materials and different communication areas to meet the demands of contemporary gastronomy and convey “Vacation from everyday”-atmosphere. More transparency, communication and emotion, the heart piece of ALEX, the fully visible kitchen, freshly prepared dishes in front of the guests follows the trend. An increase of experience torque is achieved through a bakers oven in the bar area, where fragrant pastries arise, the legendary ALEX-buffet breakfast with over 120 different products – from fresh juice on bread diversity up to the crunchy vegetable salad – enrich.