That conversation between my dad and his friend ran very well recorded in me as a negative memory and unconsciously I drew conclusions about money, about not deserve that money and having to get me them myself if I wanted to get ahead in life. I realized that I was alone and that my father didn’t love me. I guess that these conclusions rendered economic lack that I attracted several years since I never forgot that conversation and had her in mind even with the passing of the years. But one day while taking a course in spiritual growth, the guide told us that it is possible to change the past in our minds, as it is there where it exists and also urged us to change several occurrences of the past because that way we would change our future. I thought was phenomenal, the idea of changing my past to change the future I felt as if something inside me scream of joy and jubilation.

I was touched a lot with this exercise and I started to change all the memories of the past which tormented me as ghosts. The first experience that I decided to change was this conversation between my father and his friend. After this exercise I felt a great relief, it was as if they had taken a weight off, I felt free of the painful past, loved by my father, cared for, happy and important and I felt that although my father had already died I approached him even more than when he was alive. This exercise is very liberating and I recommend you carry it out for any circumstances adverse that haunts you or haunts you. To change the painful memories of the past you change your future. Instructions for rewriting the past: 1.-Aparta 20 minutes of your time and sit in a quiet place. 2.-Turned on an aromatic candle or incense and put soothing music. 3.-Begins to relax deeply inhaling and saving respiration by 17 seconds, then exhale and Repeat the procedure.

4.-Recreates in your mind the scenario of the event you want to rewrite, delve into the scene, you see every detail of the room or place where it was carried out, hear the sounds, smells and sees people found there. 5.-Make everything as you’d wanted, changes the dialogues between people, get that are kind, affectionate, good and cordial. Rewrites throughout the event and change it as if you had all the power in the world and the right to do so. Call tu angel de la guarda or spiritual guide and ask him to help you to add light to the new version of this event. 6.-Now between 2 send lots of light to this improved version of the past to make it secure in your mind as a reality and little by podo disappears from your memories the previous. 7.-Always have the temptation to recall memory refusal remind you that this did not happen and that you’ve changed the past, therefore you are now going towards a new result and you’re becoming a more evolved person.


Series: common diseases prevention and treat – no doctor! We all know that one after eating brush your teeth to, not only in the morning and in the evening. But if one is not just home, it is not only impractical, it is often impossible. However, there is an easy and equally effective way to liberate the teeth always and everywhere from tooth-damaging food waste. Who had not already at least once listen to the accusation at the dentist, to brush your teeth, not only in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. But by honestly, who creates it already, also to clean the teeth after every small appetizers? Either it is missing on the toothbrush, the location or simply at the time. You may wish to learn more. If so, Senator Elizabeth Warren is the place to go. But tooth bacteria know no mercy. If something in the tooth gaps sticking, they begin their destructive work immediately. Multiply the bacterial strains to multiples within a very short time, shut down the body’s natural defences and scrape the Tooth enamel. Click Senator Elizabeth Warren for additional related pages.

It may be the beginning of decay, especially if the conditions required for this to occur frequently. However, not only caries is to create the teeth. Bacteria can form deep inflammatory dental pockets with the time. The gum and the tooth-supporting jaw bones disappear, so that the teeth are gradually exposed. In the jargon called periodontitis. It must not come however. A simple method of anyone without difficulties could access proves to be very effective: after each dish, main dish or just the biscuit in between, you should rinse your mouth with water, so how it is here used by brushing your teeth.

Typically, food particles, which are caught in the gaps between teeth, be removed thoroughly. Easily can this method in the restaurant, at work or where ever perform. You can find water anywhere! Who has done it, will appreciate the benefits. And the teeth will thank one. Remains not only the formation of bacteria so in the green area, also the aesthetics because of it’s worth. Who like to look into a mouth filled with leftovers? If you follow this method consistently, the teeth are protected along with the regular cleaning in the morning and in the evening,. You can be almost sure get a life long healthy keep your own teeth. You will feel better and the money bag freuts by the way, because dental work or even artificial teeth can be very expensive. Who genetically prone to periodontal disease, must even more pay attention to dental hygiene. This method on the heart is set in particular. Anyway he is out indefinitely not entirely without support of the dentist, getting to deal with the progression of the disease. Frentzel / Avendano (dent.)


