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The main employer is responsible for solidarity together with the subcontractor, of social and wage obligations of this on their workers, and therefore, access to this information is already covered in the Statute of workers, and does not imply a breach of data protection rules. However, the customer who receives the work or service for your use or enjoyment, not bears such responsibility solidarity and, consequently, it has no legitimacy to access any salary data or social security of employees (whether they are those of the main employer or subcontractor) Notwithstanding the foregoing, us continues to demonstrate the reality through many of our customers, which in many cases large companies that do not support negotiation or discussion, remain more concerned about responsible labor than by the responsibility in terms of data protection, and are still demanding all sorts of certifications and assurances, causing the following effects: oblige the supplier to incurring a serious infringement of the LOPD (according to its new sanctioning regime) by transfer of data without consent, or they themselves 3 infractions incur very serious if there is health in social insurance or trade union affiliation in payroll data serious to treat excessive data, without consent of those affected, and certainly without having them informed as provided in article 5 of the data protection act in the period of 3 months since they received the data. Ultimately, injured great is the small businessman, that either loses the project (by allege breach of the data protection Act), or you risk receiving a strong sanction. If any of us had to choose between a reality (losing the project) and a possibility (AEPD fine), both undesirable situations, I believe that everyone would choose the possibility. Hopefully the AEPD saw it the same way. Jose Carlos Moratilla legal Departamento Audea information security


After all, is not only important range of shops, plays a crucial service. Vendors of these establishments have a good understanding not only in dress size, but also in fashion, style, taste, and, moreover, to know all the fabrics and styles, what features they have: some conceal figure flaws, while others emphasize the contrast attractive girl and her figure, etc. So, after a detailed Research experience is now married girlfriends, and girls from work and get heaps of tips, where to go and what is not necessary to do so, get ready to shop safely. It is best to choose for this special day, and preferably not a holiday, if you do not want to push the other girls and their families, waiting for a free fitting. Shopping is best not to go the whole crowd of relatives who want to see you in a dress with her mother and sister or best friend, preferably the presence of older and more experienced person. Going to the store, do not forget to bring wedding shoes, bought in advance, and good humor, but in this case, you be able to stand the endless fitting dresses, and find the right! Well, finally, all assembled, and you are ready to surf with his mother endless stretches of shops with lots of kinds of dresses. First of all, going to the next store, look around you and not rushed at once to measure the first-encountered a dress, because they will be more than a dozen for the day! Clearly decide in advance with my mother on how much you expect and what size and style are preferred.

Approaching the seller should not say that the chief beauty of the dress, but the price does not matter because they are usually people who do not often have money. In addition, you risk running into a deception, it is unpleasant to be the same at the end of the day to see final product is exactly the dress, but much cheaper, or find out what your friend bought a dress here recently at a discount. Practical only in the first two or three stores to measure wedding dresses and it is desirable to actively different styles, and suddenly you liked the dress in the catalog you will not be a person? Then, with a shop assistant you will be able to pick up something like that and at the same time, a model that will get you to the face. After all, sometimes we do not enough imagination to ensure that present themselves in something more modern and creative, because 90% of cases we blindly follow their stereotypes, get away from them, give free rein to their imagination! And then you could do it, and you do it feel when a 17 or 20 times otdernetsya notorious curtain regular dressing and you'll find yourself in the mirror and you capture the spirit, but from what you see there, to reflect not solid lace and frills, for which you clearly something is not visible, but will look at you is another girl, who cried all night last night in her sister's pillow in the bedroom, a girl with a tireless gaze, looking to advance with his head held high and ready for any difficulties of family life, how wonderful spring flower and incomprehensible. You will see a slightly different light, you'll see in a bride.

Laying Art

Way to full bonding: the pre-packed in veneer applied adhesive, parquet plank board and fixed with nails. On the positive and negative sides of how installing floorboards described above. 7. Laying laminate. Performed only "floating" manner: on a flat base stretches special substrate surface plank laminated panels, bonded together by the dowel with glue or lock. 8. Laying parquet.

When installing parquet on plywood pre-arranged to apply the adhesive strip and plank hardwood. Every third floor plank nailed to the ridge. 9. Floor laying a solid board. At pre-arranged plywood Apply the adhesive and plank boards. Each board nailed to the ridge. Board is recommended when laying special pull straps.

10. Art laying parquet. Most often, firms offer performance just some simple drawings. Creating a drawing done directly on the site, by cutting individual elements of a picture from a different planks parquet wood. If you decide to order art parquet with a complicated pattern, please contact the well-established manufacturing companies. For stacking decorative parquet better take advantage of professional help. 11. Laying Art mosaic parquet (Mosaic, border, female). Possible to make drawings of any complexity, as the flooring is manufactured on a production. At the facility will only finished parquet flooring. Laying mosaic parquet is also better to entrust professionals, especially if the woodwork is new to you. It is not necessary to learn from the floor. Laying rosettes and borders will require you to set the effort. If a decorative item purchased separately and you decided to insert it into the parquet, a parquet board, etc., you have to cut mostly covered space for decoration, and this is particularly necessary to be precise.