Gastromedia Night

Only thing that matches is the atmosphere relaxed and without noise, thanks to the idea of keeping all the machines off, as if it were a theater, so that nothing disrupts the show managers. Experienced resounding success on Thursday nights with CAOZ(Carlos Ortiz), who got that viewers do not move from their seats until two in the morning, listening to the stories he had. And asking for more at the end of the evening. The thousand and one night has managed to create a unique cultural space in the zone with his motto: while you’re here sitting, we’ll be here telling. TETERIA LAS MIL and a night in franchise for a few years, in our country, its culture and the tea are opening is midway between the people.

Because there are many who are in the tea its moment of relaxation. And, therefore, Teteria the thousand and one nights offers a space for anyone who wants to assemble their own business, with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The local need a tea of the Arabian and one nights should be broad, trying to not less than 70 m 2 living room, but in turn should be cozy. The franchisee will always have the necessary advice through the expansion of the tea shop manager, from the first step, and throughout the life of the business. MORE information: 902-875-479 Our team of Gastromedia I Love Tapas Facebook Places Debuts For iPhone, iPod Touch Devices The Blog Herald the thousand nights and one night. Original version, uncut.

Frankfurt Project

Agricultural project can be realized with money a donation cheque in the amount of 29.400 could Stefan Grafe, Managing Director of the children’s our little brothers and sisters e. V. “, Karlsruhe, take yesterday in Frankfurt.” The employees and partners of the international law firm Clifford support opportunity with their donation of the children’s village of the Association in the Dominican Republic. The now existing financial resources can in Santa Ana”start” our agricultural training project for resident children and young people, Garcia rejoiced and thanked the employees as well as the partners of Clifford chance for the generous donation. The training project was initiated by the Spanish couple in life Pilar and Eduardo Briones. Through the project, the two agricultural engineers would like to give the orphan children living in the children’s village fun in agricultural work.

Each of the children edited his own plot. With the production of fruit and vegetables, the children help the self-sufficiency of home with and at the same time contribute to a healthy diet of all residents. The children’s village Santa Ana”is one of nine children villages of our little brothers and sisters” in Latin America. Currently, the Association offers 3,500 abandoned and orphaned children a new home. The staff will take care currently 172 students in Santa Ana”. Because poverty in the Dominican Republic is large, yet more poor children in the home in the coming years to find, as a new family. Therefore, new homes must arise. The attorneys and staff of the offices of Clifford gathered at their fundraiser 14.

Stone Therapy

All this is meant to improve health, restore the life force, preserve youthfulness and beauty. One such tool, which helps improve tone, detoxify, relieve stress, get rid of stress and fatigue, as well as to find a balance between body and soul, called stone therapy. History that stone therapy (from the English. Stone – rock) is considered a relatively new method, it has successfully used it several millennia ago. Japanese and Chinese physicians, American Indians, the ancient Romans and the inhabitants of Mesopotamia were aware of the therapeutic effect of hot volcanic rocks. Even then, they treated patients, imposing on certain points of their body hot stones.

Modern technique of stone therapy, developed by Mary Nelson Hennigan, absorbed the experience of previous generations of combined knowledge in these systems, which nowadays is widely used for recreation and spiritual balance. Today the beneficial properties of the stones are widely used for medicinal purposes, and to relax the body. Hot and cold stones are alternately superimposed either on the active points, or along the spine, or on the feet and palms. The position of the stones, as well as their temperature largely determine the effect that you are trying to get it. Depending on your wishes, it can be both relaxing and invigorating. Impact on organizmEffektivnost Stone therapy is determined not only heat but also the energy effects on the body.

No accident for the massage using stones of volcanic origin. Even in ancient times it was believed that these stones accumulate energy of the earth and willingly share it with someone. In addition, the volcanic rocks are unique in that they combined all four elements: air, water, fire and earth. Some artists are also used to massage the jadeite semi-precious mineral that contributes to the opening of the chakras and the energy release. Stone therapy involves the use of stones of varying temperatures and colors that have an impact on the body. Due to the influence of black body heated stones, and blood vessels dilate. Thus, hot stone massage helps to relax muscles, remove the pain by increasing blood flow to painful areas, improve activity of the cells and cleanse the body of toxins. As a result of this massage comes a feeling of complete relaxation and tranquility. Massage cold white stones leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, eliminates stagnation venous blood, enriching it with oxygen and renewing the body. As a rule, is used to massage the 54 hottest black and 18 white stone cold. Their impact can be long (up to 10 minutes) or short (about 5 minutes). All Stone-therapy session is conducted in a relaxed setting. Before the massage on the body are applied aromatic oils. Also during the massage technique shiatsu can be used. After a session of the Stone-therapy is recommended rest, allows you to fully feel the positive effects of the procedures and internal harmony of the state. Indications and protivopokazaniyOsnovnye readings for sessions of the Stone-therapy: chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, migraine, weight gain, cellulite, rehabilitation after injury, joint diseases, back pain and neck. In addition, stone therapy can treat more serious diseases such as angina, cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis, a disease of the pancreas, stomach ulcers, diseases of the genital and urinary bladder. The group contraindications include acute infectious diseases, inflammation of the skin and internal organs, damage the cardiovascular system, cancer, pregnancy, skin disease, neurological and psychiatric diseases.

