Abstract Participants

UDC 330.88 Abstract Participants exchange commensurate goods not for their cost, and not on their usefulness and profitability of the exchange, seeking at least to the equality of benefits. Marshall Finds Cost – the essence, the equality of values which in various products makes these products equivalent: able to communicate with each other. See more detailed opinions by reading what what is fracking offers on the topic.. What is this entity? Proponents of the labor theory of value believe that the essence of this is nothing, as embodied in the value of goods work of all producers of goods. Proponents of the subjective-psychological theory of value believe it – the usefulness of products. Alfred Marshall, trying to create a theory of price formation based on a synthesis of labor and subjective theories of value, stated that the price of goods is defined as the costs of production and usefulness of products that affect the final result in terms of supply and demand. Important finding Marshal is his idea that "normal" value of the cost is only formed under conditions of equilibrium of the market where demand is balanced proposal.

As it turns out, the ideas of Alfred Marshall were so close to an adequate reflection of reality, which is only a logical and terminological apparatus for accurately describing the essence of his ideas. Logical-terminological apparatus DISC – the object of exchange that can meet any requirements people (consumers having the property). Cost of goods determined by the cost of labor embodied in it the whole series of his producers. But this match is taking place only in conditions of absolute the equilibrium of the market.

Making Beaded Snowdrops

Master class on making "snowdrops from A to Z" First things first, we need to make such a beautiful meadow with snowdrops in the middle of winter. Embody a tale of 12 months, and we will rejoice and the approaching spring. For making flowers, we need the white, green and yellow beads, and copper wire. Cut the wire to make a petal snowdrops, about 60cm, folds it in half. Now the method of parallel braiding start to make the petals.

First the green beads to make the tip of the lobe, stringing three beads on the wire, and pass through one end of the two, leaving one and closing as if the resulting triangle. Now add one the sides of the white beads, and by mid-green leaves. Petal finish before the end of the scheme: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-7-6-5-4-3-2-2-1 now makes the second lobe in the same way, only once does not finish until the end of a stop on the 2 green beads The remainder of the tip of the wire pass through it into the finished petal between the second and third layer (ie, between two green beads and two green) is now on stringing two green beads and closes, we have obtained that connectivity to the petals sides together, and now again pass through the wire between the two and one green beads and pulling on the wire this one more beads and twists the ends. The remaining petals attach to these same method, only have 5 petals, but the last petal to join in on the two side, to get the finished bud. Now we make the stamens, they will be in each bud on the three pieces. Connect them by three.

Paste the stamens in bud. We obtained here a bunch, I did all buds, but you can do and not disclosed buds connecting not have five petals, and three. When the buds are ready, begin to make leaves for the snowdrops. For the leaves need to green house, by French braiding are doing on the two arcs on each side, and twist the resulting petal that he had ornately intricate shape. Please visit what is fracking if you seek more information. Such lobes would be 5 or 6 if desired, of different lengths and shapes. our clearing and slap banochku.Delaem zagipsovyvaniya mixture of gypsum and water the consistency of thick cream and pours the mixture into our mold. After that, stick in the plaster podstavochku our snowdrops. After that draw from gypsum snowy hill. With an arc of hills make the steps to this hill you can climb. Now gipsuem barrel, making a slurry of gypsum and water and brush on the stems causing podsnezhnikov.A now begin dyeing. Mixing white and blue flowers begin to paint the bottom of the glade. And now take up the stems and paint them green. Do not forget to do a bit of land here and ready to work, which should dry up, and then to varnish paint with clear varnish. After painting, I put the next snegovichkov and now they can ride on our hill as they want. That's all I wish you luck and success!

The Bathroom

Even on ordinary days we are not spoiled by unnecessary square meters, and there, everywhere were randomly laid zamokshie piano parts, was unbearable odor resistant Chinese ink and the most unpleasant – I had nowhere to sleep. Putting the mattress directly into the bathroom, I went to sleep "without the hind legs," clocks the third hour of the night. (Source: PCRM). God had us on prochnost.Den second (April 22). If you are not convinced, visit facts about fracking. The consequences of damage to wooden parts were more substantial than I thought originally. It took all day to dry and sizing keys hammers and shapes.

Almost all the leather and cloth figures detached parts, hammers, if they could call it that, had deteriorated. That is, at its bottom inset (gammershtilya) in the seat, spinning, glue was a dense mass of jelly. This circumstance is aggravated further their repair, as I had planned to remove the old glue and paste them with PVA, but the next morning found them priests "dead". In the process of transportation, some of them changed their position in the seat, and had to soak them again to change the angle of impact of the working part. Three gammershtilya soak failed, they broke. Part (12) hammers with drying, still in place, the first day of the locking clip broke off between the felt and the wooden part of the head (core) hammer. Subsequently, they had to be replaced. The day passed in a state of stress of cleaning work of dried mud hammers and sizing of small detaley.Den third (April 23).

