Masterful Tower

It has to consider the possibility of a clear autoconciencia in the distances of tarot letters, to accentuate sensitivity towards the needs of consulting and the serious disposition to transform of permanent way what it has already touched to its aim. The astrological configuration augurs a year of force and anger, for that reason it is not chance that to the people worries the morning to us, and we have the necessity to consult that future through letters of the tarot or the videncia. As always tenth, in the days of false change appears prophets who can alleviate our first moment of uneasiness, but that does not have nor the capacity of to see our destiny, nor true viewer or is understood of tarot. The gift of the videncia is innate, transmitted by generations, and that through letters of the tarot or other average ones allows us to see what the destiny provides to us, although to this we can change it destiny through discovery that in the tarot we have observed. The tarot and the videncia will give to specific information envelope us which happens in the depth of our being and of the situations that instill fear to us, and they determine our day to day. Therefore, from we recommended here that before deciding a consultation of tarot or videncia we do, it before honest people who have been in of their powers an honorable service to the others. Vistanos in Berta of the Masterful Tower of cartomancy original Author and source of the article


Plate of great importance for the paranaense culinria and on future questions the new gastronomia that nowadays presents the state of the Paran. This typical plate of the state is very on, beyond half culinrios with the culture of that it is the been greater of the south of Brazil. Other plates also lead raise the gastronmica quality of the Paran, the level of hospitality and feeding. For all Brazil, with certainty the Barreado is the plate more remembered by all the tourists who visit the Paran, characterizes the vagueness doctrines of the state. We have some historical sources for the sprouting of the barreado one. According to Ivo Ribeiro, in Asia and America, the lands served as natural oven. In it the Chinese manufactured ' ' egg of a thousand anos' ' , the aorianos prepared ' ' stew of furnas' ' , the Brazilians tan cachaa, garrafadas peppers and.

The ovens most primitive form joined in Polynesia and form registered for the traveller Saint Hilaire, in century XIX. Between the Caiaps and Js of Minas Gerais, a hole in the land confided that it had to be warm for hot live coals or rocks. The Jesuit priest Simo de Vasconcelos observed in 1663, between the Nhambiquaras, the food was placed in hot hollows, cover with leves and land, later was lighted one another fogueira superficially. Inside of these roots, the plate can be compared that it originates from such customs: the Barreado. This would be descending of the stew of furnas.

Some historians say to be with the sprouting of the carnival, today known as carnival, profane party. In elapsing of the days of party, the caboclo of the coast if dedicated the dance, and alone the half night of tuesday stopped, when they were exaustos. To support this maratona cassava flour of and banana were fed of the Barreado, increased of; if they fed of this plate because exactly requentado, continued flavorful and conserved.

Gourmet Holiday

Val Gardena/Groden: a holiday paradise in the UNESCO world natural heritage site great! Sunshine from morning till night and this breathtaking mountain scenery. Since each heart remained higher, no matter whether large or small, whether young or young. The clear alpine air raises the spirits. And because fitness and well being fully in line with the trend, a new Kneipp facility built in the Anna Valley. Along this course in the middle of nature, the cycle can be stimulated by cold foot baths. Ideal after a long hike. Val Gardena is not only a paradise for hikers, but also bike lovers come here at their own expense.

The Sellaronda bike Day”on June 24 all dolomite passes around the Sella Group are connected and are only for cyclists available. Also the event of eco Dolomites will on September 23 for the second time”instead. In addition E-bikes to the closure of the dolomite passes can be rented out. The number of participants is unlimited! And who wants to play not only sports, but also otherwise ecologically thinks, can “is the mobility card Val Gardena card” set and car-free move by public transport (buses, regional trains, a large number of ski lifts) in South Tyrol. Hunger makes much movement and exploring the diverse mountain world of the Dolomites: Val Gardena Active attractive week program offers a savory culinary cabin hike, with homemade local dishes can be enjoyed.

