The prescriptions cook are one of the most traditional and wonderful knowledge of all. Perhaps you have listened to expressions as the prescription of the grandmother or the secret touch, both referred and like these many the pleasure to more know the gastronomy family. Leaving of side the most professional knowledge of the kitchen, they are excelsos details. People who like to cook, to create they themselves the different flavors that by themselves distinguish the heat of the house, delight with learning all type of tips to marinate. They move his senses before the possibility of knowing a new dessert, a rare ingredient, etc.

Why the kitchen prescriptions continue being popular and which is its more suitable quality? Good; it is a tradition that is impossible to uproot on the part of many families, until the point of which the personal history of many individuals talks about with these unique lessons. On the other hand, its main merit, perhaps, is that it is an experience that surpasses the time. It has managed to maintain his configuration almost intact by upon everything trasto contemporary as much in the form to disclose the recipe books as of the cooking tools in its form. Without mattering that now they are possible to be consulted by Internet, always the mouth mouth exists. And speaking of the cooking tools, most basic and traditional they send the shutdown. You have seen those promotions of Telesaleses that offer novel instruments to itch, to crumble, to start off, to squash, and that has right prices for all apparently? Then in spite of the great amount of publicity that exists on purpose, they do not manage to consolidate. The taste to peel a onion or one Pope, to cut in pieces any cooking product that deserves the prescription with the knife of all the life, to grind if it is necessary, is not had lost.

For that reason, the analogous techniques are part of the fundamental universe of the calls recipe books. Others of the considerations about these small data of cooking lucidity are intimate. They can be part of a long process of knowledge that has been transmitted by generations from a family to another one, from a restaurant to another one, or of one community to another one. Also the process by which east knowledge is distributed has a special value, without a doubt. It is possible to be done or by the instantaneous, simple communication, that gives to the face to face and the different expressions to bequeath a series of interesting faculties at the time of cooking. A book or a magazine can be to share, why no? If it thought that there was much no to say about kitchen prescriptions, now a little knows. That verb knows ntese that also very it is connected with the kitchen, because as well as it comes from to know of knowledge, also comes from to know with respect to the sensations of the palate. It thinks for a moment, please, how they managed many plates to position itself around the world. Perhaps it went because to somebody it was happened to him to scatter these Rep them gastronomical of person to person.

Super Useful Blueberry

Vaccinium myrtillus L. – Blueberry Sam. Ericaceae – Strongly branched shrub Brusnichnoe height of 15-50 cm stems are thin, ribbed, green. Leaves alternate, ovate, serrulate at the edges, glabrous or light green, deciduous. Flowers solitary (2) on short stalks in the axils of upper leaves.

Corolla urceolate-globose, reddish or greenish-pink. The fruit is spherical, many-seeded berry with a bluish black coating on the surface. It flowers from May to July. Distribution. It grows in coniferous enlightened and broad-leaved forests and shrubs (mostly spruce, pine and beech) on gravelly and rocky glades, alpine pastures and peat bogs. Found throughout Europe (in the south only in the mountains). Raw materials.

