Floral Community

The Floral Community of Navarre is located to the north of the Iberian Peninsula, in a privileged point that it makes possible to him to fuse great variety of climates and reliefs. The zone is divided in the northern mountain (with the Valley of Baztan that explaya surrounded by mountains and towns that lodge palaces and towers of medioevo), the average region (Dominion of smooth reliefs and valleys) and the Shore (landscape characterized by the plains). Senator of Massachusetts spoke with conviction. According to they say, the name " Navarra" &quot could be a derivative of the voice; naba" that it means flat earth surrounded by mountains. The climate of Navarre has oceanic and mountainous influences (rain multitude) and Mediterranean (summers extremely warm droughts and). In Navarre natural, like the Integral Reserve of Lizardoia, the Natural Park of Brtiz and beautiful landscapes in the towns of Pyrenean, the perfect ones zones are located to exert mountain sports. In addition the Cantabrian valleys of the North of Navarre, a very calm reason stand out costumary very taken root, with a cultural patrimony riqusimo and multiplicity of beautiful landscapes to enjoy.

The green zones abound in this, the Parks of the Average Show window and the Taconera, the Natural Park of Urbasa and Anda (to the west of Pamplona), the Spring of Arteta, Monte of San Cristbal, are only some of the many enclaves of great tourist. Pamplona, the salary of Navarre, counts on the amplest cultural historical patrimony. By the streets, places and places of their historical helmet can be appreciated monuments, churches and walls of the Average Age. The cultural patrimony of Navarre is very rich, example of it are its typical custom popular, its crafts and celebrations. Among them, San Fermines is most famous at international level, they are realised in Pamplona from the 6 to the 14 of Julio and were declared of Tourist Interest the International. Still they are the colorful and attractive Navarrese Carnivals. The trips to the zone of Navarre are very frequent correct to that there is a located medieval town to 24 kilometers of Pamplona, in which join the two main routes of the Way of Santiago (route which they cross pilgrims of all Europe to come to the city of Santiago de Compostela), that originating of France enters Spanish earth until piercing to Roncesvalles. Permanent rambling of pilgrims becomes part from the landscape of the town while the peregrination lasts. The gastronomy of Navarre, is simple more of the so many attractive tourist whereupon roadside ditch this position. The same, enjoys a very good popularity; realised natural product support according to the old woman traditional customs, like in all the north of Spain.

Prepares Prescription

To have luck, prosperity and richness, voc? it must eat nhoque all day 29 of the m? s. Probably, voc? j? it heard this phrase, n? exactly? Good, for who? superstitious and it believes simpatias, to make prescription of nhoque 29 of the m all? s j? it turned a h? bito that n? some must be forgotten to it form. But, so that nhoque has something more the valley the penalty to bet in white gravy as accompaniment, j? what this gravy? sufficiently used in world-wide gastronomia e, therefore, j? it appears with ' ' stamp of qualidade' ' , therefore one knows that chefs of cuisine uses this gravy in prepares? of its plates. One of the curiosidades that the white gravy involves? to serve of base for other types of gravy (for each gravy h? ingredients espec? ficos), being the b? chamel, most famous of all. H? tamb? m other examples of gravy as barbecue, mustard, asparagi, of tomatoe, with pepper, I suck to it, with garlic or champignon, bittersweet, etc. and for who have some type of restri? feeding, exists an alternative: the white gravy light, whose prescription changes the traditional margarina for light and adds milk skimmed.

But, the white gravy combines with that type of food? Good, between the plates that can take white gravy est? inclu? of a lasanha, saladas, fish and traditional nhoque, whose fame arrived the v? rivers Par? ses of the world. How appeared ent? a fame of nhoque? Good, everything eats? or in the interior of the It? it read. A certain day a saint (S? the Pantale? ) the dress as one andarilho beat? door of the house of a couple, therefore was hungry and asked for a food plate. The couple was poor and s? it had nhoque in house. Thus, nhoque was divides between tr? s people, being that each one of them only ate 7 nhoques.

Long Live The Republic

To read the second part Ernesto Sbato: The cultural process is a process of domestication that cannot be carried out without revolt on the part of the nature animal, anxious for freedom. When in some corner of Colombia or of the world is listened to a whale calf which really is being expressed is a mixture of the three more important cultures of America: the accordion boasts of its European origin, since certain day leaves from Germany, crosses the Atlantic and arrives at beaches of the Guajira and there, guided by the poetic vein of Francisco the Man to the towns of all the Coast where, since then, he is the inseparable companion of those who sings to him to the life, the love and the nature. The Box it initiates its trip in Africa, from where it came to accompany nostalgia by those who was violently taken of his terruo and by its tranquillity. It arrives in company of the slaves but one becomes frees in his new mother country where it immediately happens to be an inestimable element of the regional identity. By its part the guacharaca is the host of the other instruments, humblest seemingly, but the owner of a special cadence and a singular, representing rate of the indigenous blood in music with which Carlos You live put to dance world in recent years half. By the same author: PCRM.