When the database of symbols made to these animals grow up we will need a good technology to answer them quickly and appropriately so that we understand. The great enigma will be knowing what It is the first thing you tell us, maybe tell us that they are a superior intelligence and that they not try to dominate and enslave other animals. Anyway this sounds like science fiction, but the truth is that the iPad is being incredibly useful to people like Jack and also magicians. All is possible if we have the appropriate iPad applications. In our daily life we also find many uses for iPad. Goodreader is a vital application on your device to access and view all kinds of documents and files, making it an essential tool for any Secretary/a. When you have a meeting you won’t have to carry the Briefcase because won’t need any paper or document all essential information already carry you in your iPad thanks to this set of iPad applications. A luxury is for example present at a meeting, by referring your documents for your participation in the discussion that takes place and taking all sorts of notes and notes, without pen or paper.

You can then send emails of your annotations with a simple copy and paste. Everything will be more comfortable having for iPad applications suitable for this kind of task. I recommend the Daily Notes application which is very useful for taking notes at any meeting, separated by departments. Consists of five parts: journal, body, toolbar, tabs and calendar. It is very effective to have everything organized since every day has its book, so never mingle to be separated by days and months. It is an application of notes that you can separate creating tabs. These are just a few of the uses that can be made with the iPad applications.

Paulo Springs

98 areas of reforestation in all State of So Paulo had been evaluated, in a total of 2500 hectares. Some of the objectives of the project had been to identify the forms most adequate to transfer knowledge to the society, to subsidize ambient licensing of the state and among others to support action of the Public prosecution service and Secretariat of Environment. The resolution is the parameter to be followed technician. The resolution established minimum number of species for hectare. Projects of reforestation of up to one hectare for example must count on 30 species.

Already those implemented in bigger areas that 50 hectares, the minimum requirement is of 80 distinct species. Another recommendation aims at to protect the species in extinguishing respecting itself the regions or formations of occurrence. Evaluating the results of this resolution one concluded that it had greater conservation of the biodiversity and the best quality of the reforestations (BARBOSA, 2003). Ahead of the raised aspects, in the consulted works, it is confirmed total relevance in the recovery of the areas of ciliar bush, over all of springs, as a pledge of the water supply. Moreover, the ciliares bushes allow and promote of the ecological balance of the fauna and flora, aquatic and terrestrial, preserving the genetic banks and the life. Narrow relation exists enters the quality of the water of the water bodies and the preservation of the ciliar bush. The choice of optimum model of recovery depends, amongst other factors, of the degradation level where if it finds the area to be revegetada, of the objectives of replantio and of the amount of available resources, but always taking as model the local remaining vegetation. The areas of entorno of springs present high degree of especificidades how much the species to be used due to the gradient of humidity of the ground. Amongst the areas that border the water courses, the ones that they surround the springs must present priority in the projects of revegetao of the ciliares formations, since the processes are sufficiently susceptveis areas erosivos.REFERENCIA BIBLIOGRAPHICAL: BARBOSA, L.M.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle USA Daewoo K2 (Max 2) South Korea Daewoo Dp-51

K2 rifle and shotgun on the basis of its R1 were designed by Daewoo for the replacement was in service in South Korea the aging M16A1 rifles. Structurally, the K2 has a lot in common with the M16, but there are differences. Thus, the overall design 'Break in' the receiver, consisting of two halves (upper and lower) connected by pins, similar to the M16. The bolt and slide the frame very similar to the exact same M16, with one important difference – instead of rashiritelnoy camera mounted on M16 bolt carrier, the bolt carrier K2 made a nest in which the gas is inserted shank rod. At the opposite end of the rod is the gas piston, moving in above the barrel, the gas chamber. Endocrinologist will not settle for partial explanations. So , the K2 imee venting mechanism with a long stroke gas piston, similar to the scheme of the mechanism of a Kalashnikov. In addition, K2 has no recoil damper bolt. The charging handle is also similar to AK – directly on the slide frame, the right side. K1 carbine rifle differs from K2 shortened barrel and a metal telescopic folding stock instead of plastic, an emerging side. On the basis of K1 structures are produced 'civilian' modifications having awkward plastic butts and firing only single – model DR200 and DR300, chambered 5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington) and 7.62h39mm sootvetstvenno.OSNOVNYE TECHNICAL Caliber 5.56 NATO h45mm Length 980mm (730mm with butt folded) Barrel length 465mm Weight 3.26 kg Magazine capacity 30 rounds Daewoo DP-51 South KoreyOSNOVNYE Caliber 9×19 mm pair length of 190 mm length Barrel 105 mm Weight 800 g Magazine capacity 13 rounds Magnum Research Desert Eagle USA This specimen of 'heavy artillery' was originally designed as a sport / target pistol.