Used as raw leaves (Folia Myrtilli) and fruit (Fructus Myrtilli). The leaves are dried at temperatures up to 45eC, and fruit after the evaporation of most of the moisture from them, finally dried at a temperature of 60-70 C. Fruits have pleasant sweet-sour astringent taste. Content. The leaves contain up to 20% tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, ursolic acid and a small amount of essential oil. Dried fruits contain 5-10% tannins, sugars, pectin-free organic acids, vitamin C, anthocyanin pigment and other main effect. Adstringentnoe (astringent), anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic. Experimental data. The experiments revealed that a decoction of blueberries for 24 hours sterilizes in vitro culture medium, infected B. coli, bacillus and bacillus Ebert Gertner. In experiments on dogs Poulsson observed hypoglycemic effect. It is established that contained in the leaves glycoside neamirtilin lowers blood sugar in experimental diabetes in animals aloksanovom. Empirical data. In folk medicine, bilberry fruit in many countries is used to treat gastro-intestinal disorders, inflammatory processes in the mouth, gingivitis, aftah, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Winternitz) treats are hard to treat other opiates and astringent decoction of chronic diarrhea blueberries. He also applies them in external treatment of eczema. Leclerc argues that people with diabetes who developed ulcerative stomatitis, works best mouthwash decoction of blueberries. Decoction of leaves of blackberry, along with a decoction of Mulberry leaves are used in the initial diabetes. Bart, Rayhery Levind and managed to eliminate sugar in the urine of diabetics, a decoction of the leaves of bilberry, and this is in any case not accompanied by a decrease in blood glucose levels. Some authors argue that the decoction of the leaves of blueberry and has hypotonic effect on patients with high blood pressure. In fresh or stewed blueberries in the form recommended for treatment of diabetic retinopathy. It is believed that anthocyanosides improve vision. In folk medicine, bilberry is used: for diarrhea – a few pieces of dried fruit or fresh blueberries well chewed over short intervals of time and then swallow, with stomach pain take 10-12 drops of an alcohol infusion of blueberries (on a sugar cube) or with a dollop of warm water or wine (alcoholic extract of bilberry prepared as follows: 8 tablespoons blueberries to put in a bottle for half a liter, pour clean vodka or rubbing alcohol, stand for months), with chronic rheumatism use a decoction of 40 grams of fruit that is cooked 20 minutes per 200 g of water – drink 5-6 tablespoons per day for a long period of time. Method of application. In the form of tinctures, broths and jams. Rp. Fructus Myrtilli 100,0 DS for 2 teaspoons of cold 300 g of extract (endure 8 hours and then strain) – the daily dose (for diarrhea). – Use of Medicinal Plants

Espinhao Architecture

Of the Arraial of Tijuco Completely originated Diamantina in the baroque style, its colonial houses and its churches keep secrets on great treasures hidden for the slaves. The churches (San Francisco, Support, Rosary, of the Graces.)with its interior turned pages to the gold with workmanships of the Aleijadinho master and Athade master, they show the opulence of a time where the Portuguese culture predominated. For its slopes great myths had paraded, as: Chica Da Silva, Juscelino Kubitschek, Foot. Rolim (great countenance of the Mining Inconfidncia) and others. Constructed in a steep small farm, it possesss traced urban winding, formed for narrow streets with stone pavement in rock.

The casario, defining of the streets, does not possess jib frontal and if it detaches for the alive coloring of the esquadrias that contrasts with the white of the walls. It has some churches in the center, in general are distinguished of entorno in which they are inserted. The use of elements that they send to the Portuguese architecture influenced by the Arab, as muxarabis and trelias in the windows is noticed and varandas. The urban morphology of Diamantina was inspired in the Portuguese medieval cities. In the central area of the city we find a part plain, of acinzentadas rocks. The common tipologia is the colonial, having few examples of neoclssicas, eclectic or neocolonial constructions. The modern architecture is represented by three workmanships of Oscar Niemeyer, of the decade of 50. Stuck in the inhospitable Mountain range of the Espinhao, Diamantina is an alive example of colonial architecture of lines and soft forms, adapted to the tropics. Religious Serenatas and vesperatas, traditions, beautiful rivers, (Crystals and Sentry), the Real Road, rich and proper gastronomia of the region (gumbo with angu) beyond its joint architectural overthrown for National the Historic site and Artistic in 1938 make of Diamantina the obligator destination in the ample tourist circuit of Minas Gerais.

Brazil: Greenhouse Effect

Specialists say that the flatulence of the ruminants (cows, deer, giraffes and others) – it is the third factor for the aggravation of the global heating with 16% of the gase-greenhouse emissions. In first place it is the burning of fsseis fuels and in second of forests that are emitting of carbon dioxide. Brazil is the great world-wide producer of bovine meat e, moreover, it is always destroying forests for magnifying of pastures and production of cultivations. This fact places in them as one of the polluting greaters of the global atmosphere. The Brazilian government says that it is difficult to know where it is having deforestation and forest fires. Until it seems that they never had heard to speak of satellites that all photograph the hiddings place of the land to each minute.

