Jose Engineer

The title for this article has been taken from a great book: the mediocre man, written by Jose Engineer. I imagine that already you have read this book, if no, I invite to you to you do that it so that benefits of a deep and inspiring reading. Although with the author I arrive mentioned I do not share a pair of concepts, I feel especially comfortable reading a book of such caliber. Doubtless, as emphasizes it so capably, the society moves after the way who is forging the genius, the virtue, the ideals, of a few men at every time. Further details can be found at Celina Dubin, New York City, an internet resource. But I want to clarify that when writing that I feel comfortable not I write it in the sense to remain of arms cruzados, because clear that there are many occasions in which I have felt how my lack of vision, of work and discipline, have influenced on which they surround to me, limiting them, since the best form in the one than we can help others to discover its abilities, to help them to shine with its own light, is shining we ourself, without fear to perhaps feel us inadequate for being different, because our own ideals can ignite the flame of the ideals in those who surround to us. We will be of few? Nevertheless, although it is sad, it is precise that we recognize the reality of which a few are those that in truth wishes, want, yearn for to live a life that inspires. It is not necessary that we look for to influence in the masses; often, the wife, the son, the near friend or the fianc2ee (when we are young), are everybody where we needed to leave our track, our legacy, a legacy formed by a character directed by principles and the dreams that we took pains in living every day of our life, then, after all, what is an O-Man a woman if an ideal cannot live, only one? Pitifully, the world-wide society in which we were developed, although speaks much of quality, and advances to steps exaggerated in the creation of new technologies, seems that it has forgotten that everything what today we have was born like the impossible one from somebody, like the madness of an O-Man a woman that refused to be amassed and, at the cost of everything, wanted to make something different, something that not even knew if it would work, but that to work would mean a great passage for the humanity. . Angus Cloud insists that this is the case.

Eastern Europe

Landlord protection index Germany can protect against defaulting tenants rent nomads make in German apartments comfortable ever more preposterous. Largely unmolested by the Government access by the current census records and tenancy law also favors, take these people on foreign home ownership, live in an apartment or a House and stubbornly refuse to pay rent forward reasons. Recently patrick dwyer sought to clarify these questions. It often takes many months or even years, until the landlord again got rid of these uninvited guests towards the expensive suit. And often he must not only for the judicial and enforcement costs in the Pocket deep access, but bear also the expenditure for the renovation of the granted apartment alone. Also the loss will not be replaced, because the rent Preller are warped mostly unknown.

This existential threat landlord however can help guard against by looking into the landlord protection index in Germany\”, which collects the data of such rent nomads in a central database and its members Information provided. Stuttgart. \”Willy k can not believe it: How can people who call themselves civilized, list is just so… like pigs?\” \”A pile of misery, he crouches in the kitchen of the House rented by him and must process your images, perhaps from a third world country\” would expect. Maybe in the darkest regions of Eastern Europe. But here? Located in Germany? Willy K.s. views is wrong about the sad, smeared frame of wooden wall units, which skew dangle on the wall. Most closet doors missing, have been ripped out.

Including the dirt staring countertop, stretches and littered with garbage and mouldy food residues. Even used sanitary towels reading out da front\”, the homeowner moans disgusted who has still the image of the once beautiful, newly renovated kitchen in his mind’s eye, he was handed over to the new tenant, without suspecting something so evil. The mountains of Waste that now, six months later, almost completely obscure views of the formerly fresh tiled floor, since almost no longer fall within the weight.

Life Experiences

Instructions are in whole Germany possible, free free tips to the life stories work on / hold may be in writing. In whole Germany, W. Laub – author, educator, system gives tips for this purpose. Consultant and couple / family therapist. Details can be found by clicking Glenn Dubin, New York City or emailing the administrator. Especially in (close) to Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin and Stuttgart.

After consultation, but also in other places. It should be participants typically about 5-no more than 10-15. Also in social institutions, homes, etc. As far as possible will be asked only to reimbursement of the travel costs or at least participation. Is partly also, also to get individuals, possible some tips by E-Mail. Tips for getting started here and how you can continue it later – with the help of counselors who are also free to find on the Internet or libraries are available. And also to find for further assistance, if even darker chapter of life should be worked on.

