Bilbao San

San Sebastian has so many things to see and Basque country in general is so nice that I really advise to visit him. If you have not left yet, I recommend you do a route by the Basque Coast visiting places like Lekeitio, Mutriku, Deba, Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz and ending in San Sebastian. I did this same route (reaching also Gernika, Bilbao and Hondarribia) a couple of summers ago, and I assure you that you will not hesitate to do again it. However, if you do not have much time or don’t have a car (vital to traverse the narrow roads alongside the cliffs), the best option is go to San Sebastian and make it your starting point. There are many Hostels San Sebastian that they offer quality accommodation at good price, but I personally I stayed at the Enjoy San Sebastian Urban House and the truth is that I was very well. But hey what was going. The Basque food is absolutely delicious. From the simplest pintxos in any Tavern until the most elaborate dishes at more expensive restaurants. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. John Mcdougall.

If you can afford it, is worth the trouble and the advantage of San Sebastian is that you will find all kinds of bars and restaurants, and best of all, for all kinds of budgets the great advantage of the Basque gastronomy is that the products used are fresh, natural and quality. Fresh fish is not a luxury, but it is part of normalcy, and fruits and vegetables, along with meat, nor are wasted. Thus, with excellent raw materials it is not surprising that the result is so rich. In addition, if you like to accompany your meals with good drink, can choose between good (txakoli and irulegi) wine or cider (cider), although there are also good liqueurs such as izarra or pili. That said, to which comes as no surprise that Euskadi is the region of the Iberian Peninsula with the highest number of michelin stars? I have already mentioned that in San Sebastian you will find different types of restaurants and for different pockets, so the city becomes a gastronomic paradise for any type of traveller. If still you have not convinced, I leave a list with some of the dishes that I personally I loved (I’ve been in the Basque country more than once, I think not that I ate all this on a 4 day trip):-Pintxos: anyone, of any type, cold, warm, with meat, with fish, everyone! -Cod Al Pil-Pil – Marmitako – cod – stuffed piquillo peppers – bizkaina sea bass with Green Pepper – Steak with Idiazabal cheese sauce – Zurrukutuna – t-bone steak to grilled (I know it, it is not typical Basque, but is so rich) – chicken Basque – and so I could go up to create an infinite list of delicious dishes good, I hope I have convinced and are going to San Sebastian, you will not be disappointed

German Gastronomy

Findings from a round of talks the gastro-award Germany AG with restaurateurs and hoteliers who decides today to lead an dining establishment or a hotel, should consider in advance not only in the position of the passionate host. So the knowledge of those who are active in this field for years. Dr. Neal Barnard understands that this is vital information. Two hoteliers, a pub owner and two restaurant chefs just recently met in a round with the gastro-award Germany AG. And what passed to as the beginning of a joke sounds, sounds anything but really funny. Beforehand nevertheless: master Cheers to those who can hold up their passion as host always daily and doing their job the best. The circumstances in the catering market have become namely hard.

Energy costs and high inflation. Purchasing power, frequency and expected earnings decline to low. This political decision fronts such as the non smoking Protection Act or the lengthy discussion to reduce the value added tax from 19% to 7%. And here you are always smiling. But who to present there fun and passion for the guest. Even with regard to 2009, economists predict not the best prospects.

The purchasing power to go back in again. Who here wants to participate as a restaurateur must haggle likely back on its prices to stay attractive for his guest. So even cheaper. However, prices include not only the request as far as possible to cover the increased costs. Instead of usually 14 hours and more employees as price responsible host remember”(especially the smaller companies and their owners) can accommodate as he even a profit in its pricing. For example, to once again take his family on holiday. The latter is, if you listen to for quite some time in barely there. Don’t plan a vacation. And the large chains of the industry, which are the responsibility, to secure jobs and high quality standards, they also have the extraordinary cost issue in mind. Welcome to the Expect hotels & restaurants 2008/2009 understanding and support actually now by the policy. But officials seem to be often away from reason and practical understanding. You better calculate their advantage. “Such as what a value added tax relief tax losses may occur: Peer Steinbruck is expecting and communicates despite EU recommendation required 7% its dramatic failure” from rd. 3.6 billion euros of tax money. However less taken into account, what positive effect would such relief on the beneficiary prices, sales, as well as opportunities to jobs. Elsewhere a Mr Beckstein of Bavaria calculated, quite banal, with a potential of electoral votes: the non-smoking. With approximately 78% could be created is but including friends with an absolute smoking ban. Obviously not. At least as regards the election result. Because even smokers have friends who wear it with equal sentiment and reason (approx. 50%), if there’s a freedom of choice in the restaurant under the non-smokers. According to the The countries are Federal Court judgment late August 2008 (=> extremely farsighted). And hope is spreading. Restaurateurs who had to suffer so far up to 60% turnover, are the squabbling smoking/non-smoking”tired. Most countries have noticed it and signal a solution with freedom of choice and even more relief. So even he announced new designated Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, a relaxation for Bavaria. There is obviously still a healthy mind. As the tenor of our round, showed yet philosophical farewell and her glass on the categorical imperative”(Immanuel Kant) rose: may the General reason prevail, including the understanding that a schnitzel with French fries can cost 5 euros today and tomorrow.