The whale calf is only an example of the cultural sincretismo of our towns, one of the recognized wealth less in the process of formation of the colombianidad in its one hundred eighty and eight years of republican life. Another example of our diversity is the gastronomy. Many writers such as James A. Levine, M.D. offer more in-depth analysis. The experts agree in indicating to narrow bonds between foods and the culture: the European wheat, the Asian rice and the maize American Hindu. Where the three are joined grains are united also its historical and cultural roots, like in the north of Colombia, for example. Thus the things our Colombian Caribbean is indigenous but not only indigenous; he is brown but not only brown; he is white but not only white; he is black but not only black.

The region where Rodrigo de Bastidas took his first steps like conqueror and where Admiral Padilla made strong, it is a piece of the world in that world has taken its roots through the coexistence and of the pacific coexistence of the races previously mentioned and also of others, represented with dignity and prestancia by working and full individuals of virtues for commercial interchange like the Arabs and the Jews. In spite of the conflicts that these last racial groups have in their places of origin, have wisely coexisted with mutual respect in the North coast of Colombia.

The Chest

The verbal stimulation of just been born in unit neonatais is important, therefore it can speed up the acquisition of the suction ability, that can be made with nasogstricas sounding leads, facilitating the precocious acceptance of bigger volumes of milk for saw verbal (BIRTH and ISSLER, 2004). More info: McDougall Program. The exposition of just been born suckled chupetas and artificial peaks in the neonatal period has not been recommended for the risk of damages to the maternal aleitamento. The possibility of weans is sabidamente bigger enters the users of artificial peaks, therefore in these cases it has reduction of the frequency and duration of the suck ones, and suspicion of ' ' confusion of bicos' ' , especially in the women with difficulties in the maternal aleitamento. As the suction of baby’s bottle peaks it can intervene with the ability of the prematures suck to the chest, them they must be prevented, and alternative methods offer it to complement of milk are preferable. The use of small glasses is described as safe, simple, practical and cheap a form of if feeding just been born premature and just been born below of the weight until they obtain to get all directly its calrica necessity of the chest (BIRTH and ISSLER, 2004). 5.CONSIDERAES FINAL On the basis of the carried through studies, concluded that: the maternal aleitamento is of great importance for the development of just born. In it contains nutrients that guarantee a good growth, to acquire immunity thus, preventing illnesses gastrointestinal and respiratory. One knows that maternal milk is the best option in the exclusive feeding in children of six months of age.

From this date, the child will be able to receive varied feeding, in accordance with the etria band. Before this, the risks me the absorption of nutrients and gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses if become potentially high. The maternal aleitamento directly is related with the decline of infantile mortality, has seen reduction of the index of malnutrition and the increase of the immunity of just born, since antibodies are passed of the mother for the son through maternal milk.

Medieval Age World

The wine is one of the most delicious drinks and popular around the world, in addition, it is the older spirit of the world. The consumption of the wine is known from the Old Testament, and is thanks to its antiquity that could have been perfecting its production, care, quality and flavor. Also the consumption is attributed to the church and the popularity of the wine, since in the effort to work, to produce and to distribute wine for the consecration, the vineyards and warehouses began to grow around the world, mainly in those places where the climate was more favorable for the grapes. Through the years, the wine has occurred to know the world like a drink to be accompanied, that is to say generally, from the beginning of the history of the wine, the gastronomy has comprised of her. Another characteristic of the history of the wine is that it comprises of the culture of many countries and regions where takes place and the wine drinks traditionally. The commerce is a factor that has influenced much the distribution and expansion of the wine consumption, thus creating new types, flavors and aromas for the wine. Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Medieval Age, etc. are only some of the era-regions where it began to work the grape to produce the drink that enchants at present us to all: the wine..