Descupla is one to deceive the ignorants. The Brazilian Congress has a great parcel of guilt for not making serious laws that guarantee the act of receiving of fines applied to the infractors. The annihilating criminals of the forests do not give the minim for the fines because they know that nor justice will obtain to charge. In the practical one, the fines are only for making ahead pretty of the cameras of TV that always is there for registering the stage. The flatulences of the ruminants methane contains a called gas – (CH4) – that collaborates in the aggravation of the effect greenhouse and is 23 times more harmful than the carbon dioxide – (CO2) – the main gas-greenhouse.

The methane is present in pum of almost all the animals. The amount of methane produced for the ruminants is very high. A cow is capable to emit 250 millimeters of methane with only pum. These animals possess one number very bigger of bacteria to help them in the digestion of the glucose of the leves that eat. Each pum of a cow is a true bomb against the ozone layer. How much to the set free gases for the human beings they are not so polluting. The gastroenterologist Dr. Dan Waitzberg, of the College of Medicine of the USP, made some calculations that help in to understand them this question better. According to it, a person emits about 700 millimeters of gases per day. Of this total 360 millimeters are of hydrogen, 68 millimeters of carbon dioxide and only 26 millimeters are of methane. When we analyze cold this question we can perceive that the great production of cattle for cut that the world demands is resulted of the world-wide overpopulation. In the truth our planet does not hold the exaggerated number of people populates that it. It already more than exceeded in 30% its capacity of feeding satisfactorily the world-wide population. We need to reduce the natality drastically human being or the nature will make the population control in unimaginably cruel way. The climatic catastrophes that the world comes suffering are only one acknowledgment of the nature. Nicas Romeo Zanchett – plastic artist


What can happen if it is let evolve an acute appendicitis? The most frequent complication is than the wall of the necrosa appendix (gangrenous appendicitis), that brings about a perforation, with consequent generalized peritonitis, or in some cases the adjacent intestinal handles are affected of such way that it brings about perforation of the thin intestine. Another complication is the possibility that epipln can adhere, restricting peritonitis to the right iliac grave. Fibrosis and the persistent inflammation produce a mass in right iliac grave (apendicial mass). This can be solved by means of healing, by formation of an abscess that drains towards the surface or by perforation with generalization of peritonitis. An extremely infrequent complication but that is not due to happen to leave by stop is the dissemination of the infection by the branches of the vein porthole that can propagate it to the liver; before, this one was an important cause of pimicos abscesses vestibules in liver. Which is the handling of a peritonitis? A peritonitis that is of greater gravity, the treatment is handled intrahospitable since it requires of more days of observation, drainages, and great amount of antibiotics. Some patients with peritonitis do septicemia and can die numbers are (it handicapped thanks to the amount of antibiotics handled nowadays and to the effectiveness of the handling of this pathology). Which is the treatment of an appendicitis water? The handling of this pathology is solely the apendicetoma (extraction of the appendix).

In which in the preoperative stay the patient is hydrated and receives some prophylactic and analgesic antibiotics. Note: a great medical error is before the consultation of a patient with pain in the right iliac grave or generalized abdominal pain, is to give analgesic since they can mask to the acute appendicitis and finish in a peritonitis. The decision by an experienced doctor and with ample knowledge in the pathology can be taken, discarding this problem by diagnosis before seen. Hospitable valuation Summer 2009 (Brown Arthur Perez) Chihuahua Chih. Voluntary Clinical rotations (Gastroenterology Area) Original author and source of the article.


There are cities that they enamor; there are cities that are unique; and there are cities that can create a great variety of sensations, even some very radical. It is the case of the Spanish capital, an immense large city that usually is characterized by its impressive track: you hate either it, you adore or it. In my case, it is obvious that I am enchanted with Madrid. Ever since I put a foot in her for the first time, I do not stop approaching to me whenever I can. One treats, doubtless, of a city different from any other, with an own atmosphere whose air makes you experience sinfn of different emotions. To take a walk by the Castilian, Great Va or Serrano is a wonder, a delight for the body and the mind, where you will be able to admire the impressive architecture that characterizes to the center of the capital. The sources of Neptune and Cibeles are good sample of the beauty of Madrid, not to mention the breathing that one can experiment in the park of the Retirement, an authentic nucleus of nature in the middle of the great large city.

