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minion 2010 – ‘ 2 x dinner, 1 x pay and ‘ 2 x drink, 1 x pay lounges for all the love to good and cheap feast, or go to the Cafe, there is now in the eighth year in a row the right companion: the minion, Hamburg’s coupon book for the catering industry in Hamburg. The principle is simple: 64 pages the minion offers vouchers from Hamburg’s gastronomy. “2 for 1” is the motto: so you can go, for example, two food and pay only for a main dish, in the Cafe, you will receive your second breakfast or your second latte macchiato. Simply submit the minion in the participating local, redeem the voucher of your choice and you’re done! 2010 are following caterers: visit Tsao Yang, the Schwabin, DILARA, literature House CAFE, Shalimar, La Figlia, Mangia Bevi, Lu Wuhuan, Landhaus dill, marketplace, Taberna Flamenca, Le Piccolo Paradiso, dive, HAMBURG del mar, Cafe Ribatejo, TRANS Montana, dos amigos to the old mill, Shikara, Maharaja, Cafe Gossip, plus El Pulpo, SAGRES Sagres, Al Dente, fisherman, Rodizio Rio you can redeem the coupons at your whim over the course of the year 2010 and discover Hamburg’s culinary delights to the savings rate. Treat to something nice to your partners, friends and colleagues every day and new experience Hamburg. The crony – coupon book for the gastronomy in Hamburg has appeared for the first time in 2003 for Hamburg. The minion stands out with its individually designed restaurant displays and high-quality presentation. More information: author: Katja Spilker volume: 64 pages price: 14,90 EUR

Easter Bunny Products

Positive balance of the fiscal year would like to connect also with the year’s program and the new introductions in the range to the 2008 2009 Managing Director Thomas Harlander views and insights in the business program. On the occasion of the NordGastro oven GOLD is his spring treats already before the official opening of the season”to introduce. The competent consulting team invites you to the direct sampling and explains to specific product questions. Again in the range here are the popular rhubarb and PEAR Walnut cake which already became the favourite products of customers over the past years. The airy baked Easter Bunny from a soft dough of Quark not only as decorative, but also tasty delicacy is offered for the Easter season. Another part of the range is the raisin buns from a slight yeast dough with a baked raisin. For even more analysis, hear from Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. It is suitable as a typical breakfast or tea biscuits.

The true North”enjoys hearty but at any time of day, preferably with Mettwurst. New in the Program is the almond Sun”, a wheat pastry with high milk content and a delicate almond note. you eat it with sweet spreads or as a snack for between meals. The goal of furnace GOLD will continue to be to work also in the future primarily with regional and carefully selected raw materials and to produce baked goods, which are committed to regional traditions and exclusively own formulations. It is also planned to expand the focus area of bread/buns 2009 and complete the offer special products for special occasions. Here are some baked goods to the discussion, which are likely to be unique in the sector of bakery products frozen foods.

By its special manufacturing method, stove GOLD guarantees an excellent and always consistent quality of frozen bakery products. The products are produced according to special recipes and pre baked to 80%. Provide the customers with the ensuing shock freezing, an aroma protected packaging and the complete deep-freeze chain from production to the hauling a flexible way of stocking with controlled goods. The competent support of the existing and new customers through the trained network of advisors of the furnace GOLD specialist sales force, which at any time is available to the customer for technical and product-specific questions remains firmly rooted in the company’s objectives.

Berlin Music

Simple and cost-effective system for the commercial sound. Music conjures up associations, motivated and amplified emotions. The right sound concept has at least as much importance as the Interior or the lighting. Specifically placed music on sales areas can be a promotional image-defining Marktetinginstrument when she target groups. The acoustic corporate identity. With conventional systems, such as CD players or MP3 players, you can hardly meet this requirement because it would entail an enormous time and planning effort. In addition, the procurement of phonograms requires time and money. Shop music offers a cheap and simple solution: the Auracle sound music streaming is the innovation of in-store music systems.

Music individually customizable, easy to use and extremely reasonable prices. The range starts at 30 per month, i.e. 1.16 a day. The customer must only connect the device and select a station. A system that the music is automatically updated and Customers and employees every day with new, more precise target group music sound. There more than 20 varied music channels offered selected music in high quality by hand.