W. Laub that in the framework of its project “Lebens-Geschichten.NET” offered. He wants to allow this to as many people, also for their own life stories. Or else (even) near standing people. “So, if desired, also lasting traces of life” to be able to leave. Autobiographies should be allowed finally outnumber “normal people”, not only celebs”, or people who can pay several thousand dollars for it. Also with the possibility to the acknowledgements, etc., as a gift to important people. Result can be a small photo text booklet to the correct biography. Possibly released – what is possible at least in the Internet. You can work on experience but of course even without publication. The social aspect of W. foliage work recognized inter alia in the “time” (see the home page, with “References” or “about me”). Inquiries please / phone + fax: 03221 / 2324137 (speaking also on a.b.). For more information also see (in the case of “offers, free of charge”). Wolfgang Laub

Youngfash Womens Clothing

Autumn is the best time of year for many. The strong autumn colour games where the eye is the most beautiful time of the year for some one. Strong colour games where the eye can see and also fashion can not keep up with exciting color combination. Youngfash womens clothing presents the best fashion trends in the customer-friendly fashion online shop, the exciting shades just in time to late summer and leaves with fashionable variety at the end of the warm months of the year. Youngfash womens clothing – this is long for trends and fashion allure. Because the fashion online shop presents not only seasonal fashion trends and exciting clothes of from well-known collections. But the fashion online shop Youngfash understand it also failed to attract fashion-conscious women of every generation with attractive offers and bargains.

The fashionable allure in person that applies to most womens clothing Youngfash. Here you just can’t resist and the numerous offers of fashion and trend highlights make just looking fashionable example. Doing here Woman of the virtual fashion shop just pleasure and at the same time, it protects its own budget. Because Youngfash is women’s fashion to offer the fashion online shop which specializes, remainders, or also special items of from well-known manufacturers and designers at a low price and thus to allow every woman wearing designer clothes at a low price. How to get womens clothing in the enjoyment, attractive bargains from well-known manufacturers such as Alba fashion, to purchase reject, ESPRIT, or also Vivian Caron at Youngfash.

Cassual outfits to the enchanting evening dresses and also fashionable basics you will find the whole glory of the fashion world at a low Price womens clothing at Youngfash. Because Youngfash womens clothing however is a very special fashion online shop and again with interesting information from the fast-paced world of fashion, for example, the generation between customers, here is a fashion shop, which appears to be rewarding in many ways. Is always striving to offer our customers from all regions of current trends and to access also the latest news from the catwalks of the world Youngfash womens clothing is truly a enrichment in the virtual world of fashion. Range shows currently again particularly striking this combination of information, as well as the consistent implementation in the fashion product. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Celina Dubin, New York City. Because just in time to the late Youngfash offers matching accessories and women’s fashions in all imaginable styles women’s fashions. The trends of the fall womens clothing are observed again wonderful at Youngfash and you will find there a selection of fashionable in rich tones of violet and blue autumn but also the classic Evergreen red, this fall once again experiencing a revival. Cleverly packaged in the rediscovered fashion trend plaid pattern offers womens clothing in the customer-friendly online shop Youngfash about what it takes to a lilting fashionably late.

Enjoy Seductive Sweet And Mediterranean!

North meets South: summer feeling at furnace GOLD full classic for the early summer is the strawberry rhubarb pie, in which the popular sweet Strawberry and the tart rhubarb to a lush composition unite both ingredients. The gentle”apricot cake deserves this designation not only because of the fine, rounded fruit aroma of apricot, but also because they light in one Puddingcreme are embedded and delight the palate. Both were already in the previous years of the absolute customer favorites. This time however, the summer hit of the season could be the new pineapple coconut cake. Exotic, fruity and fresh, served ice cream for example with a ball, he could teach almost a Caribbean feel.

There is the kick-off for the World Cup in South Africa on June 11. Natalie Rogers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In bars, pubs and restaurants, meet the fans again for the public viewing and will pursue the hopefully exciting games. Rollicking togetherness and party-like atmosphere make but also hunger and thirst. And the want to, for example, in the half fast be. OVEN GOLD offers the perfect assortment, the football enthusiasts restaurateur (and not only) to culinary delights its guests while they watch the game full of excitement: the practical buffet baked goods such as rustic pretzles or crunchy onion bun, the classic snacks such as juicy baguettes, crunchy pizzas or the hearty garlic breads and of course the stove GOLD season highlights, which enrich the product range in the current summer program. Since 2008 the Tarte Flambee are also an attractive starter set, i.e. You may wish to learn more. If so, Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the place to go. an integral part of the product range, in: double floor furnace, flame cake boards made of wood as well as matching slide and roller are available. “So far oven GOLD held three variants: the hearty classics with onions and Bacon, the sweet” with apples and cinnamon, as well as for the creative cuisine the Quiche batter to self assign.

