The Natural Law

Thus, the natural right for them comes or has double source: Of a side human reason (Naturalis Ratio) and of another one the LOGO or divine Law. As it can conclude east concept of natural right of the stoic school had a strong influence in the philosophical thought for all time later on the subject. In Rome As he knows himself the Romans did not have the same trajectory in intellectual and philosophical matter that the Greeks. The Romans, indeed, were not philosophers. Dr. Neal Barnard brings even more insight to the discussion. Its thought was based on all the philosophical systems of the Greek world. Its same history was influenced directly by the Greek culture that became present in the itlica peninsula through its Colonising policy that founded several " distant cities helnicas" (Apoikiai). Nevertheless, one of the most gracious minds of the Roman world, FRAME THULIUM CICERON (106 to 43 AC), follower of the stoic doctrine, with regard to the natural right, had great conceptual successes.

Times it gives to the natural right theological implications, like when it speaks of " a straight originating reason of the divine reason, that it commands to do the good thing and it prohibits contrario". Other times it frames the natural right within the nature, simply, or within " nature of cosas" , like when it express: " The Natural Law is the Supreme inserted Reason in the nature, that commands what there is to do and prohibits contrario". In his treaty OF REPUBLIC it says: " There is a true Law that consists of the straight reason, according to the nature, universal, immutable and eternal, that with its mandates calls to the fulfillment of the obligation and dissuades of the evil with its prohibitions. This Law cannot wholly or partly be annulled nor be countermanded, and not even by the authority of the Senate or the town we can be given of the same. .

The Nurse

The communication is a basic instrument of the care in nursing. As instrument, the communication is one of the tools that the nurse uses to develop and to perfect know-making professional. When if they give to the cares the patient terminals, the health professional must keep an efficient communication, to allow that these express its feelings and its complaints. At these moments to hear is better of what speaking, attitudes as to sit down it the side of patient, to touch it softly and to reveal interested for its history is comprovadamente efficient ways of emotional assistiz it and spiritual.

The paper of the nurse if does not restrict to execute techniques or procedures and yes among others to consider an including action of cares, that implies, aspects, to develop the communication ability. McDougall Program wanted to know more. In this thought, Daniel affirms that: Communication in the nursing encloses ampler direction, that is of relationship; this as a therapeutical process of interaction, affinity, reciprocal knowledge, understanding and acceptance between the nurse-customer-patient and familiar in contact relatively drawn out and determined period of time, providing ace people a series of based practical attitudes and in empirical and theoretical knowledge, with the intention to promote the welfare bio-psico-partner-spiritual. This interaction can influence the behavior of the people, who will react its on the basis of beliefs, values, history of life and culture. Therefore, the relationship between nurse and patient acquire as much importance in the phenomenon to take care of. To this respect to the ideal goals for a good communication in the end of the life, they are: … You may find that what is fracking can contribute to your knowledge. Conhecer problems, yearnings, fears and expectations of the patient; To facilitate the relief of symptoms in efficient way and to improve its autoestima; To offer true information, in delicate and gradual way, in accordance with the necessities of the patient; to identify what it can increase its well-being; to know its values, spirituals cultural and to offer measured of support; to respect/to strengthen the autonomy; to become more direct and interactive the relation between professional of the health and patient; to improve the relations with the dear beings; to detect necessities of the family; to give time and to offer chances for the resolution of hanging subjects (fired, gratefulness, reconciliations); to make with that the patient if feels care and folloied until the end; to diminish uncertainties; to assist the patient in good confrontation and in the experience of the death process.

Surgical Stainless Steel

Some of cheap jewelry even have the lead. Put simply, the use of questionable products for piercing – it's not the most competent idea. 2 Pure silver. Pure silver (in the English version is often used as sterling silver) is composed of silver at 92, 5%. Other elements, which of course contained in the silver can cause pain. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Silver oxidizes when in contact with air and the components of the human body. And yet, always need to remember that silver metal is soft and tiny scratches and cracks that may even be invisible to the eye, are a place where they can reproduce and are harmful bacteria. Worn under clothing ornaments made of pure Silver recommended for use in a well-healed punctures and a short time. The use of silver coated jewelry just to be absolutely excluded. 3 Gold. As well as silver and gold soft metal, and for these reasons can also lead to the fact that in some parts of the jewelry made of gold will rapidly proliferate bacteria. There is a perception that gold is the highest standard is the most safe, because has almost no nickel, but on the other hand, it is much softer, which significantly increases the likelihood of bacterial growth. Jewelry made of solid gold are recommended for use only in the healing of punctures and only for people who wear piercings of this metal does not cause adverse reactions. We do not recommend the use of the product only gold-plated. 4 Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS in English abbrivature).

