Efficient filtration of wastewater grease separators in 2011, the year of superlatives! Gastroplus24 has made sure of that. A new conceptual planning, ranging from the price performance ratio and to the full service management. Special projects, such as the calculation and planning of efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery, as well as information about new policies and standards. Many authorities have now become aware that restaurants often the norm for wastewater (oNORM EN 1825, DIN 4040 ( grease interceptors do not comply, this led to decisive and nationwide controls in the hospitality industry.) Especially North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony are affected. Authorities are trying to regulate the limits. Because there are appropriate laws, but many gastronomy facilities dispose of grease and organic waste still in the sink. Authorities are forced to take more steps and uncover alleged polluters now with special Kamerarobots in the duct system. Bus money are not uncommon because up to 10 000.

There huge blockages, corrosion and grease deposits in Canal buildings, resulting in failure of the sewage treatment plant costs. Reach the sewage treatment plant effluent, it travels a long distance. It deposited a lot of grease and food residue in the drainage pipes. The municipal sewage regulations determine that waste water from the installation requiring plants before being discharged into the public sewer system must be cleaned and therefore require the installation of grease traps. Now upgrade many gastronomy facilities grease traps, there are different sizes and can be integrated into a large kitchen, they are flexible. Under a simple principle, the sewage is clarified up to 95% of fats and other organic wastes. Grease separator of Gastroplus24 can be quite flexible in the kitchen area. The performance convinced and respected the cleaning intervals it is technically impossible, getting fat in the public sewage system.

Strategy Leadership

The person who knows his role, his mission in the mundo.Que has clear goals and objectives that can and will achieve at the end of his days, along with the links that must be reached to get them through their existence. Men and women with skills for self motivated and directed, self controlled, to be managers of their own lives, to discover and achieve the goals of his personal destiny. The leader is the one that best understands and develops the potential that is, creating conditions for raising their fellows. To be effective must be evaluated opportunities and threats that surround them, exploring their strengths, their weaknesses to overcome. No waiting for your fate, but it built with the help of others. The leader directs the management. It deals with the change, seeking to develop more competitive businesses.

His role as leader is to promote change. Leader is one who already made all the mistakes, therefore making fewer mistakes today. Leadership is not the interpretation of a papel.El Leadership is not a position: an attitude. Leader will when when ratified by the minds and hearts of his followers. In summary the wrestler is successful, the efficient manager of the company i life, daily build its future without waiting for otros.Asi gains authority and adhesion of other brands of Quality Leadership inspiration and example inspires others to carry out A good example determination, giving his contribution to the task ADDRESS “N Visionary COMMUNICATION N be an excellent communicator. Stratum GIAS of negotiation “N Strategy synchronized Administration established” N OF KNOWLEDGE Continuing Education, for himself and his company invests gente.Mientras more in training, will be more prepared to stand or survive LEADERSHIP successors effective way, no equipment and seguidores.

POS Systems

Modern POS systems have become an integral part of the gastronomy gastronomy has become an important part of the company. If you have evening no drive to cooking, it is food. This is a simple problem-solving. But lunch has become an integral part of the gastronomy. Quick and easy dishes are offered, so that the customer can eat a warm lunch. Will meet the fast-paced society.

Whether traditional cuisine, Chinese or Mexican, there is something for every taste. The gastronomy is a pitiless patch. The ever-growing competition and the high cost of distribute many small local from the scene. To survive in such circumstances, the catering operator must adapt to the prizes of the competition, or he opts for other values, E.g. Special menus, a particularly high quality or very unusual meals.