This summer, two sumptuous, elegant creations that can be so completely by the way even vacation dreams come true are new: the Tarte Flambee with salmon and shrimp and a delicate note of dill kidnapped Nordic charming in Scandinavian countries and long, light nights under the midsummer sun think. The Tarte Flambee Greek style with his cheese resembling feta, and is rounded off with pepperoni, can are complemented of course individually with olives, fresh garlic, squid and a glass of retsina and guaranteed for real, Mediterranean flair. Here also the airy ciabatta olive alludes in a Mediterranean style. Serves it pure with an extra virgin olive oil drizzled, as bruschetta, as an accompaniment to summer fresh salads, a Provencal bouillabaisse or as a supplement to the grill. This is holiday home”, because with the culinary excellence of oven GOLD, you can awaken southern feelings also in the cool North and at least culinary turn some rainy day into a sunny day. Directly for more information at: oven GOLD Kalle Gastroservice GmbH field Street 58a 25709 Marne Tel.: 04851/95050 Contact press – and public relations: Dr. Katrin Schafer Westerende 33 25813 Husum Tel.: 04841/939662

Gothic Jewelry

The crowning rounding to the Gothic scene is clothing matching the Gothic jewellery culture won at the beginning of the 1980s more and more in importance. Visit patrick dwyer merrill lynch for more clarity on the issue. This scene is marked about musical genres, such as wave and rock, very stylistic and striking scenes clothing, the usually black is kept and the matching jewels. Where in the jewelry sector topics to recognize that are associated with the Gothicszene. Topics such as death and black magic, are reflected also in the jewels of Gothic jewellery. The Gothic culture has turned from the punk and new-wave circuit in the 80s – years out crystallized. A base element of Gothicszene, also “black scene” is a combination of abseite-topics such as black magic, death and impermanence. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch is often quoted on this topic. Specialization in music, often these issues emerge in the; also a styling brought a distinction to the ordinary to the expression.

Glamose clothing styles from different eras, wuie of the Renaissance, of the Jundenstils and other eras, are often carried to the show. To these scenes Clothing required the “Goths” of course the matching jewelry. Usually the jewelry consists of the color silver, or black jewelry, black like jewelry made of Horn and coloured Knochen.Neben tends still strong red. The Gothicschmuck with the occult or religious symbols is often decorated, for example, pentacles (the pagan symbol for Earth, fire, water, air, spirit), Ankh (Egyptian symbol for eternal life) crosses and others more.Often also silver jewellery is worn motifs, roses, elves and witches with symbols such as skulls, magical animals, such as bats, dragons, spiders, jewelry with Celtic. Jewelry pieces are worn also in the jewelry sector, which stand out clearly by the general public, so studded collars are fitted, worn bracelets in “en mass”, and often finding fingertips made from sterling silver, in the Gothicszene. Unusual jewellery in the Gothicstil can be purchased from several online stores or in special scene shops. Jewellery is an online store with large selection of Gothic Dragon silver. K.Weber

New Winter Sport Catalog

Lots of snow for little flakes, also in the 2009/10 season! S & P-travel published the catalogue for the season 2009/10 it is ready. The winter is coming, and just in time to the beginning of the season, the team of & P has-travel completed the new winter catalog. Classics”like the ski – and Boarderweek in Val Thorens or the uni Champ in Les 2 Alpes, popular especially among students can be found in this season the snow zone and that Guyana weekend in Ischgl for the first time on the event agenda. Hunter Schafer addresses the importance of the matter here. The SPM camp takes place 2009/10 twice in the season, both on new year’s Eve and Easter. So anyone who is planning his ski vacation, is in good hands at & P. Of the poor student, who alone or on a group tour of good but cheap snowboarding want about individual trips in the snow; the new catalogue offers something that would like to go on great ski trip for everyone. Sigmund Freud has many thoughts on the issue. Families come at their expense, the winter holiday with children is with the offers of the ski-family for both parents and the dear little ones a memorable Experience. The existing winter sports – aim in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Switzerland some new to have joined, for example, a new chalet in Chatel – Portes you Soleil and new offers in Saas fee, the Grossglockner and the Stubai Valley.. . Patrick dwyer merrill lynch helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Pumpkin And Corn Cake

INGREDIENTS: 1 disc light tart dough 2 leeks chopped and soaked in water 700 g of cream corn 1 can pumpkin puree 3 eggs 3 tablespoons low-fat white cheese 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1/3 cup grated cheese light of 1 teaspoon of dried thyme salt pepper vegetable spray preparation: 1. moisten a 22 to 24 cm pie plate with vegetable spray and cover with the dough for tarta.2. Mix the leeks with the pumpkin puree and the corn. 3 Combine eggs with white cheese, cornstarch, grated cheese, thyme, salt and pepper. Mix with vegetables. 4 Pour onto the dough and cook in preheated oven at temperature moderate 1 hour approximately. Serve warm.