Natural Vitamin Rickets

But for its synthesis occurs only when sufficient time and intensity of exposure ultrafiolevogo light, which is part of normal daylight. For this reason, the closer to the equator, the less of rickets in children. This implies the following method of prevention a lack of vitamin D. Stay in the sun contributes to the formation of a sufficient number of its own vitamin D. Therefore, a tan as a method of prevention of rickets are shown for both mother and child. The only request. Click Senator of Massachusetts to learn more.

You should not expose children under the scorching sun with the best intentions to prevent rickets. In fact, that the range of ultraviolet radiation, which is actively under the influence of synthesized vitamin D is present in sufficient quantity in the shade of a tree. And 20-30 minutes walk in the summer is enough for the synthesis of preventive doses of vitamin D. 'Tanning' under the open sun has no advantages. Furthermore, because of the high intensity infrared radiation in the open sun, dramatically increases the likelihood of heat stroke and sunburn in a young child. As an alternative to the prevention using ultraviolet light has a right to exist to use special UV lamps. However, the mass of their use is limited to organizational problems (where to, where to store, what to do after was not necessary). So much rationality in their application no. Fracking facts has similar goals.

Now, as for medical prevention of rickets. It's clear that drug prevention of rickets is reduced to appointment of vitamin D. Currently, the most common is the kind of the vitamin, known as – or cholecalciferol vitamin D3. This kind of biological effect does not inferior to the natural analogue of vitamin D, but is water soluble. Natural Vitamin D refers to a group of so-called fat-soluble vitamins. However, it not only affects the efficiency of a synthetic drug, and and makes it more bioavailable and safe.

NAFTA Strengthen

The employer’s Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) considers that Mexico and the United States should strengthen and not to renegotiate the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA) Treaty. (Gonzalez Sada, 2009) for what renegotiating a treaty which, from my point of view, for fourteen years has not as a result nothing more than pure disadvantages for Mexico? In the course of this time Mexico has been in total meltdown since Americans use our country as a very important means of international trade and exploit to the fullest the so-called Treaty of free trade; that it is worth mentioning that they see it as an agreement and not as a treaty as was stipulated and concluded by our former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari in 1993, in a few words the Americans can do and undo what pleases them, inventing non-tariff, measures safeguarding and other restrictions. We have for example the case of the Mexican trucking by U.S. highways, it was never agreed in the NAFTA trucks wishing to enter American territory that require certain quality to be able to travel on their roads and however happens and there are many more cases like this. It would be very important, I think I, reinforce and not renegotiate NAFTA, is clear that it is the most used by our country free trade agreement and we should get more out to this situation, which in truth is a great advantage to being the main commercial neighbor of the United States of America and stop being your mattress or your trash how are known colloquially; If NAFTA is better raises and good decisions are made when the United States sneezes, Mexico will not even present symptoms of disease. Original author and source of the article.


The behavior modification is very important when it comes to achieving the objectives of your diet and exercise. Lose weight and achieve a level of physical condition require certain habits in the long term. Planning meals, avoid certain foods, stay hydrated and make regular exercise are some of the healthy habits that will help you maintain your ideal weight and stay in shape. Drinking water with your diet and exercise one of the most simple habits you can do, if you’re not practicing it, is drinking enough water every day. This is a habit that many people overlook. Staying hydrated keeps you healthy and helps you maintain your ideal weight. Go to Dr. John Mcdougall for more information. There are times when you feel hungry, and is, in fact, thirst. Drink eight glasses of water a day, and more if you exercise regularly, helps carry nutrients to cells, keep up with energy and make you feel more full more often.