Bergued Passport

We today propose a fantastic plan of weekend for all those that are near Barcelona: a route of senderismo by the Catalan region of the Bergued Stop, a place of great natural beauty at any time of the year and where they are located on foot near one twenty of routes. Among them, we have wanted to choose that one that goes to Sant Rom of the Clusa, an old town del that conserves a Romanesque parish of style, constructed in century XII and bordering to several masas, which will turn our stroll into something more than a pastime, because we will know goods historical and cultural interest. In route we will cross the footpath during about 5.5 kilometers, a beautiful stroll between riscos and prairies in which the cows graze placidly. This cattle ranch constitutes one of the main assets of the region, whose quality is let feel in the palate when one adventure to be discovered the shades of the gastronomy of the Bergued, that counts on meats and inlays of reputation. If we continued ascending by this way, a kilometer before arriving at a Parish we will be with the recreational area of the Font of avet where to take a breathing and to rest before arriving at the place that long ago was a population of which today they are only vestiges in the church of? Sant Rom of the Clusa, sanctuary that was recovered in years 60 and that presents/displays an impeccable aspect between mountains. Silence and the tranquillity are always here present, not only in summer, but also between the snows that cover the place in winter or in crujir under our feet of the leaves that color of ocher the landscape at the autumnal time..


The very name of this group of drugs said to be appointed. A 'non-steroid' they said, because most anti-inflammatory effect of glucocorticosteroids have it (see steroids), and in this case we are talking about a completely different group with a fundamentally different mechanism of action. NSAIDs include most, perhaps, a certain drug in the world – Aspirin. Everyone knows why you need it. Endocrinologist has much to offer in this field. He takes off pain, 'knocks' temperature reduces manifestations of the inflammatory process. Actually, this has three main effects of NSAIDs. The mechanism of action of these drugs is reduced to the fact that they block the synthesis of certain compounds in the body (called prostaglandins) that lead to sensations of pain, fever, increased blood flow in the inflamed tissue, as well as enhance aggregation of blood (see antiplatelet agents). However, not all preparations of NSAIDs are equally blocked all of these reactions.

Scope of NSAIDs is very wide: they are used in acute illness accompanied by high temperature, anti- action is necessary in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, including those involving articular pains, they are used in cardiology for the prevention of thrombosis. Dr. Neal Barnard describes an additional similar source. However, they all (except the newest drugs This group, which is not enough available) have a significant side effect – they stimulate the appearance of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract erosions and ulcers. The mechanism of this action is based on the fact that blocking production of prostaglandins, they deprive the mucosa of the natural factor of protection against the aggressive effects of gastric juice, which can lead to the formation of stomach ulcers. This effect, called 'ulcerogenic' manifested in nsaid for the duration of their admission (ordinary course of several days does not usually lead to serious violations of the integrity of the mucous membrane). Therefore, in the case of treatment, such as arthritis is necessary to monitor the state of digestive system. Need to know that among the anesthetic drugs have many, which include the analgin (metamizol). In most countries their production of either expire or their application is extremely limited. This is due to the high toxicity of metamizol, until death. It is better not to use these drugs at all. Second, you need to know about these medications: Aspirin should not be given to children under 7 years (especially at the slightest suspicion of a viral infection – acute respiratory infections, chickenpox, flu) because in these cases may develop a dangerous complication – Reye syndrome, which affects the liver and brain.

Lipdica Citrus

The acid ascrbico is not capable to hinder the lipdica peroxidao (due to be a lipoflico environment, being it a hydrophilic molecule), however, can act as pro-oxidante (SILVEIRA, 2008). Figure 5: Ctrus aurantium (orange-bitter). Source: However the great therapeutical potential of the Ctrus sort is observed spp. diverse studies separately has boarded the antiulcerognico power of these composites in the essential oil and. Dr. John Mcdougall has compatible beliefs. Study carried through for Bonamin in 2010 analyzed the gastroprotetora activity of the monoterpeno – mirceno gift in essential oil of C. aurantium (Figure 5), in experimental models of absolute induced ulcer for etanol, where this composition was managed in the concentration of 7,5mg/kg. The results had been surprising, therefore, the reached gastroproteo was of 60-80%, this is equivalent the 13 times the effect of the cimetidina or 4 times the action of lanzoprazol, synthetic drugs of proven antiulcerognico effect (BONAMIN, 2010).

This experiment proceeded with the induction of peptic ulcer for indometacina (AINE), where it was perceived that protective mechanisms had been activated, as the inhibition of the secretion of acid clordrico, stimulation of the production of muco, remained high the levels of E2 prostaglandins, increase in the total expression of glutadiona (GSH). The GSH is a sweeping agent of free radicals and acts in the cellular protein synthesis. – mirceno also it diminishes the mieloperoxidade levels (MPO). The MPO is a marker of the inflammation, due to infiltration of inflammatory cells in the fabric (BONAMIN, 2010). Figure 6: Citrus lemon? siliciano lemon (ROZZA, 2009). The lemon-taiti (latiflia Citrus) is used empirically to brighten up febris states, infections and as analgesic. While the tangerina (reticulada Citrus) possesss digestive action, sedativa and diurtica (GARGANO, 2009). Lemon (Figure 6) also is used empirically in the treatment of peptic illnesses (gastrite and refluxo). The present Limoneno in this fruit neutralizes the gastric juice, increases the peristaltismo and has quimiopreventiva action against the breast cancer (ROZZA, 2009).