Lunchtime specials and Peisnachlasse are another way to keep the buyer happy. Modern POS systems are a become fixed part in the hospitality industry. Pen and paper are no longer the first choice for the creation of purchase order and invoice. Now, this is about POS systems. The cash registers, akin to times of grannies, is no longer up-to-date. The mobile office has taken their place. It has become essential for the catering industry. It captivates by their size and their multiple uses, such as creating invoices. Also the orders run over the mobile checkout, often over an iPad POS system. A quick editing is possible with the iPad POS system. The orders are entered into a small device, also wishes can be taken into account. The posting takes place directly on the table and, if necessary, can be rebooked on another table. Also providing a receipt is possible via this system. The settlement of a voucher is also possible. So can save valuable time be, because every employee has his own device, which he wears with you. The catering Office on the other hand is a machine, which is used by several employees. The mapping of the orders via a special access code, any service force has. This terminal is central in most cases, so that each service is free access. Basically you can specifically gastro cash registers inform itself further on the subject of gastronomy -, there is enough material to. Those who work in the service area of gastronomy, must be aware that the working times are often very long. The long standing and walking is also a great load. To increase these load unnecessary, many restaurant operators use advanced POS systems.

Gastro Chain ALEX Comes To Karlsruhe

Opening in the redesigned post Gallery in November 2011 Karlsruhe/Wiesbaden. -The Mitchells & Butlers Germany GmbH (Wiesbaden) comes with its ALEX concept successful in 31 German cities for the first time after Karlsruhe. Bernd Riegger, Managing Director of the innovative catering company, signed the contract for an operation in the neo-Baroque building of the former post office a few days ago. Ten years ago, the shopping and experience Center “Post Gallery” was opened in the prestigious former post between Europe and Stephansplatz located management Germany under the leadership of Sonae Sierra. In the context of the optimization of the Center, the integration of ALEX operation is made by mid-November. A new, large terrace, access to the gallery by St. Stephen’s square will be done directly by ALEX. Thus, the post gallery receives not only an eye-catching entrance, but also a welcoming bar with Mediterranean ambiance that will go as a modern full day concept (8 until 1: 00) for each generation at the start.

The Karlsruhe ALEX post Gallery is the 37th outlet of the chain, which was taken over in 1999 by the British Mitchells & Butlers and occupies one of the first three places among the leisure catering companies in Germany since 2004. The nationwide uniform ALEX concept which Gallery will be implemented also in the post, offers Cafe, pub, bar, bistro and restaurant under one roof and relies on a nice fresh look. Cozy furniture, natural materials and different communication areas to meet the demands of contemporary gastronomy and convey “Vacation from everyday”-atmosphere. More transparency, communication and emotion, the heart piece of ALEX, the fully visible kitchen, freshly prepared dishes in front of the guests follows the trend. An increase of experience torque is achieved through a bakers oven in the bar area, where fragrant pastries arise, the legendary ALEX-buffet breakfast with over 120 different products – from fresh juice on bread diversity up to the crunchy vegetable salad – enrich.

Professionals Forum Hotels

The coupon expert speaks with the professionals Forum Hotels & gastronomy Munich Hotel Concorde Berlin, 21.08.2013: on the 02.09.2013-the professionals Forum Hotels & gastronomy held in Wiesbaden for the first time. Managing Director Mark Gregg, renowned experts, including BONAGO strategies, solutions and achievements against the shortage discuss under the motto In the race for new employees”. At the accompanying trade exhibition, the coupon expert presents innovative approaches to the topic of employee recruitment and retention the specialist audience. Demographic change and shortage of qualified workers become one also in the hotel industry and gastronomy more and more the topic number. The Congress aims to present new trends and developments in the Recruitingbereich to the industry. Focuses on topics such as employer branding, employer seal and sustainable employee loyalty. BONAGO Managing Director Mark Gregg speaks together with Andreas Gunther, Director human resources of Ho? tel Concorde Berlin, on the topic of “The staff at focus sustainable employee loyalty: A best practice example from the Ho? tel Concorde Berlin”. The Berlin hotel has successfully since September 2012 the BONAGO MitarbeiterCARD in use.

She will gain accompanied by a bonus program points for special services and special usage in the enterprise at the staff. In the lecture, the two present why continuous employee motivation in human resource management is essential and how through strategic retention management turnover in the hospitality industry can be reduced. Also, they will present ways to promote outstanding achievements of employees and to increase the attractiveness of employers tax-free. Congress is accompanied by an exhibition, on which BONAGO occurs as an exhibitor. Interested can check at the booth of coupon experts, as employers remain competitive and employees effectively motivated and can be loyalisiert. These are original solutions to the performance recognition of employees, as well as the Staff-advertise-employee platform BONAGO job presented.