The customer can choose between the channels lounge, house bar, chill, smooth jazz, pop, indie pop, Funk & soul, minimal House, Electro House, or classical music. Various channels such as Asia lounge or even a channel with GEMAFREIER music, in which the customer save enormous fees may, are included in the Auracle sound range. Over 1000 titles each channel provide musical variety. Actuality and trend feeling is particularly important in times of ever-changing trends in the music industry. Therefore the music program is sound artist management every 2 weeks in collaboration with the London DJ agency”updated on the server. The Agency represents well-known radio and club DJ BBs and selects the best blender for different music of channels. Are known DJs like Jamie Cullum, Ravin (Buddha Bar), Gilles Peterson and many more. Also a special channel is possible. The music selection can be tuned this individual businesses and their individual needs. Every song in the world, every music style is available. In addition the possibility of a “custom made channel” to get InStore radio spots. These spots can request exactly and “just in time” in the sound system of the respective customers fed and playing. All music rights are 100% legally settled and paid through the English partner Institute of GEMA and the GVL, the MCPS and the PPS. You be aligned individually by the team of shop music in Berlin in cooperation with the customer on the respective customers. Interested parties can test 14 days the unit free of charge and without obligation. Link: music streaming/5-free of charge-test / advantages at a glance: no high cost of phonograms or MP3s no repetitive CDs not volume jumps no radio with aggressive advertising and annoying presenters no time for downloading and playing the MP3 player no inappropriate music selection of the staff learn more about the Auracle Sound Music Streaming, visit our website: press contact: Erik Koerner shop music Nunsdorfer ring 15 12277 Berlin Tel.


Giants offer some old iron and a composition of test, if going well there are good and if not, I propose another laburito more tranqui, until you are hooked to such point that may not be removed. This modality is the classic in marginal environments, constantly growing. And there are in other areas of society, who seemingly have everything and yet something is missing them, here also begin to walk the way of consumption. In all cases, the output is a difficult task, except those that own decision acknowledge that they have no alternative and resort to care centres. Not glued to all similarly consumption, they are those who consume while you read a book or those who need it to face an adverse situation, and however they do not fall into the clutches of daily consumption, but the sporadic use. But experience tells me that many of those entering this world, reaching limits of losing his freedom, have nothing where cling, are more than alone in your pain. And these are the majority. They are growing and will continue to grow, because there is nothing that will fill their lives, do not have access to share anything with anyone because they marginalize them, they don’t have the necessary training to achieve a laburo enabling them to live well, with expectations, dreams and the possibility to perform like others, calling far from understanding them to kill them is.

Meanwhile and as soon as, the State sure to generate a space for everyone, young and old, problems will continue in believing and there will be communities that can meet such difficulties. Even more when some elders manage to establish market drugs cheap and lethal as Paco (who manage to Pocket more than 1300 million a year), the kids will be in serious trouble. And nothing will save them from this instance. Maybe adults, understand this as a problem that concerns us all and just there, we will begin to find the answers needed to help them as we never did. I’m Argentine, born 49 years ago in Loma Negra, Olavarria, I have two brothers, I am married with three sons and I spent part of my life to Social work.

I am operator therapist, I have worked with abandoned children and in therapeutic communities. I’ve co-founded homes for boys and NGOs. I love to write, I’m not an academic; But if an observer of reality. Restless and convinced be a citizen wanting to make one life more worthy every day. My Blog:. palitososa. blogspot. com Blogs related citizen how to prevent the infiltration of the State in the Free Spanish Lessons Spanish word of the day: however how to prevent live health VINEgeek knee pain Oddball Wine of the Week: La hand Mencia animal thieves funny videos, funny videos, funniest Los 38 videos accidents of Homero Simpson? Videos of Ergoroller relieves the pain of your dolls TecnoBlog word of the day hand game of celebrities dress up Taylor Lautner Dress up funny and funny YouTube videos


New methods for functional materials for nanoelectronics and scanning probe microscopy nanobiology Published on Introduction According to the empirical Moore's law – the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year or two, which is a natural result of the development of nanotechnology. The basis of nanoelectronics are the same elements as in microelectronics – transistors, but with a nanometer size. Through unique physical properties and structural features of carbon nanotubes in this case, are ideal candidates for the role of elements for electronic circuits. The same thing happens in biology and medicine. Obtaining new nanomaterials allows you to create filtration systems and water desalination, as well as filters for gases and air.