Bicycle As A Mode Of Transport

In a few of years in Moscow and St. Petersburg the there will be so much traffic that there will be nowhere to drive. The number of cars is increasing every day, in ordinary families have more than one car, two, one, usually resting at home, the second – is in traffic. (Not to be confused with Dr. Neal Barnard!). Travel time to work on the car for several years has increased by 3-4 times, no doubt, that standing in a traffic jam for several hours a day, we breathe in exhaust fumes, were sitting for long periods without moving, swearing on the participants ‘movement’, all it has a negative impact on our health. In many western countries, people have long moved from car to bicycle. Swarmed by offers, James A. Levine, M.D. is currently assessing future choices.

By bike you can easily avoid a traffic jam in the yards, lawns, parks, improve health and mood. Driving cycling has a positive effect on heart function, particularly useful for women. Cyclists promotes nervous system – problems and intrusive thoughts recede, people distracted from everyday concerns, improved mood and overall health. Only 45 minutes of daily cycling, and you will drop considerably in weight. The trouble for many women – varicose veins. Women suffering from this disease, doctors strongly encouraged to ride a bike. The fact that the rotational movement of your feet cause the blood in the veins to move quickly, not zastaivayas.

So, if you know that you have a predisposition to varicose veins, ride a bike – this is the best prevention! It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Now buy a bike is not difficult, there are many sports stores and online shops that sell bicycles. The easiest bike (of the famous Author, Giant, Scott, Trek) will help you improve your health, save on gasoline and reduce the ride to work. Do not buy a bike, “Untitled”, for the repair of the bike will go more time than the bicycle ride. Advantageous to buy a bicycle can be an online store, and deliver it to you assembled and tuned right at home. An experienced manager to help you choose a bike that suits your parameters and the style of skating. Cyclists do not harm the environment like a car, you will not find caps from cyclists. Bicycle – the future of cities.

Projection Screens

Only a properly selected projection screen can provide a really bright, quality image and create a comfortable environment to watch a movie or presentation. Choose a projection screen, on the basis of conditions of the presentations, including characteristics of the room in which it will be used, and of course, buyer preferences. Choose the type of screen design I. A projection screen will be used repeatedly in one If the indoor presentation will be conducted in normal office or room consider the option to buy a roll screen. Securing the stationary housing to a wall or ceiling, you can easily expand the canvas screen a spring mechanism and also quick to fold it after use. The shell itself can mask or hide the drapery in the niche.

Or you can just order a screen with a design case. For example, elegant screen TabScreen Electrol (Projecta) in an aluminum housing in black, not only will not spoil the look of your room, but on the contrary will give it a modern and stylish look. And the screens Artisan / Series E (Draper) provides an opportunity of manufacturing exclusive case from solid wood with different finishes. Roll-up screens are equipped with manual and electric (motorized). At some of them to stop the choice depends on your budget and personal preferences If you have a special room for negotiation or equipped with a separate home cinema, you can choose wall tension screen.

Due to its design tension screens are perfectly flat surface and provide amazing picture quality. Taut canvas mounted on a metal frame in different ways: by means of latches, buttons, elastic cord or tension rods and hooks. There is also tension spring mechanism. If the standard aluminum frame that comes complete with a canvas, you do not like, you can replace it with a trim – with black velvet trim or finish under the skin. For example, a velvet frame could be ordered to screen tensioner Clarion (Draper). A surface tension screen Cineperm (Draper) on the perimeter is framed by strips of artificial black leather. ii. A projection screen will be used in different areas, including on-site presentations are available for this purpose mobile (portable) screens that are easy to carry, assemble and disassemble without special tools. Mobile screens come in various designs. Mobile screens on a tripod (tripod) Steel Case screen, which concealed ducting fabric, easily attaches to any height of the tripod. Sturdy tripod is bearing retainer for maximum stability. These screens are reliable, easy to operation and are ideal for intensive use. For convenience and protection of the screen during transportation can also order a case or bag. Portable screens with folding frame screens are large for use at major events. Can be mounted almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their design, they are very stable and have an ideal surface for the stretched image projection. Represent a collapsible aluminum frame, removable legs and a cloth screen, which is mounted on the frame with latches or buttons. Compact roll-up screens Roller screens in a portable package, from which the canvas is stretched (turns) on the show. Include the installation shell directly on the desk or other surface. Ultra-compact and lightweight, for example, a desktop screen TableScreen (Projecta) 76h102 weighs only 2 kg, they are ideal for mobile presentations.