Businesses created by women 30 less FAIL

Only four out of ten entrepreneurs are women. However, in recent years, there has agency been a significant incorporation of women into the labor market, in addition to an increase in their level of training, thus enabling a change in the profile of women entrepreneurs and empresaria. Due to this change, the study jobs in “Women Entrepreneurs in the Spanish Economy,” prepared by the Chambers of human resources Commerce, INCYDE Foundation job search and the Institute for Women, with support from the European Social Fund, pretended to know which is the contribution sales jobs of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to the economy of Spain. Important data used in part time the study were: the number of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, the number of jobs created, the billing of their business and their consultants contribution staff to total employment and GVA. Meanwhile, the study revealed that those companies started by women break 30 menos. At management jobs another point, one can see that the number of wage-dependent women entrepreneurs is about to 954.000, part time jobs corresponding to 10 of total wages. an amazing success is is now the director of AirClic In Spain, female sex has gained much importance as employers, mainly from agencies year 1993 when they represented 9 (85,000 women), reaching 22 in 2004 where their presence was 216.000.