Also, cooking classes and herb hikes are offered. A culinary must is also the Comicihutte, Val Gardena first herbal restaurant, which is famous for its fish specialities and surprise now also with imaginative dishes of mountain herbs. Specials for hybrid cars: by the May 1 up to the 30.11.2012, the eco-friendly cars are our future! This smart Hotel Saslong in St. Christina invites: If you arrive with a hybrid car, free parking in our underground car park and refuel for free! Monte Pana horse Kutschen ride from Monte Pana stables on the Alpe di Siusi through untouched mountain area with stunning views of the mountains including lunch on a typical South Tyrolean alpine hut. Price: Adults 75.00 children 45.00 Ladin autumn weeks: 02-23.09.2012 pleasure and culture experience. During these three weeks restaurants and mountain huts in St. Christina in Val Gardena offer special autumn week menu delicious Ladin and South Tyrolean specialities. Of course fine South Tyrolean wines are served. Holiday Valley Val Gardena Tel + 39 0471 777 777 and VGardena


The people who can see this article are for showing to them that a place in the called world Peru with a past exists rich in cultural architecture and Co the only aim to invite that they know a wonder that is Cusco and everything what it surrounds to him, is a city of the south this of the Peru located in the Eastern slope of the mountain range of the $andes, is the capital of the department of declared Cusco i in addition like the historical capital to the country, Formerly it was the capital of the Empire Inca and one of the most important cities of the virreinato of Peru. Declared Patrimony of the Humanity in 1986 by UNESCO by his great amount of archaeological monuments it is considered by the visitors stopped obligatory in his vacations to have one of new the 7 wonders of world MACHUPICCHU. the beautiful thing that is her people her food varied considered like one of the best ones of the world, come and us dara the reason so that we are Peruvian but the foreigners does not say, As you take care of also it in if it locks up a mystery and it has a magnetic attraction that stops the visitor does of which he returns .


From the 30 to the Dec, the gourmet fair opens its doors the meeting place for gourmets is again in the next few days in Munich: in the new Munich trade fair centre, which takes food & life of the 30.11 up to Dec” is Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 to 18 h. open instead of you. Over 90,000 visitors came to the last year’s exhibition, delicacies and exclusive specialities to meet and to taste. Friends, experts and operators of restaurants that they have seldom face here. The food & life has established itself as a meeting place for gourmets from Bavaria and throughout Germany in recent years. The fair offers a wonderful cross-section of selected food. A special emphasis is also on the quality of the buyer.

So, for example, the region is slow food”again a key point of the event. The market for good food”is held every year on the food & life. Traditionally crafted products, find out manufactured regional raw materials. 2011 hitting the heart of the gastronomy in Munich several celebrity chefs show off their skills onstage action every day. Pros give tips on current topics related to the theme of food and specialities from all over the world will be presented in lectures. In the exhibition area, everything is offered visitors what gourmet’s heart desires: Here you will find the different stands on issues such as fine and health foods, spices, herbs, oil, vinegar, fruit and vegetables, meat and sausages, fish, baked goods, confectionery, spreads, dairy products and eggs, drinks, nature pharmacy, tobacco products and media. As the non-commercial partner presents eleven special brewing sites from all over Bavaria the Bavarian Brewer federal e.V.

and informed on the spot about the wide variety of Bavarian beer. Wine lovers can enjoy 40 winemakers from four countries. In addition to savory and sweet dishes, there is a wide selection of top-quality wines, foam and fire wines and liqueurs. The number of visitors has increased since 2008 almost doubled: still 58,000 gourmets and interested guest, three years ago it was in last year already about 91,000. The number of exhibitors has grown during the same period from 95 to 154. Restaurants in Munich Andreas nickel.

Dog Food: Wet, Dry Food – Or Even Cooked?

Dog food: Wet, dry or cooked yourself? – dried fodder is one of the most popular forms of feeding among dog owners. The benefits of a dry action are diverse: in addition to practical and time-saving handling it characterized by easy storage and minimal odour. The composition remains the same, which suits just the digestive tract aimed at continuity of the dog. The lower feed amount charged less than wet or fresh fodder to the gastro-intestinal tract. During the manufacturing process, the raw materials are open-minded, which increases the digestibility and thus the impact of the fodder. Also for the teeth, this feeding form has advantages, know the Leipzig veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt: the specific consistency of dry feed encourages the dog to chew. This results, depending on the size, density and texture of the croquettes to a natural abrasion of tooth surfaces.” This can counteract the formation of tartar prophylactically. It is important a Views on the Declaration.

In case of doubt should be an expert for advice. Veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt: So that the lining meets the special requirements of the individual animal, it should take into account as far as possible all its properties such as breed, age, activity and size. Standard feed that is fed equally on all dogs, exists but incorrect supplies, which can lead to health problems.” Wet food processes raw materials in crushed up ground form. Because flavors this preparation form better unfold, just picky dogs often prefer this type of feeding. While canned food by the sterilization process has a very good hygienic quality, but it is easily perishable after opening the packaging. Therefore, it is not suitable to stay longer in the bowl. Due to the high water content (approx. 70-80%), feeding makes a contribution to the water supply. This can be useful for animals that drink in general too little.