Meatball Berlin

We opened the new gastro-concept pilot store in Berlin love sausage!” With this slogan the first store of the plan in the large high-rise building from BIKINI left Germany at the Hardenbergplatz starting on July 3. The name is program, committed the slogan: the best Currywurst in town is available. Fresh produce, the abandonment of artificial flavours and preservatives, flavoring with herbs and sea salt and fat-free cooking on a lava stone Grill allow for maximum enjoyment. Each guest is his perfect Curry sausage (at the price of 2.20) even create: according to gusto can be selected between different homemade sauces and four Curry blends, ranging from fruity to super hot and exclusively designed by a chef for the plan. Where there’s Curry sausage in Berlin, the Meatball is not far away. So also in the plan.

Here she prepared recipe after a historic Berlin. It is only from high-quality ingredients as well as the poultry sausage, refined with fresh herbs and the original Thuringian Rostbratwurst manufactured. There are gourmet mustards from the Berlin mustard factory, which also are four to choose from. The French fries are another highlight of the plan. Also here are freshness and flavor Supreme Maxim and so they are fresh out of country potatoes and seasoned with sea salt. On glutamate and hardened fats dispensed with entirely. Different salads, various Zwiebeltoppings, delicious bread and crispy rolls complete the offer of the plan.

Changing Curry blends and sauces, as well as specials for the sausages, salads and dressings, ensure that each visit to the plan remains exciting. How ‘ bout champagne? The plan to choose from, in addition to soft drinks, beer, Prosecco and vodka has too. The sales room of the first plan stores is unique and fits perfectly to the innovative concept. Protected from wind and weather of the arcades a 12-metre-long beech wood table in the passage is with plenty of space for guests.