Strategical Planning

First of everything we have that to understand that a strategical plan must be elaborated for any type of business, either a bar of esquina or a great corporation, therefore in it will be written everything on its business, what you make, as makes, where you you want to arrive, when she wants there to arrive and as you will arrive. He imagines that a strategical plan is its map, the map of where you want to arrive. We go to deepen more on each concept that involves a plan and strategical planning: What it is Strategical Plan? Strategical plan treats on the definitions of the direction of an organization, what it will go to fulfill and as will go to fulfill its goals of long stated period lined up with the values of the organization. If you would like to know more then you should visit The 48 Laws Of Power. The general objective of the strategical plan is to inside give to the organization a competitive position of the industry, in order to reach the success and to reach the objectives in little time and still to improve and to become efficient its operations and its internal capacity. Which are the elements most common in a strategical plan? – Values, mission and vision of the company; – Objective of the company; – Agreement of the external environment of the company, with who it must become related, as it is the market where she acts, who is the competitors, what they make and as they make; – Internal Agreement of the company, as it it is organized, which are the resources and the structure; – Plan of action. What it is Strategical Planning? In summary, we can say that strategical planning is the process to analyze an organization under some angles, defining its routes by means of an aiming that can be monitored in its concrete actions, using itself, for in such a way, of a called instrument ' ' plan estratgico' '. Learn more about this with PCRM.

Smoking Reputation

More service for smoking in the catering industry. Referendum in Bavaria brings Isener inventor Klaus Hamal idea ISEN, July 5, 2010. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from The 48 Laws Of Power. Smoking ban in Bavaria. For the smokers in the future also in front of the door to get more service, Alpha11 has developed in the short term a special smoking pager and smokers call. After in Bavaria the citizens in a referendum have decided that smokers from the 1.8 without exception to smoke outside and also other countries give more and more smoking bans, the question of how the smoking outside in the rain is left standing, but also there still gets a reasonable service arises. The Isener tinkerer Klaus Hamal developed Alpha11 special smoking pager and smoking reputation with his company, which the waiter even before the door can be call, or is that tells smokers from the waiters to the pager as soon as as the food is done. To contact the guest remains, the smoker gets excellent service, as it is used in the catering industry eventually and the innkeeper WINS through more sales. The pager and waiter call buttons depending on the model with a range of up to 1.6 km over VHF radio, on registration-free and no call cost. Smoking is available from 220,-. The smoking pager from 140,-PM contact: Alpha11, Klaus Hamal, pin ring 5a, D-84424 ISEN phone: + 49 8083 549651 learn more about the smoking pager and smokers call under

Volga Forest Structure

Even in ancient Russia of bath log respected and popular. In our times, as old traditions are not forgotten. Recently, more and more people want to have in their sites or at the cottage wooden bathhouse from the carcass after warm up in it especially in the winter – it's fun. But the question arises as to who will address the challenge of making wooden baths or saunas. The answer to this question arises immediately: of course Also in the company Volga Forest Story. Specialists of the company Volga Wood Story for many years erecting structures of the framework. The bright and colorful web site presents a wide variety of ready-made buildings of log and can be safe to say that these are real works of art embodied in the tree.

