Cerebral Tumors

Thus, tumors in this region provoke weakness, muscular rigidity and or face problems with sensitivity, HEARING, movements and deglutition, DOUBLE VISION and loss of the coordination when walking. Generally it is IMPOSSIBLE to completely remove the tumors in this region, due to its localization and importance. PCRM is full of insight into the issues. Already the tumors of the espinal marrow, that in an adult less measures 40 cm of length and of 2,5cm of width, having umpequeno volume, affect the two sides of the body, for example dormncia in the two legs. Some tumors can appear in NERVES CRANIANOS, will be in the auditory nerve can provoke the loss of the hearing, will be in the optic nerve can provoke the loss of the vision, will be in the trigmeo nerve can provoke the face paralysis. The tumors that have origin in the brain are PRIMARY CEREBRAL TUMORES (are great local disseminators, and hardly they migram stops other agencies), and the tumors that have origin in other agencies, as in the breasts or the pulmes, and then reach the brain, are called SECONDARY METASTTICOS OR CEREBRAL TUMORS (most common in adults). TYPES: MENINGEOMA: It has its origin in meninges, about 85% is benign and acomete about 25%de primary the cerebral tumors, with bigger incidence in people in the band of the 70 and 80 years, being 2 times more common in women of what in men.

GLIOMAS: About 42% of all the cerebral tumors including the benign ones they are gliomas and its incidence increases with the age reaching the peak between people in the band of the 75 to the 84 years of age. ASTROCITOMA: about 35%de the cerebral tumors OLIGODENDROGLIOMAS: about 4% of the cerebral tumors. EPENDIMOMAS: about 2% of the cerebral tumors. MEDULOBLASTOMAS: more common tumors in children and that they originate in the neurons of the cerebellum. They have fast growth, but they can be dealt and be cured with surgery and x-ray.


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Dog Sitter In Berlin: Popular Job, But Only For Dog Professionals

Dog care – job for retirees, and students? “Animal love dog pension in Berlin wanted”, “Looking for loving pet sitter for dog”, “Search dog care with family connection for vacation care of my dog.” So in the wording found in the dog sitter job websites and dog caregivers and Hundepensions applications. For people who love animals, an activity in this area is indeed. For a little pocket money themselves but also retirees and students like to provide and supervise your dog daily, weekend or maybe even the holiday season during the holidays, but: animals alone is not enough! That even dogs professionals against accidents are not immune, here in this video is clear, in which a reporter in an interview is attacked by a dog. (The video is from the TV show “Untamed and Uncut”) The attack is not unexpected. Many, clearly visible for dog professionals, body-language warnings preceded by the seemingly sudden attack. You are simply overlooked.

But not everyone can read these signals correctly. Better still: The man tends to Vermenschlichungen and false interpretation. With fatal consequences… The accident could have been prevented entirely. Therefore, there are some recommendations and tips here in dealing with dogs from the Berlin pet sitter Murat Karakaya from Reinickendorf dogs need an individual space. He is reached, in particular by foreign people or kind, can the reaction vary.

This does not rule out aggressive behavior and is dependent on many factors. This does not apply to close and touched by his familiar partners here in the video of the dog handler. Nevertheless, the dog is a left and right, he has no way to Dodge. He is in constant interaction with reporters and dog handlers, but his body’s signals and warnings, noting consciously or unconsciously does not. Here, the dog owner must have his dog always in sight and if necessary create a stress-free situation for the dog. A police service dog, the professional reasons a reduced bite inhibition has, must wear a muzzle because the response time of a people is usually much lower. In General: A dog has nothing between two people. Would need to be here from left to right: dog, dog owner, reporter. Foreign dog or not. If at all possible, you should abandon dogs on the head, especially at the nose, eyes and ears, Pat. Petting is in the shoulder area ok, could meet if the dog they sniff a little by hand. Head, neck, neck, loins, tail and paws, however, are off-limits to strangers. It is to be observed when only a dog. A good dog sitter keeping in mind, if he has several dogs in the care of his dog, or in his kennel. The responsibility of a supervisor of the dog is great. Confidence between dog and dog sitter, as well as between the guest dogs themselves must develop gradually. Come experience, empathy, expertise and of course mutual sympathy between dog and Dog sitter and also a certain talent of the supervisor of the dog or dog sitters, because he heard of course in loving, animal love and good hands, but this responsibility and this trust include her dog but ultimately in the hands of dog professionals. Alone decide whether you prefer wants to entrust his dog a professional dog sitter, a student, a student or a pensioner and how much risk you are willing to take, is alone with the dog. Dog sitter Berlin ++ job only for dog professionals press contact: dog sitter Murat Karakaya Murat Karakaya Jorsstrasse 2 c 13505 Berlin Tel: + 4917622163956