Due to the high density of nanotubes per unit area of such filters is much faster and effectively carry out cleaning fluids as compared with polycarbonate filters are now common. Carbon nanotubes – cylindrical structures extended from carbon atoms with a diameter of one to several tens of nanometers and lengths up to several microns. They have an extremely strong and resilient. When you use certain methods to obtain nanotubes are obtained malodefektnymi, with a predetermined structure and growth direction. Methods of preparation was developed and patented a new method of producing nanotubes – a method of ohmic heating of graphite paper 1. In this method for producing carbon nanotubes on a graphite first paper applied to silica gel containing catalysts (Ni, Co and Fe).

Then the paper is placed in the vacuum system and heated to 700 oC. Also used the previously developed method of magnetron sputtering of carbon films with carbon nanotubes 2. They are sprayed in a vacuum chamber using a magnetron sputtering method at constant current. In this deposition process is carried out at a pressure of inert gas in the chamber (1-5) 10-2 Torr and the power of the DC power supply of the target 40 – 100 mA.

Burn Abdominal Fat

Diets is all that is required to burn abdominal fat. In the hectic world of today few of us we have the time to devote himself to the creation of healthy eating normal enjoyment of our predecessors. We have come to depend on ready-prepared meals and condiments to provide our dietary needs. Below we will describe the composition of the different meals of the day of this diet to burn abdominal fat. Breakfast. 30 Grams of protein should be included in breakfast. To cover this protein intake, must takes two cups of yogurt or milk (preferably nonfat), also a portion of cheese, and also a portion of ham, beef or chicken. You can also choose for a tuna sandwich.

This protein intake is essential to run the diet to burn abdominal fat. In addition, the breakfast we must include two slices of bread, and some sweet that we want. This will prevent giving us desire to eat carbohydrates or sweets later. All the calories ingested at breakfast you will be directed to the muscles and used as a form of energy, i.e., they will be burnt, worn; high levels of cortisol and insulin in the morning are those who are responsible of it so happen. Lunch. Although we will not feel hunger, thanks to the generous breakfast, perhaps we should eat luncheon 90 grams of protein, in the form of fish, chicken or lean red meat. This meal with salad of fresh vegetables, without dressings must be accompanied.

For dessert: fresh fruit. As a beverage: fumo natural fruit without added sugar. Lunch and dinner in the evening, after 2 pm and in the evening, we should only eat fruits and vegetables, especially those that have less than 5% of sugar, like tomato, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, melon, watermelon, citrus fruits, etc. It is essential for the diet to burn fat abdominal us outcome, which do not eat carbohydrates or sweets or fats in the snack and dinner, because of cortisol and insulin levels have fallen at that time of day, and all the calories we ingiramos will be stored as body fat. An ideal complement for this diet to burn abdominal fat, is performing any aerobic moderate exercise, such as walking, jogging, aerobics, or we can even include specific exercises for abdominal, that will help us to make our tummy look firm.

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Social media: SOCIALUS widespread gastro & hotel information for free, quickly and easily a social-media concept that free, uncomplicated and without wastage disseminates industry information: this is possible with SOCIALUS. Login, article, news, or even a status message in the industry area post free – and will appear via RSS in the news area of the SOCIALUS partner sites. Easily share news! The use of the sharing service is 100% free. SOCIALUS means a vast expansion of the range! “” Kick-off of SOCIALUS took place on the 01.12.2010 with the industry of hospitality “& gastronomy”. 01.02.2011 it goes into the next round with the category “Meetings & events”. And how does SOCIALUS work? After the registration of the customer (or the Agency) maintains its technical content in the appropriate category on SOCIALUS a. Also photos and of course links can be entered in addition to the info text.

An additional link to a video of course feasible and more integration possibilities follow. After the immediate Unlock the posts via RSS all connected to the SOCIALUS system, industry-specific Web sites and expert appear – with headline and a link to the post on SOCIALUS. This means: a vast expansion of the range! In addition, the specialist posts at SOCIALUS also on several sharing buttons are also human”recommended and divided. Contact: SOCIALUS Dana summer Dumpelsmuhlstrasse 13 63743 Aschaffenburg, Germany