“Potato Snails

"Potato snail" We will need: 1 kg potatoes 6 eggs 50 g butter, 0,5 l cream, 250 g of flour, 1 tsp salt. Begin cooking: Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel, grate. Add flour, salt, 2 eggs and knead dough. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted on this topic. On the board, floured, roll out dough rectangle. Cut into strips 20 cm long and 4 cm wide, twist rolls "snails." Lubricate the form of butter and place, "snail" close to each other. Bake in oven for 15 minutes.

Whip the cream with the remaining eggs and pour mixture "snail", bake another 30 minutes. Potato snails are prepared quickly and simply importantly, everyone can cope. This recipes can be attributed to the category 'Kitchen bachelor'. Potato snails, have always been the main decoration of the table as peasants and nobles. The difference was they only supply additional dishes to the dish.

Despite the ease of cooking this dish can be decorated with almost everything. Such as snails, can bring to the table with red caviar, or meat. Or in peasant style do smoked fish. In general all areas not counted as potatoes here in Russia – this is the second bread.


Unfortunately, all this is not true of the linoleum. Here, the coating should be treated more carefully, if you do not want ensure that you have the appropriate signs, mutilate your perfect floor. Furthermore laminate, in contrast to the linoleum, not burnt and is ready to withstand high temperatures. However, laminate floors are very smooth and slippery and your cat here will be difficult to catch on nails. 3. Laying.

Laying laminate flooring requires no special skills, as well as any additional equipment, you can cope well and independently. Under most conditions Dr. Peter M. Wayne would agree. Secrete adhesives and glueless (Castle) way of application. In the latter case the time required to stow all boil down to a minimum – just need to snap a plate next to each other. Another plus an installation – possibility to replace damaged plates! Laminate pre-leveling floor is not required and can even be laid over old paint. Laying linoleum and does not require special expenses and it is in force any owner of the house. But for linoleum is required even floor because This coating is repeating even the small twists and bumps that are not very pleasing to the eye.

In the laminate, there is one very weak spot – the seams between the panels. If they do not handle a special composition, then they can get wet, mud and sand that can cause damage to the edges of the plates. 4. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren . Ease of maintenance. Laminate is afraid of water, and wash it can only be a very well-wrung cloth and desirable especially for this cover detergents. It needs to be vacuumed using a special attachment for flooring, otherwise you and scratch. Linoleum can be washed as you'd like and what you wish, and even very hot water. However, laminate is not afraid of difficult spots, both on green fodder, oil, wine, etc., which can not say about the linoleum. Conclusion: The pros and cons like linoleum and laminate flooring in there for each of us selected criteria. So, the choice will have to do each independently taking into account what the pros and cons for you more essential, and which generally insignificant. However, remember that this is not an exhaustive list of criteria against which to approach the choice of flooring. And always browse the new trends on the market floor coverings! Here, as elsewhere in the trade, the rule: what was new today, tomorrow will be too old.

The Party Of Helicopters

Emo subculture is the first time the word "emo" sounded somewhere in the mid 80's. Emo (short for "emotion" – "emotion") began its existence as a style of music in the 80 years in the West. Such music is considered one of the varieties hard-core. Now emo – representatives of a vibrant youth subculture. The main rule of the adherents of this subculture – the expression of emotions.

Often emo – vulnerable, depressed teenager, his sensitivity and spontaneity reminiscent of a child, so they call themselves emo kidami. Emo Kid tend often to radically change the mood. Apathy, calmness, poise – it's certainly not about them. They can easily shed tears of pity for a homeless dog. Its a sad kind of subtle emo are ready to recall, but emo kidy not found in cemeteries, do not drink blood, do not dream about death.

