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Social media: SOCIALUS widespread gastro & hotel information for free, quickly and easily a social-media concept that free, uncomplicated and without wastage disseminates industry information: this is possible with SOCIALUS. Login, article, news, or even a status message in the industry area post free – and will appear via RSS in the news area of the SOCIALUS partner sites. Easily share news! The use of the sharing service is 100% free. SOCIALUS means a vast expansion of the range! “” Kick-off of SOCIALUS took place on the 01.12.2010 with the industry of hospitality “& gastronomy”. 01.02.2011 it goes into the next round with the category “Meetings & events”. And how does SOCIALUS work? After the registration of the customer (or the Agency) maintains its technical content in the appropriate category on SOCIALUS a. Also photos and of course links can be entered in addition to the info text.

An additional link to a video of course feasible and more integration possibilities follow. After the immediate Unlock the posts via RSS all connected to the SOCIALUS system, industry-specific Web sites and expert appear – with headline and a link to the post on SOCIALUS. This means: a vast expansion of the range! In addition, the specialist posts at SOCIALUS also on several sharing buttons are also human”recommended and divided. Contact: SOCIALUS Dana summer Dumpelsmuhlstrasse 13 63743 Aschaffenburg, Germany