In addition, Madrid is characterized by a unique gastronomy. Well-known by its covers and their pure-blooded plates, they cause that our palates delight with all the flavors. However, encounter a disadvantage, and that is the high standard of life. The prices are in favor of airs, so that the lodging can leave very expensive. For that reason, he is advisable to look for alternative in Madrid: apartment of quality, and right in the center economic. it would not draw attention to you? Indeed, the apartments are a good alternative to a hotel. It passes something similar in Valencia, a city very developed, with multiple cultural possibilities where the prices of the hotel trade can darte more of a worry, reason why the best thing is to decide on apartments. Valencia has a great variety to a reasonable price, like Madrid.

CCIH Pneumonia

Another factor of great repercussion is the use of the nosoenteral (SNE) as factor of risk and desencadeador of PAVM. It is common that in the majority, if not in all the patients submitted to the ventilation mechanics, to be present the SNE with the objective of nutricional support, prevention of abdominal distenso and gastric and enteral secretion draining. However, the SNE favors the settling of orofaringe, refluxo gastroesofgico and the risk of aspiration, which had the rise of pH gastric, mainly when associated the bloqueadoras drugs of the H2 (cimetidina, ranitidina, famotidina and nizatidina), also to the common use in the UTI. The development of the pneumonia not this only associated with the presence of the SNE, but also with the bore of the device, the infusion of diets and the position of the patient in the stream bed. (CARRILHO, 2006). Measure that can be adopted for the reduction of the PAVM is the correct cleanness and sterilization of used devices in the respiratory therapy as masks, ambus, ceflicos, ventilmetros, manovacumetros fixing, respiratory incentivadores and others, as the protocols of the disinfection and esterializao of the CCIH of each institution; as well as the correct and aseptic connection of the circuits of the fan, since these direct represent a half one of contamination to the patient. Moreover, the circuit of ventilation only for new patients must be changed or when these will be dirty, thus preventing its unnecessary manipulation and possible contamination. Proving such affirmation, Lorente, Lecuona and Galvan (2004) apud Rasp, Pace, Medeiros and Virgnio (__), in a carried through research to analyze the effectiveness of the exchange of circuits of the mechanical fan, in order to reduce the PAVM tax when used an exchanger of heat and humidity (HME), was observed that it did not have significant difference between the group that received VM with exchange from circuit to each 48 hours and the other without exchange of circuit, with regard to the tax of pneumonia, incidence of exgena pneumonia and the distribution of the .causing microorganisms of the pneumonia, representing an unnecessary cost..

Gifts From The Shores Of Lake Baikal

"Glorious Sea – Sacred Baikal …" These lines from an old song – the first thing that comes to mind when we mention this Siberian miracle, located on the border of the Irkutsk Oblast and the Buryat Republic. Of course, we all have to school days remember that in reality does not Baikal sea and lake, even the deepest in the world. Of particular relevance to the people it is already apparent in the title: Scientists believe that it most likely comes from Turkic "Bai-Kul", meaning "rich lake". And it is really rich! Clean water, unique nature, endemic fauna of northern exoticism, which so greedy tourists … That's going to coast people 'glorious Sea, "to see with my own eyes the unique beauty of Lake Baikal, to hear local legends and dip his hands into the cool blue water. And, of course, to take home not only impressions and memories, but also gifts for themselves and those who have not visited these parts. The first most popular authentic gift we can safely assume gastronomic sets.

Only here, in the purest freshwater fish is found unique – omul. In Listvyanka, where the river originates Angara rises and the legendary rock-rock shaman, you will find a rich selection of fish delicacies from the omul and other valuable local fish – Baikal whitefish and sturgeon. All of them are sold in a variety of volume souvenir packaging containers: barrels, or birch-bark baskets. These products in themselves are beautiful and functional, and will serve as hosts for a long time after they were kept in the goodies are eaten.