Bella Cucina Italiana

La Bella Cucina Italiana, new ovens for gastronomy, Italian cuisine is a delight for every palate. One sitting together with the family and enjoys delicious food such as antipasti, risotto, pasta, and above all the classic of Italian pizza. You can for your own pizza itself choose the ingredients and the surface and assemble, ham, mushrooms, crabs, or even fresh pavement as rocket salad and fresh tomatoes, everything is possible. Tarte Flambee, Gossamer-thin fried dough with fresh toppings are another trend. Nowadays unfortunately not always the old stone oven ranges to include this all wishes. Engineers must design new pizza oven and perfecting old. The selection is now really big.

There are gas pizza ovens, Duchlaufofen, electric pizza ovens, tunnel oven and baking band oven. Continuous furnace are a good alternative to save time and energy. The products are stored on a mesh, which brings you directly to the use zone, where they are then evenly baked. The constant Open the door is so little heat is lost. Professional pizza ovens are needed to bake the Tarte Flambee, which reach a temperature of up to 500 C. The heat is stored in fireclay bricks and handed in at the dough evenly. Because the dough of Flammkuchen is wafer-thin an uniform heat input is required. The bottom is crispy Brown baked as in a traditional stone oven.

These ovens baking due to their high heat very quickly, what is a real time saver in the everyday business. If you opt for a proper pizza oven, you should gather about more machines, which can facilitate the everyday business. Dough Mixers and dough sheeters are two examples. Dough kneading machines knead the dough evenly and create an airy pastry dough is lost without. Rolling machines handle the cold dough with high speed. You can determine the thickness and the diameter of the dough, which perfectly shaped pizzas,. Are flat cakes or breads. The finished kneaded and rolled out dough is now covered with delicious ingredients and put in a the great new pizza oven. The result looks not only great, but it’s also really good. All pizza oven and also the machines have to buy on the Internet. Various online shops offer pizza technology. A shop is the Gastroplus24. In their range, you will find all kinds of ovens, machines and other accessories, what is still required. The articles are robust and have a long life span, therefore every Italian who opened a Trattoria or pizzeria should spend money on really good equipment. High-quality equipment in the long term make happy both restaurateurs and customers. We decided for the new technologies, nothing in the way is a happy future.

Unique Gastronomic Concept

Plan in the large high-rise building from BIKINI BERLIN at the Hardenbergplatz begeisert thousands and is as impossible to imagine Berlin Currywurst hot-spot. The plan known to be loves the sausage and the Berlin love the plan right now. It is literally all the rage since opening in early July. The guests since then willingly stand in line and wait for the Berlin delicacy. We today there are about 400-500 visitors per day and are with the start, particularly against the background of the given site situation and strong competition in the neighborhood, highly satisfied.”so Dirk Tillmann, co-developer of the unique concept, the Berliners and tourists customer feedback is extremely positive and now we welcome regular customers.” Why the plan thrilled? A 12-metre-long, decorated lovingly with herbs beech table invites you to dinner and lets you forget the well-known charm of curry sausage stalls.

Main reason, however, is making: every guest can depending on the gusto even his Curry sausage (at the price of 2.20) create and has the choice between different homemade sauces and four from a Michelin-starred chef developed Curry mixtures. In addition, to convince the use of fresh products, the abandonment of artificial flavours and preservatives, that it tastes like seasoning with herbs and sea salt and fat-free cooking on a lava stone Grill. Also round rissoles, prepared according to an old Berlin recipe, poultry sausage, original Thuringian Rostbratwurst demand refined French fries, various salads, various Zwiebeltoppings, delicious bread and crispy rolls offer of the plan with gourmet mustards from the Berlin mustard factory perfectly. And in addition to an alcoholic selection of champagne and Posecco up to vodka, there are of course various soft drinks against thirst. We love sausage! plan” Hardenbergstrasse 29 I 10623 Berlin I opening times: daily 10:00 12:00 A.m. about Dirk Tillmann: the olds native Dortmund has vast experience in the area of the restaurant.

