The Man

But all the men do not show that way of relation. In another point, we found the explanation psychological, that is to say, man through the violence expresses his wrath and its anger in front of figures that considers inferiors to him. That is to say, that when considering to his wife inferior it requires to attack it, to only satisfy its wrath. Then, yes it is only the expression of the wrath and the anger, that determines the violence becomes selective. Since the man can socially be an enchantment, but not to which he talks about with his pair. In such a way that the violence because he is iracundo is not justifiable in any sense. The violent forms of expression become more and more complex, when we tried to give a meaning them. Factors of sort and the construction of each society also exist in which to the society it talks about.

But this does not only concern to the men. The women also are subject to those ideas that the society dictates about how to be woman or like being man. To which we in the society are expected of all that was called on to us to live. But these dictations not necessarily are in all the men and all the women of that society. Although one society dictates that the men to be it require to control his wife and to do violence to it so that is controlled. All the men and to all the do not accept it women. In a society men and women accept who it and other exist tolerate that it, but also exists the great range that does not tolerate it absolutely. Then on what he depends that a man becomes violent and he accepts it to a woman? The answer to this question is difficult and contains a great amount of edges to take into account.

Mexican Food

The gastronomy of Mexico characterizes by its great variety of subjects of gossip and prescriptions, as well as by the complexity of its elaboration. It is recognized by his distinguishing and falsified flavors with the great seasoning. It reunites mesoamericanas gastronomical traditions as much as European, among others many. The Mexican kitchen is not other people’s to the kitchens: Spanish, Cuban, African, of the Middle East and Asian, to mention some. The 16 of November of 2010 the Mexican gastronomy was recognized, with the French kitchen, like Immaterial Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO History The history of the Mexican gastronomy goes back approximately 10.000 years, to the time at which it is considered was domesticated the maize to become the culture that later was the nourishing base of the mesoamericanas cultures. This remote origin gives to the Mexican gastronomy a letter of singular presentation in the contest of the nations, that distinguishes certainly it of other cooking heaps.

During the pre-Hispanic time, the indigenous towns that they inhabited the territory mainly had a diet based on vegetables. Of them it is necessary to indicate that there is a species of duality that was common to many of them from at least year 3000 aec, is the maize and Chile. The great mesoamericanas cultures, and to a lesser extent, the oasisamericanas were fed materially with these two Earth fruits. To Chile and maize other species of nonsmaller importance were associated, some of which have extended their native ecological niche to become consumptions of the most varied kitchens. It is possible to mention to the tomato, the cacao, the avocado, the pumpkin, the nopal, vanilla, divinizados all of them in the figure of Chicomecatl, Nahuatl name of the mesoamericana goddess of foods. In order to complement their feeding, the old settlers of Mexico went to two strategies, on the one hand, the raising (in Mesoamrica) of guajolotes (turkeys) and xoloitzcuintles (dogs); or, the hunting of all type of animal, and this bond for all the towns of Northern America.