EAnalytics – The New Integrated Open Source Solution For Web Analytics

With the open source product eAnalytics can any professional Web Analytics use – without high licensing costs. eAnalytics the open source solution for Web Analytics offers the opportunity to operate without having to invest money in license costs Web Analytics professional all Web pages and online shop operators. Instead Know-How should be invested in Web Analytics so with Web analysis tools not only reports but is also analyzed and the website or the online shop can be optimized on the basis of the analyses. There are countless online shops and customers need to locate the shop right to from a wide range. For this reason, it is increasingly important to know their customers and to attract website visitors specifically for the online shop provider. You no longer get around Web Analytics in this topic.

Take advantage of the insights from Web Analytics and the website match the customer needs, not only online shop Baker Reiber on the flag should sign, but all Web site owners. Can eAnalytics not only support but also the basis for Provide Web page improvements. For example captures eAnalytics the preferred category of visitors. This information is stored in a MySQL database and can be used directly for a personalized advertisement on one’s own side, so that products from his preferred category are displayed to the customer. eAnalytics is specifically aimed at those who want to integrate Web usage data into existing systems and optimize the Web site according to the data (for example: integration in content management system and campaign systems) and just shows external and offline data (such as for example returns) to add to eAnalytics, to use these data for Web Analytics. Because all eAnalytics in-house is stored, the sensitive data is safe and at the same time the privacy of website visitors requirements by the in house solution. At eAnalytics development are incorporated in the area of Web Analytics 20 years of experience in the field of BI and data warehousing as well as 10 years of experience and also the Strongly influence development.

Long Distance Calls Tips

It seems that everyone is trying to save the most lately and the world of long-distance calls is not precisely an exception. Personal long distance calls frequently to catch up day with friends and family abroad, and no one wants to be aware of the clock during a conversation to make sure that bills are not too encarezcan. At the same time, invoices for long-distance calls can be extremely expensive if the calls are not controlled in some way, in relation to the time. However, the good thing is that those who make long-distance calls have several options when it comes to save money when calling abroad. To begin, always is a good idea to inquire about packages of international calls from your fixed line telephony provider. These packages can usually be added to your existing contract. However, if your current provider does not offer international calls, it is worth considering the possibility of changing supplier. Another way to save is through of a previous dial-up provider.

Typically, this involves using a special prefix before making an international call and is a practical method if you don’t call very often. It is not necessary to have an account, so you can simply use the prefix when you need it. If you decide to use prefixes for calls, investigates a little offerings vary depending on the provider and where you call. A third way to save on international phone bills is to make your calls over the Internet. There are some vendors who offer free or inexpensive, international calls according to the method you used to call.

If you call from your PC to another person’s computer, your calls are generally free. But, in addition, enjoy offers a very good price on international calls to landlines from your PC. If you have a PC computer and a reliable broadband service, make calls over the Internet is an incredible save money and call abroad form. If you frequently make international calls from your mobile phone while traveling, we recommend to consult your telephone service provider if it offers some package with discount for international calls. Do not think that a few minutes of international calls will not affect your telephone bill in a meaningful way. International calls via mobile phone can double and even triple bills, even if the calls are brief. Finally, it is important to compare all the different options and offerings that exist to enjoy the best choice in international calls. Some calling plans, for example, exclude calls to certain countries, and if you have friends or relatives to whom you plan to call in those countries, then these calling plans not thee. If you are looking for the international calling plan that best suits your needs in terms of hours of calls and countries, you should be able to reduce the costs of your bills for international calls.