Efficient filtration of wastewater grease separators in 2011, the year of superlatives! Gastroplus24 has made sure of that. A new conceptual planning, ranging from the price performance ratio and to the full service management. Special projects, such as the calculation and planning of efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery, as well as information about new policies and standards. Many authorities have now become aware that restaurants often the norm for wastewater (oNORM EN 1825, DIN 4040 ( grease interceptors do not comply, this led to decisive and nationwide controls in the hospitality industry.) Especially North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony are affected. Authorities are trying to regulate the limits. Because there are appropriate laws, but many gastronomy facilities dispose of grease and organic waste still in the sink. Authorities are forced to take more steps and uncover alleged polluters now with special Kamerarobots in the duct system. Bus money are not uncommon because up to 10 000.

There huge blockages, corrosion and grease deposits in Canal buildings, resulting in failure of the sewage treatment plant costs. Reach the sewage treatment plant effluent, it travels a long distance. It deposited a lot of grease and food residue in the drainage pipes. The municipal sewage regulations determine that waste water from the installation requiring plants before being discharged into the public sewer system must be cleaned and therefore require the installation of grease traps. Now upgrade many gastronomy facilities grease traps, there are different sizes and can be integrated into a large kitchen, they are flexible. Under a simple principle, the sewage is clarified up to 95% of fats and other organic wastes. Grease separator of Gastroplus24 can be quite flexible in the kitchen area. The performance convinced and respected the cleaning intervals it is technically impossible, getting fat in the public sewage system.