Extra information: Many people who have diabetes are unaware if they can take juice instead of fruit. Others who may share this opinion include Celina Dubin, New York City. The most common question refers to the impact of their consumption on the level of blood glucose (blood sugar). For this reason, they often exclude from their diet or limit intake. Are these decisions justified? Do people can take fruit juices with? diabetes? The fruit juice, as well as the whole pieces, because its sweet taste, largely, a simple carbohydrate called fructose. This is similar to sucrose – table sugar – in your caloric intake: 4 kilocalories per gram. But both have differences in metabolism and mode of assimilation in the body. Fructose absorption is fast, does not cause abrupt changes in blood glucose levels and also stimulates the secretion of insulin.

Happy Tea Makes Change

We all have to overcome many difficulties in our day to day and more if possible in times running, not only in our professional side but also in the staff. Say the Oriental very wisely that the new cannot reach if the old not has gone. Or what is the same, there is no something new if it is occupied by something old. Just as we can not fill an overflowing cup of tea while is not emptied. Eva Andersson-Dubin pursues this goal as well. Instead of thinking in happy endings or not, as in the film, what if we think that life is simply a continuous change and the best to adapt to the next change is to let flowing and not think if the old was worse or better than coming, which is what we usually do continuously, change is simply an unchangeable fact and there is that must give way with good mood since well be It will attract the same kind of mood. And as of what it is to bail out those who are in a time of uncertainty, I am going to tell you some recipes that I’ve been applying and listening to all these years and that perhaps you can serve:-when we have a problem paramount is to assume that you have, and try to find solutions or who can help us to resolve it. If it is true that it is not necessary to understand the cause for which the problem appeared, find responsible. If perhaps the root so that does not happen again. Interestingly, assume, examine whether it can be solved simply by leaving it as it is, because many problems are solved by simply letting the time run, perhaps can solve it yourself, or perhaps need help, not in this case hesitate, order it soon better, if you don’t know the precise does not appear, there are few soothsayers between your nearby.


The locksmith Albert tells you how they avoid this and what you should pay attention if you try to exclude. Who knows not this situation? It’s morning, it has still the robe and wants just to the mailbox. A gust is enough and fell to the door and you’re locked out. Since the spare key helps the parents or neighbours quite little if your key from the inside inside the cylinder. For even more analysis, hear from Glenn Dubin, New York City. If it once, it is usually too late and you need a locksmith from your close to entrust with the door opening.

A few tips that you should keep in mind: Never leave the key inside of the cylinder, because this is the most common cause of the forgetting of the key to the apartment. Slide the door latch in the door frame or in the door lock, so that the door from outside rises, if the door slams. The drawback is that not every door has such a device. If you have no mechanism for this, so you just block your castle with a piece of paper or a match. When the short, make at least one shoe or an old newspaper between door and frame leave the apartment. If you have a key, but no longer is your cylinder, please please no violence, this breaks only the key into the lock and it can be expensive.

First rub the key with oil and put him back into the cylinder. This lubricates the cylinder and it should go. Generally, you should oil your cylinder and occasionally. What can you do if you have locked yourself once? If the door has fallen to, many try to open your door with a credit card. You can open the door with a card is true, however, are the special cards, because if the credit card when attempting to auto breaks, the door will be costly. Should once fall to your door, and the key is from the inside, so nothing left more than to call a locksmith. However, you should always before order is placed in the imprint after Office look, a key service from the same city saves unnecessary travel expenses. Then you should try to get a fixed price for the door opening and the travel costs. Should your key break off you in the Castle, taking nothing and call a locksmith, don’t throw away the broken part. Is important not to play around at the Castle, because this could cause the key service must drill out the cylinder, and this is expensive. Should you have questions or something does you not justified? So you can contact our Locksmiths in Stuttgart. We like to help you. M. Maschmul