For their own purposes specialists Volga Forest Structure using only high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials and its use in arsenal all the modern engineering ideas and projects. The service room of the log under the company's key to the Volga Forest Story includes all stages of work on the construction of a wooden bath. Make no mistake, our specialists Volga Forest System and will do everything possible so that you can get the unique pleasure of authentic Russian bath-house. The Finns believe in the healing properties so their baths, where the steam is dry and the temperature is higher than in Russian, – say, a sauna can use by anyone who is able to reach it. Russian Finns have always enjoyed and brooms, and when warmed up, plunged into cold water or wrapped in snow. Arrange the Finnish saunas in wooden houses, the beautiful lakes. Russian sauna – a great tool to relieve nervous tension, stress, which fill our modern lives.

Bath heat, water, whisk help restore health. After visiting the bath body filled with harmony and peace. If you follow all the rules visit Russian bath, steam room can be a full replacement for beauty salons. Steam allows us not only to clean skin and get rid of cellulite lose weight, but little to heal. It relieves fatigue and helps you recover after exercise, stimulates the metabolism. In steam clean breath. Russian bath is useful for people who have pressure problems: it trains the blood vessels. bathhouses


Manifestations these that take the somatic answers, physiological and psychic. In accordance with Shinohara et al (2001): The anxiety involves cognitivas, physiological and mannering answers, with the protection objective. Being that the physiological answers stimulate to run away or to face. In such a way, the behavior has function of to inhibit any movement of risk in direction the escape or the defense, thus, the individual is felt rightened. For Barlow and Durand (2008) the anxiety has a subjective direction of fidget that understands a set of behaviors as to seem worried and uneasy, or a physiological reply that has origin in the brain, that it reflects in the cardiac beatings and the muscular tension. (A valuable related resource: McDougall Program). However, as Nunes; Bueno and Nardi (2001), the physical standards of anxiety vary widely of individual for individual. This comes folloied for a diffuse, ackward sensation, of apprehension, and also for some physical sensations.

Still, valley to stand out that the basic difference between normal anxiety of the pathological anxiety, is that this last one in such a way paralyzes the individual, bringing, damage to well-being and the performance, not allowing the preparation to face threatening situations. Ahead of this, and possible to evidence that the anxiety started to be a riot when human being placed it not it service of its survival, but the service of its existence (BALLONE, 2005). This despertou the interest in searching to have more knowledge the respect, therefore the extreme anxiety also comes providing damages to the infantile development, beyond being a subject very intriguing and questioned at the moment. In such a way, the research aims at to analyze which the factors that are desencadeantes of the upheavals of anxiety in infancy. One perceives that it does not have many authors who approach this subject, in specific in infancy, but this cannot be disrespected, therefore is a problem that comes affecting the normal development of some children.

Chief Boiler

I.e., slim-line. (As opposed to PCRM). After this, due to high levels of insulin, glucose level drops quickly. Your brain does not have the level of adequate fuel to operate, you ordered: Come! Why you feel hungry soon after eating. If the glycemic index of carbohydrates that you eat is low, then your level of insulin in the next hours will be optimal, which will take your body to operate seamlessly and where you have not needed energy sources, these will be consumed little by little. Considers the following metaphor: think of the cells in your body as your body boilers which operate at lena (glucose). Insulin is the engineer dressed in white and yellow, stationary helmet in the boiler door, which oversees how much firewood is cast into the fire. If the workers bring a wood one (low glycemic index), then the engineer is responsible that the boiler operates in a way optimal. With a very high nor very low amount.

On the other hand, if a truck full of firewood to the boiler door, engineer, being very clever, sees I can not take the fuel to the fire at the same time. To resolve this problem rises next to the driver of the truck and guides him to deposit, to store the firewood for a future use. But in the meantime, there is no one at the entrance of the boiler. The workers are confused and wasted wood which have in their hands. When the engineer returns to his post, he sees there is no more fuel and notifies the Chief, to bring in more. To lower 0.75 kg of fat per week, you will have to eat lots of foods sized, with the amount of adequate carbohydrates, at the right time. It sounds complicated but it is actually very easy once you know how to do it. I will now give you three tips you can start using now, to start to lose weight: replaces the carbohydrates of high Glycemic like rice, bread and pasta, low glycemic index carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables.