For each operation individually and easily designable feature exhaust air ventilation systems, as well as kitchen equipment is today in stainless steel look. The surface of the equipment and furniture is easy to clean and any catering kitchen looks stylish and modern with the help of stainless steel furniture. Also the regular hygiene controls are easy to get through. Many companies have recognized the important role of the purification and specialized in ventilation of restaurant kitchens. This is resulted in a wide range of different ventilation articles. To keep the guest area free of annoying smells and fostering a good working atmosphere, proper ventilation has become important for any business.

There are various ventilation pipes, E.g. tubes, folded spiral seams ducts, exhaust bends or elastic flexible pipes. Depending on the requirements can be these together. For an effective ventilation system, you need a powerful ventilation motor in conjunction with a good duct fan. Exhaust fans can nowadays be controlled using speed regulators by the strength of rotation can be set. To provide a good working environment, you should install pipe silencer.

They reduce all disturbing noises of the ventilation systems. Can the employees focus on their work and cook undisturbed. If the exhaust air cleaning system was completed and installed, all be blown using by gastro-activated carbon filters out bad smells after. Gastro flame protection filter in the ventilation systems protect the restaurants, so fixed fats not ignite. Fats through ascending vapors in the hoods and set within the ventilation equipment. This grease are flammable and thus constitute a major fire hazard. The flame protection filters prevent that seek a way through the pipes the resulting flame and set everything on fire later. Gastro flame protection filter today have an unlimited life and are therefore a convenient and simple help to defend the security of guests and employees. Gastroplus24 is an online shop that specializes in the trade of catering supplies. The Gastroplus24 team has adapted to the range of modern times. Therefore you will find a great selection of stainless steel furniture and ventilation systems with matching piping systems in the shop. There are regular offers and promotions, where you can conveniently and quickly as Airboxes, ventilation pipes, roof fans, and much more can find. Gastroplus24 indicates that a high quality at low prices in the ventilation systems is now possible. The guests and employees will thank one, if they can eat and cook in a geruchsfreier atmosphere. So should every restaurateur early care to a good ventilation system, or the existing modernize and upgrade. A good and effective ventilation system is nowadays no great challenge!