High Fiber Diets

A cat with hairballs consume grass and plants in an effort to get rid of hairballs. The fiber in grass and plants facilitates easy removal. If you want to help your cat to get rid of hairballs, this is exactly what you need to do to increase their own efforts. * Additional fiber in the diet of your cat. Catnip, wheat, oats and barley husk, pumpkin, oat bran, green beans, flax and psyllium are natural sources of fiber.

Add small amounts every alternate day feeding. A high fiber diet helps in easy removal of the hairball. * Petroleum jelly acts as a lubricant and makes it easy for the cat to excrete the hairballs. Petroleum jelly is perfectly safe for cats and passes out unabsorbed. There are commercial products available that contain petroleum jelly.

If you do not want to buy some, the best way is directly administered as a treat or apply any leg below the elbow to the cat to lick. A word of caution about high-fiber diet needs to be added here. High fiber may be needed to treat hairballs in cats, but can cause symptoms of which you need to be aware. * High fiber holds more water in the system and this can lead to concentrated urine that makes your cat more susceptible to a disorder of the urinary tract. * The fiber does not guarantee the elimination of fur balls that are stuck in the stomach. * Too much fiber can lead to diarrhea or a significant increase in the lump of excrement. The formulas for remedies for hair ball commercially available may deny your cat some foods that are necessary for growth. These formulas can also be costly. If you want to opt for a hairball formula, choose an r on the chemical to avoid any dangerous side effects. Engineer by profession but with a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. Public one with these issues because I am sure that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Juices: Pros And Cons

Today we will examine the importance of drinking juice in their diet. Juice in its composition are powerful and really useful weapon in the fight against disease, since they are very much useful vitamins and minerals. They are divided into two types: juices from fruits and juices from vegetables. According to its beneficial properties of vegetable juices, fruit juices are far superior, but there is one thing. Not everyone is able to in large numbers to drink the juice from vegetables. But the fruit juices we drink in large quantities without harming their health.

Immediately let you make a reservation, if juices, then fresh. Canned juices packages, as if they were not praised advertising, almost useless to improve taste, such as juices add sugar, and that they long kept, – Preservatives. Shorter than the juices of the packages – it is an unhealthy option. We will talk with you about the fresh juices and a look at some of them. Apple juice. Pros: apple juice has a low content of vitamin C. It may seem strange, but it very well.

High concentrations of ascorbic acid causes problems stomach and destroys tooth enamel. Cons: too little vitamin C. The juice can be , but the daily value of vitamin C did not receive it. Orange juice. Pros: Long-term studies scholars have shown that an orange a day significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and some forms of cancer. It is true whether it refers to orange juice is not known.


And then began to conduct training on this system. People who use this right methodology on a clear sequence of – and b appearance of fresh sensations and new developments in the inner experience. At the core, the foundation of all lessons are exercises with a special algorithm, the internal systems, the concentration and distribution of effort over the body. In the first 10 – 15 days of classes come to feel active vibration, even electrifying the surface of the skin. These feelings first appear in the fingers, and then rise from the palms to elbow and above-the entire length of China's energy channels. This effect can be compared with the influence of numerous tingling, itching and light "flustered", first in the hands and feet.

And then a feeling "bottled" the most body surface. This impression arises from the start of work on a powerful level of performance of hundreds of thousands and millions of energetically active points, which are located on human skin. These points suck the skin scattered " cosmic energy "-" protopurusha "(the term of the sacred books of India) or yuan shen" (definition from China) and "merge" its deep body of subtle energy capillaries. I must say, this dynamic effect is well visible when viewed from Kirlian-screen machines. (Reference – Kirlian photo) Over time – after the first "bio-energy results," the effects of activation energostrukutry will deepen. At the end of the month daily lessons, hands and feet, back and stomach among the general impression "of vibration force field on the skin, always appear located almost at the bottom under the skin" buzzing "the energy flows.