German University

College continuing education in the Faculty training for the economic success of a company in the growing industry prevention, fitness, sports and health are targeted support and training offers an important part. According to key 2013 of the employers Association of German fitness and health equipment (DSSV e.V.) train currently nearly 8 million Germans in one of over 7,000 of fitness or health studios. So every tenth German is already a member and interested in a health-oriented lifestyle. For fitness studios, it is increasingly important to offer an optimal and high-quality training by the growing number of competitors. This must be entered on individual performance and any pre-existing conditions. German College offers college training at the German University of prevention and health management, there is the opportunity to complete college training in different subject areas.

These convey skills in a six months “special area of expertise, such as for example the exercise sciences: College continuing education preventive training ‘ students acquire the necessary skills to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of intervention measures and concepts to prevent prevent various risk factors and diseases. Also, preventive back training and osteoporosis prevention are discussed. “College training Rehabilitatives training” this College continuing education provides skills to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of intervention measures in the context of rehabilitative training with various injuries of the body. Also include pharmacological training in neurological diseases and for the spine. More information at weiterbildung.html

Bladder Weakness Tips

Measures: from sports to much hydration of bladder weakness nobody talks like. It is a problem that affects many long ago. This is true not only for women but also for men. A sensitive bladder must be however no reason to withdraw and avoid participating in everyday activities. There are many steps that you can implement and take a positive effect on the bladder weakness.

What they are, inter alia, declared the Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum. Sport much hydration who suffers from bladder weakness, should mind control with meaningful action. There are some things that you can implement in everyday life and has positive influence on the situation. An effective measure is the training and strength of the pelvic floor. It has been shown to improve the control over the bladder.

Nevertheless: The pelvic floor should not be overloaded. Heavy carry or lift are taboo. The weight also influences the bladder activity. Reducing weight by sports Activities such as swimming, cycling, hiking and aerobics are suitable. A more everyday rule is: much drinking. This flushes out bacteria and prevents possible urinary tract infections. About two liters of fluid a day are recommended. All diuretic drinks like coffee or Cola drinks should be avoided. In addition to these measures, supplies offered all sorts of tools, which can increase the quality of life for bladder weakness. They are made of breathable materials, offer a high absorbency and skin compatibility. Professionals discusses the various options while maintaining the discretion. For detailed information about all services the Sanitatshaus available Shrikes from Bochum at any time. Press contact Med. specialist / Sanitatshaus Shrike contact person: Karsten Shrike flyover 44 44866 Bochum phone.: 0 23 27 / 58 65 46 fax.: 0 23 27 / 58 65 47 E-Mail website:

Managing Director

Effect on the result of the growing Staff of the estate agent pool. 46 New employees and employees hired since the beginning of the year, additional 22 positions are currently advertised. In addition to the expansion of the divisions, we intensify our services as for example with the new broker website, develop a model for fee consulting and enlarge the training offer. For these ambitious plans we need highly qualified personnel,”so Broning next. Remains to be seen the extent of the year send business 2013 experience shows that the last quarter of the year to a considerable extent the Fund financial decides the overall result. In recent years, year-end business was characterised as bi sex sale or reduction of the guaranteed minimum interest rates for LV products each of special effects.

We don’t see such a special effect for this year at the moment yet”, explains Norbert Porazik. The Fund financial Broker service the Fund financial Broker service GmbH is the largest financial broker pool of in Germany. With over 26,000 The Munich company operates nationwide distributors, 200 employees and 130 regional directors. Financial achieved the funds in fiscal year 2012 a total output of 103.3 million euros. The profit amounted to EUR 7.2 million (profit of from ordinary activities).

Financial supports the Fund comprehensive and award-winning sales intermediaries in the fields of life, health, property, investments, investment and banking products to 100% free of charge. The Fund financial was founded in 1996 and is independent as owner-managed company to 100%. Owner and Managing Director is Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener. Status: August 2013 press contact: Thorsten Jess press tutorial Marketing Fund financial Broker service GmbH Riesstrasse 25 80992 Munich Tel.: (0 89) 15 88 15-380 fax: (0 89) 15 88-35-380 E-Mail: Web: