Hannover Congress Centrum

For a successful future for the Gastropodium offers strategies impulses, trends and visions on January 31, 2011 in Hannover. In the Hannover Congress Centrum refer known entrepreneurs successful future strategies in the Gastrobranche. Clearly, that GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants here should not be missing. “Due to the motto of the Gastropodiums strategies for a successful future” make GeMax network success-oriented hoteliers and restaurateurs for now 10 years every year on the new course for a successful year. Together you focuses on the topics of maximizing profits and sales growth.

Also, all GeMax partners put in the now mission-critical position, always two steps ahead to be the direct competitors. How is this possible? Quite simply: At GeMax, you receive everything from a single source! With rapidly growing number rely on approximately 380 individually guided individual success proven GeMax marketing concepts as well as for the industry important organizational AIDS, a Fort education with over 195 seminars, workshops and training opportunities. Curious? Then on to the Gastropodium! Robert Tom Coester, CEO of GeMax success network, speaks in his post about goal setting and goal achievement. “Realistic and at the pulse of the time he answered the burning question of each hotelier or restaurateur: how to become a winner of the region?” “” “But also other top speakers such as Katja Raasch in theme with Twitter & co. make money profitably employ social media”, Christian Steinbach makes financing despite rejection – the detail BBs”or history fascinating Saliya Kahawattes blind date with life”, in which the contracted Hotel specialist an irreparable retinal detachment by problems of disease, change, motivation, adaptation and that nobody noticed his handicap reported the unimaginable fact,, make the Gastropodium to a destination that is worthwhile.

Accompanied by exhibitions about new developments of the industry, “Flying buffet and the evening highlight Festival of the senses” the Gastropodium promises a more than interesting program. Check in at 2011.