Anxiety Issues In Kids

A child may be afraid of dogs after being bitten by one. When they start going to school, are subject to concerns such as academic and social pressures, and other anxieties that arise as a result of developing an independent sense of self. Anxieties such as these are normal and be resolved over time. Diagnosis of anxiety the child's recognition of child anxiety disorders can be difficult because symptoms of anxiety in children are often different from those observed in adults. On the other hand, children of different ages and temperaments may exhibit different symptoms.

Here are some signs and symptoms of anxiety indicators of child: * * Nightmares or night terrors * Avoid certain activities (such as school or social events) * easily * Crying and tantrums common sensations of panic and fear of disrupting activities * Constant worrying of future events * Difficulty in making friends and extreme shyness * Low self-esteem and lack of confidence * Fear of shame * Fear of making mistakes * compulsive behaviors (such as looking under the bed or in a closet before the time bedtime) * extreme resistance to any change * recurrent physical symptoms such as stomach pain or headache, without apparent cause anxiety What causes the child? * Separation anxiety is very normal in young children and usually subsides with increasing age. Facing the separation of familiar people, your child may throw tantrums, refuse to go to school or have persistent crying or manipulative. If an older child or adolescent with this behavior persists, may have separation anxiety disorder and professional help may be required. * Changes and fear of the unknown. Like adults, children are afraid of the unknown and are often wary of new situations.

The first day of school, meeting new people or neighborhoods can be an anxious time for your child. * Traumatic events. Unpleasant or bad experiences can bring a child into believing that certain things are dangerous or threatening. This could include an awkward social situation, or causing physical harm or fright (such as a dog bite or an accident). In particularly difficult situations is the risk of disorder post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and your child may need professional advice. * Problems related to school. Your child may be anxious about something that happens at school as abusers, work friends, or a tyrannical teacher. Anxiety can come in some cases the difficulties encountered in front of the school work and a learning disorder may be the main cause. * Problems of the family. A disturbance in the family environment can make your child feel anxious. See or hear constantly arguing parents may be particularly anxious for your child and give them a sense of insecurity. Other family situations that can lead to an anxious child are separated and divorce, death or illness in the family, and harsh discipline or otherwise. * Learned behavior. Children are often eager to adopt the behavior of their parents. This is especially true for children with overprotective or overly anxious parents (who themselves may suffer from an anxiety disorder). Anxiety in children can handle a variety of ways. Recognizing the child's anxiety disorder is the first step. Methods used in treating the child's anxiety may be conventional (allopathic) or involve. With a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. I am confident that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.

Callthrough, Callback Provider Selection

Order cheap in the and to make calls from abroad call-through provider currently very well suited. VoIP allows a service you can use to easily reduce its telephone costs. Calling something is no longer indispensable. Everyone is accessible and want other people to be accessible. Unfortunately there is so much money taking the telephone provider for international calls. Learn how you can nevertheless cheap calls abroad.

Calling Germany from you simply select a dial-in number with his cell phone and then enters the destination phone number. If you have a fixed flat rate and thus to German landlines for free can make a call, you pay only the call-through provider. According to India, Thailand, England, China, China Mobile, Australia and many other countries cost talks only 1, 9cent/min. The connection setup not necessarily felt longer than a normal call setup takes. Small preparations needed are phoning from abroad to call from abroad.

In order to save roaming charges is a local Connecting essential best suitable, a prepaid card. You can’t get these cards usually at any kiosk from abroad. The function to use is called callback, leaves you at the Callbackrufnummer ring of the callback or sends an SMS then you will be called back, saving roaming charges. Two connections are made the cost of both are to contribute, E.g. a call from India (1, 9cent/min) after Germany (1, 4cent/min) so 3, 3cent/min. Using her personal cell phone, this would cost significantly more. This service can be interpreted as a virtual calling card. It creates an account with the provider in the Internet from which the service is adjusted and managed. There are many such companies that offer a product in this direction one should compare before. Small tips to vendor selection for the time being of the tariff in the foreground is, of course. Thus, it is to determine which countries should be as cheap. Compare the prices, they can quickly to vary up to 7cent/min. Furthermore, it is important to find out whether the provider care prices be kept, if variations occur and whether you will be informed of such. Cost transparency is equally important. Rate announcements and individual call records ensure a secure and safe use of the service. Thus, one can not understand the can incur no costs. A Prepaidfunktion is recommended, preferably by PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card as payment. Direct debit procedure, one should read the small print carefully, or make the best alternative payment the company closer to meet you try, usually striking in such projects quickly, that the service is frivolous. “It is the smartest to try to contact by phone, a service with customer support is focused on the customer and not their rip off”. Is DCalling, enables incredibly cheap international calls DCalling comes a service which is very close to the issues raised. Convince yourself. DCalling video tutorial – quick selection & overlap Martin thousands