Exercise regular exercise is something that everyone needs, because you are young or old, thin or overweight. When you embark you on a regimen of diet and exercise, choose physical activities that can implement and maintain long after reaching your weight loss goals. Your muscles need stretching and strengthening. Your heart needs cardiovascular exercise to stay healthy. Choose pleasant activities that incorporate these elements. Stretching and a walk to brisk with a friend or companion, biking every day, go hiking in a scenic environment and take an aerobics class with a training partner are just some examples. Additional information at James A. Levine, M.D. supports this article.

For best results, be sure to exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of half an hour each time. Eat healthy meals together with your diet and exercise, eating healthy foods is a fact when you’re on a diet. Always hear the Council of eat well balanced meals. No te saltes breakfast. Avoid snacks, choose foods that are low in fat and calories. Avoid eating fast food because they have a high content of fat and calories and low nutrients. All of these suggestions require the establishment of new ways of doing things for some people. For example, it may be that you eat in front of the television at night. Modifies this behavior immediately, first will be necessary to be aware of what kind of food you’re eating, watching television and in what quantity. Keep a food journal will help you to keep track of these foods. You can begin to gradually replace some of the food fattening and less healthy with healthy snacks that you enjoy. Skipping meals is another habit that sabotages the efforts of some people in weight loss. You can avoid the calories in the immediate sense, but many people tend to eat later in the day when meals are skipped. To sustain your efforts of diet in the long term, you will have to pay attention to this behavior. When you notice that you skip a meal, ask yourself why and tries to establish a healthy pattern. Behavior modification is essential in the diet and exercise without it, it is difficult if not impossible, to maintain weight long term. It works to establish a new habit at a time. You will feel well with thee same and enjoy to get fit and healthy in the long term. If you really want to lose weight once for all, must click now at: as burn fat quickly.

Process Management

The new freedom for your process management. Professional all-in-one solution for managing business processes for flexible and automated work. Koblenz, the 24.09.2013 the young Koblenz-based software development company 24Systems offers with its main product of the WorkSuite12 “a new freedom of process management for all industries. The WorkSuite12 is a Web-based solution for the management of business processes and creates innovative opportunities in terms of flexibility and cost-efficiency in the control and management of your workflows. Regardless the software of the size of a company, the industry or the experience in dealing with process control adapts to the needs and wishes of the users. Secure Cloudlosung access can be mobile, as well as on the desktop via the Internet browser and is thus location – and hardware-independent.

The system, by, for example, the file upload with drag & drop, can be the users to enjoy the convenience of a desktop application. The transparent structure of the WorkSuite12 allows the user an almost complete customization of the system whereby the content content of order information, can be individually determined E-Mails or PDFs. The software adapts to the customer and not vice versa. Order related information can be between the process partners through automated E-mail or send SMS messages at predefined points in the process. Learn more at this site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Identical performance up to 120,000 current orders can be edited or archived two billion contracts (without loss of data). Thus, the WorkSuite12 can significantly facilitate everyday work for you and your team. The WorkSuite12 has been successfully used for launch 2012 at several large companies and increases productivity in the company every day. In the coming weeks is the WorkSuite12 even as a light version”(WorkSuite12 LE) will be available for small – and medium-sized enterprises. Contact person: Christian Jungbluth (project leader) 0261 / 45099492

Academy Training

official health Academy at vest cooperates with hamburger fern-Hochschule Recklinghausen/Hamburg – trainees of State-approved schools for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in the official Academy of health in the vest, can future parallel to the training the 8-semester course of health care studies at the HFH Start hamburger fern-Hochschule. Two educational institutions have now signed a corresponding cooperation agreement. “The head of official health Academy, Mrs. Dr. Margret Stromberg, is satisfied: two years after taking the Professional exam completes the part-time distance learning then with the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.SC.) in health care studies.” The course of health care studies at hamburger fern-Hochschule is aimed at trainees of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, as well as the health and (nursing). Recently Senator of Massachusetts sought to clarify these questions. A year after the start of their training the students complement their health expertise in the practice-oriented course.

Previous training content be with advanced scientific Associated findings. While the programme pursues an integrative approach: in addition to separate study modules for each of the four disciplines, professional cross-modules are provided. It aims, inter alia, to strengthen the understanding of the other professions, and to initiate a joint action in the care of clients and patients. With this concept we want to promote the professionalization of the health professions”, says study leader Prof. Dr. Andrea Warnke from the HFH. Connect with other leaders such as McDougall Program here. Dr.