Max Weber

Continued development of theoretical thought was a young sociology organisticheskaya sociology of Herbert Spencer, who drew an analogy society with a biological organism, as well as using the theory of social Darwinism, transferring to public natural principle of natural selection. In this case, we see that there are still close to the views of the fathers of sociology ideas of the natural sciences. At the same time it operates and Karl Marx, who explain the development of society through the changing socio-economic Pharmacy, which are based on the conflict between the ruling and subordinate class. According to Marx, society is presented in a specific complex, multi-layer formation, which is based on social production, a number of specific objective structures. The laws of society defined as objective, and the very development of society – as a natural historical process 4. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James A. Levine, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. Ideas of the founders of sociology were developed, especially in the work of Emile Durkheim, F.

Tonnies, Georg Simmel, Max Weber and Pareto, each of whom offered their understanding of the purpose and content of social science. Durkheim believed that sociology should study the social facts that are different from the physical, economic, psychological and etc. facts of reality, have particular characteristics. According to F. Tonnies, sociology studies the phenomena of social life, interpersonal relationships are formed and the will of the people. Get all the facts and insights with Fracking Facts, another great source of information.

These relationships are not only subjective in nature, but also objective, predetermined conditions of life of people. The basis of their theoretical constructions F. Tennis on the concept of 'community' and 'society', which he identified two conventional poles between which all interested in the sociology of the phenomenon.

Carving Chisels

Chisels – the main tool for carving. "I undertake a chisel," – says the carver. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This means that he will work to create carvings in wood. It stresses that his main instrument of labor is not hacksaw, without which, too, can not do, and chisel. Therefore, we will discuss more detailed description of chisels, their form and purpose. Chisels, cutters can be divided into two groups: standard (conventional) produced industry, which sets can be purchased in trade. Non-standard.

Their master makes himself or ordered toolmaker in its conception. Consider the first group of chisels. Chisels straight. In width at Standard sets are usually 10, 20, 30 mm. Straight chisels can perform multiple operations, and relief carving, they are simply irreplaceable. Facts about fracking can aid you in your search for knowledge. Most of them suspension – 20 mm wide.

Chisels-jambs. Sometimes referred to as oblique chisels. This is a straight chisel, cut at an angle of 45 to 70 . The width of a chisel on the canvas less straight chisel, but due to the cutoff angle of the cutting portion (blade) to increase the blade straight. Bong is a major tool for contouring and geometric carvings. Semicircular gouges. Cloth a curved chisels depending on the radius. Curved line is nothing like a segment of a circle, the larger the radius circumference, the position line is a curved blade chisel. Semicircular chisels can be taken out and processed trough convex surface that is cut out different shapes seizure, as concave and convex. Semicircular chisels hold bracket notches and holes in geometric designs, and they are indispensable for the relief carving. Such gouges can be with zaovalennymi angles. Chisels-klyukarzy (from the hock). It is with curved blades paintings with a short part at the end. Working part klyukarz can be different widths and shapes. They are used to perform high relief, bas-and three-dimensional carving, wood for excavation in hard to reach places and for cleaning background in relief carving. Chisels-corners – it is like two pictures straight chisels, converging at an angle of 70 to 90 . Such gouges can be used successfully with excision of the dihedral recesses in the contour of the thread and places in geometry, but only need to cut along and across the grain of the wood. Chisels tseraziki – shape such as semicircular gouges, but it is a fine instrument with a blade width of 2-4 mm. They can be klyukarzami. Tserazikami conveniently cut grooves and notches in the contour of a groove and go in hard to reach areas of relief items.

Found Mona Lisas Eyebrows

With the camera, scientists have found Using high-resolution camera, he discovered the subtle brush strokes in the eyebrows and eyelashes that Leonardo originally gave the wife of Florentine merchant. After centuries, however, light lines or faded or were wiped out in a careless restoration, said the Cat in the exhibition of works by Leonardo San Francisco. 'If you look at the Mona Lisa's left eye at close range, it clearly shows that the cracks around it easily smoothed out – he said.

– This may be because one day the curator or restorer 'Cleared' eyes and in doing so destroyed the eyelashes and eyebrow. " Pascal Cote drew experts from the Louvre to study his 240-megapixel scans the picture. "With just one photo, you can better understand the structure and pattern understand that Leonardo was a genius. " 49-year-old cat also claims that Leonardo beat the location of two fingers on his left hand, the Mona Lisa was originally painted it with a broad face and a smile more expressive than as over work, and put his hand up her veil, which is now completely tarnished and should not be seen. In addition, he argues that through his work revealed the true colors of the picture. Today the portrait is dominated by the heavy green, yellow and shades of brown, but the cat is sure that the original colors were close to a light blue and sparkling white.