Emo stand for the triumph of life in all its manifestations. The main task of emo – find great love. In love, they give overwhelming feeling no worse than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If love is a non-reciprocal, suffering, emotional kidov not will limit the next few hours they devote to thinking about the imperfection of our world. But wept a couple of days, they head up to the rush to further search for new love. Emo music can be different: melodic serious, calm and explosive. But its main task – to show the world and everyone around the true and sincere emotions. Every emo band expresses these emotions in their own way: screeching, wailing, moaning, whispering, screaming exploding, the texts of the unhappy love, injustice, the brutal and full of violence worldwide. Proponents of this subculture are listening artists such as Bob Tilton, Harriet The Spy, Yage, The Hal Al Shedad, Sunshine, Submission Hold, Saetia, Breakwater, Monochrome, Frodus, The Party Of Helicopters, "Neversmile", "Monalisa", "Origami" "The ocean of my hope," etc. Often, emo – this is bad teenagers dressed in black with a small amount of bright spots. And guys and girls can paint her lips, fingernails, to sum up his eyes, toned face. Also, they wear black and pink clothes and ragged fringe, beveled on one side. Young boys painted nails and hair black and lose weight to indecency, and the girls wear funny hair clips and rims in peas and T-shirts with the cartoon Sponge Bob. If you see before you a young person with such attributes, then before you definitely emo. So: ragged slash bang, straight black hair, a scattering of icons on your clothing or bag, made-up black eye pencil, gym, headphones in ears, a sweater with a V-shaped notch in the diamond, anorexic skinny, black lacquer nails, t-shirt with hearts have broken, shards and crossed pistols, sad appearance, shiny hair clips, skinny jeans, soft toys in a bag, bright bangles on her arms. That he was so emo-style. On the pages of our site followers of emo culture will discover a lot of interesting things. Here is the huge selection of merchandise emo: emo wallpapers, photos, pictures and avatars, we find rare songs and can download emo music, find references to emo-friendly sites.

Oriental Pearls

The Crusaders brought back from the Crusades some cosmetic substances, among them – Oriental pearls. His finely pounded, mixed with wheat starch to give a snow-white pearly powder. It was her obligation to the era of its famous faces pale alabaster shade. Despite the oppression of religion, women still did not forget to take care of themselves: they make a mask based on clay and starch, with the addition of honey or a donkey's milk – such were the ancient recipes. Aristocrat in this age of witchcraft were preparing themselves ointments from animal components: blood hedgehog or a bat. Hygiene is was at the appallingly low. During the Renaissance, women were finally entitled to be beautiful and attractive. They have rosy lipstick and nails red, and his hair – in the famous Venetian blonde, at the fair, golden hue, which is immortalized by Botticelli his "Venus". The dye obtained mixing crushed saffron and lemon juice. Famous complexion of that era, translucent and shimmering, also reached by the lead white paint with the addition of crushed pearls. Then came the Age of Enlightenment – the time of this beauty follies. In France, the court of King-Sun ladies excelled in coquetry and makeup. Cosmetics era: on the basis of saffron powder or different pollen made faces bright and hairstyles bought unseen shapes and sizes. There was also cosmetics, so the Marquis de Pompadour apply the mask of whipped honey and sour cream and refreshed face tonic water from the chervil. Only at the end of 18 century demands of beauty become more restrained, and finally accompanied by at least some hygiene.

Emotional Factors In Addition To ADHD

Signs and symptoms of ADHD are clear and specific, however, other factors that association with hyperactive behavior and distraction. Such factors are emotional in nature. Do not forget that children, teenagers and even adults who suffer, are subject to different competitive pressures that society will demand. Therefore, the emotional factor is also an aspect that must be addressed to treat this disorder. It should be stressed that not necessarily all emotional states, which are mentioned below must be submitted in one person.

Recall that the signs and symptoms of it, take place within a specific personality. Within the emotional states that are seen in attention deficit there are some that stand out more than others, such as: depression was somatization: frequent headaches, dizziness, sleep too much and feel tired most of the time. They prefer solitude to join activities in groups and socialize. Apathy: low energy and desire to make activities. Sadness and excessive sensitivity. Isolation. Difficulty in performing schoolwork.