Margret Stromberg, the head of the official health Academy, the link of the official courses of the Bachelor course in health care studies at the HFH is just the logical complement of the training concept proven since 1986. “Dr. Stromberg: it comes to contribute to secure professional future and the career prospects of our graduates by another element of qualification.” The official Dr. Stromberg is one of the largest private education provider in North Rhine-Westphalia with currently six State-approved training in one place. More than 8000 graduates have been trained since the establishment of the school in Recklinghausen and qualified for the health service. A highly qualified team of teaching and experienced lecturers ensures a sound and practice-oriented training. The relevance of the practice is underlined through long-term partnerships with over 100 training institutions between the lower Rhine and Sauerland. The cooperative health care studies degree is a future-oriented training in the health care sector another Mosaic stone. The course itself is accredited by the ZEvA Agency and Government-recognized by the Senate of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Next baseline is the 1st September 2011. The HFH 1997, Hamburger fern-Hochschule was recognized nationally by the Senate of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is one of the largest private universities of in Germany currently 9000 students from more than 40 study sites. Segregation – or accompanying the training it offers bachelor -, diploma and master’s degree programmes in the fields of economy, technology and health care. So far have already about 3000 Graduates completed their correspondence course at the HFH.

Spanish Susdatos

tEl portal susdatos has made more than 1000 reports last month the company has made more than 1000 reports audit of data protection act through its Web page, in this way the companies and freelancers can assess your degree of adaptation to LOPD immediately. Data protection service is very necessary for companies and freelancers, and most times running, since it requires a discipline and security in the processing of data. Data protection is a pending issue for SMEs and the self-employed Spanish, according to a study by the more 50% of SMEs and freelancers have not yet adapted their activity to the regulations of data protection. If you’re not sure of the status of your company adapt to the rules of data protection, access to the website and makes the report free of charge. is a leading company in data protection for enterprise and self-employed, operates since 2005 and to date has adapted to more than 2,000 enterprises with the rules of protection of data of a personal nature.


Analysis of the literature shows that extraintestinal manifestations of IBD occur in 5-20% of cases and divided into three groups: 1. Independent of inflammatory activity in the intestine (joint damage (peripheral arthritis), skin (erythema nodosum, pyoderma gangrenosum), ocular (episcleritis, uveitis, iridocyclitis) and vascular (thrombosis, embolism). 2. Do not depend on the activity of inflammation in the intestines (the defeat of the joints (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sacroiliitis), the lesions pankreatogepatobiliarnoy system (primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), holangiogennaya carcinoma, autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) and skin lesions (psoriasis). 3.

The consequences of malabsorption and of inflammation (steatohepatitis, cholelithiasis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic cholecystitis, osteoporosis, anemia, amyloidosis). Hepatobiliary system and IBD. Liver and biliary tract is common in NUC and BC. Data on the frequency of liver damage in IBD is largely dependent on the completeness of the survey. In 17-27% of patients with NUC and 38% of BC was observed increased activity of transaminases and alkaline phosphatase, as well as increase the level of bilirubin.

Histological examination of biopsy specimens of liver obtained from patients with IBD showed that 50-60% of those observed moderate changes (fatty infiltration). Severe liver damage occurs in less than 3% of patients. Primary sclerosing cholangitis. If there are areas of PSC narrowing intra and extrahepatic bile ducts with their prestenoticheskim extension. It is established that patients with PSC in 70-80% of cases also have IBD, and in 12-15% patients with IBD is detected PSC. The prevalence of PSC is 2-7 cases per 100 thousand population, with men affected 2 times more often than women. It is assumed that the increased permeability of the intestinal epithelium in NUC facilitates penetration of endotoxin and toxic bacterial products into the portal vein and then into the liver. Toxins can cause periangiocholitis, impaired excretion of bile and bile duct damage. Not exclude them enterohepatic circulation. In 80-85% of patients with PSC and in 30-80% of cases in patients with IBD revealed antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, which is possibly a reflection of general immune mechanisms.