Increased hyperactivity. Intolerance and angry outbursts. Eager components does not stand still. Constantly biting pencils, clothing or nails frequent and recurring fears. Nightmares and frequent awakenings. Refusal to go to school. Difficulty concentrating. They become nervous and apprehensive. The consequences of living in a state of depression or anxiety are mixed. On the one hand, a greater increase in symptoms that distinguish ADHD: inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. In addition to the personality that is under construction in children and adolescents was significantly impaired as compared to the frustration of failure at school, may feel ill-suited as a person.

Uncle Stepan

Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. You may find Dr. Peter M. Wayne to be a useful source of information. I mean in general, will not work no that’s so – it is necessary to save the skin of his! From it – have found strength, that is urine reptile heel strike to toe shoe nails in the face no longer in the face – in his ugly face his detestable to drop his knee poke between the legs wailing screaming So much so that the lights in the entrance quivered? What was her pulse when frustrated (oh if only this or the first time) a rapist How much like her heart to break out of my chest escape and hide somewhere under ten locks, steel doors for twenty Wondered whether it is the fact that not opened the door neighbors that no the noise, no cry did not leave a single living soul? And it is not called the police Hmm There is something to ponder At least over those from whom you’re waiting for help when you are raped or killed? Uncle Stepan policeman? Prince on a white horse with sharp sword scabbard? Sipping coffee has cooled down, catch in the air, the answer to the question hovering. Only from myself, dear Only on itself Only on my own And gone, gone pen, leaving a sheet of paper behind a blue gel The first signs “Probably almost every woman in his life felt the dirty hand thug, maniac or a bully.

Artificial Nails, Hair And Eyelashes

Nails. Artificial nails – it is the most convenient way to quickly get a great manicure. However, not all options "build" safe. How to choose the right technique and care of artificial nails? Artificial nails has become popular in the early nineties. The original technology was based on the use of acrylic, which is a combination of liquid and powder. Acrylic nails are satisfied as to the tips, and on the forms. Their main advantage is that they protect the natural nails from excessive moisture. Also, acrylic is good because it protects the fingernails from the adverse environmental effects. Dr. John Mcdougalls opinions are not widely known.

This material is very thin and plastic. Artificial acrylic nail stronger this fifty times. Acrylic nails are held three to four months, subject to monthly adjustment. However, the technique of acrylic "capacity" to quickly obsolete for several reasons. Initially, women who did not know really anything about the technology itself, deterred an unpleasant odor. Later, scientists decided to explain in detail what is acrylic. And it repulsed all desire to build on the nails technology. It turned out that the nail material – toxic and corrosive compound.

It is not the best way affects both the natural nails, and the organism as a whole. As a result, there was a need to develop a new technique capacity. Because the demand for pest acrylic is gradually lowered to zero. Hair. Hair is at your own hair, the length of which shall be not less than 5-10 inches, depending on the selection method of hair extensions.

Osteoarthritis Prevention

Osteoarthritis prevention to the mechanism of the development of the disease related to the arthritis prevention should hang together with the mechanism of the development of the disease. First the factors that cause the trauma of articular tissue, should be established and then it should be prevented. Stout people to reduce the physical burden on the affected joints, you must reach the body mass reduction. For the strengthening of the muscle-ligament apparatus you per day systematically twice drive the physiotherapy, bath visit throughout the year, and skiing. At the tendency of obesity, you must reduce the energy value of the food cost. It is particularly necessary to limit the carbs – and grease quantity. The food should be rich in vitamins and different. Those who belong to the health care, are divided into 3 groups: the first group is very numerous with the risk factor in the Vorosteoarthrose Stadium with the features of osteoarthritis. It was not less frequently than once per year among health care with the aim of the static and dynamic errors of spine, lower limb, joint deformation, the metabolic disorders to determine. The second group of people at the stage of the Vorosteoarthrose (the complaints-existence in the absence of clinical and radiographic changes). These persons should be examined twice a year, this should be complex examination (X-ray the joints, in which pain is present, clinical blood analysis, cholesterol). And also the series of biochemical tests should be. The treatment includes the regional muscles massage, remedial gymnastics, physiotherapy, iodine baths, sanatorium treatment. The third group of patients at various stages of osteoarthritis, the health care need. These patients are tested 2-4 times per year, then the complex treatment is carried out which includes physiotherapy procedures, hospital treatment and corrective orthopaedic treatment except medication.