Academy Training

official health Academy at vest cooperates with hamburger fern-Hochschule Recklinghausen/Hamburg – trainees of State-approved schools for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in the official Academy of health in the vest, can future parallel to the training the 8-semester course of health care studies at the HFH Start hamburger fern-Hochschule. Two educational institutions have now signed a corresponding cooperation agreement. “The head of official health Academy, Mrs. Dr. Margret Stromberg, is satisfied: two years after taking the Professional exam completes the part-time distance learning then with the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.SC.) in health care studies.” The course of health care studies at hamburger fern-Hochschule is aimed at trainees of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, as well as the health and (nursing). Recently Senator of Massachusetts sought to clarify these questions. A year after the start of their training the students complement their health expertise in the practice-oriented course.

Previous training content be with advanced scientific Associated findings. While the programme pursues an integrative approach: in addition to separate study modules for each of the four disciplines, professional cross-modules are provided. It aims, inter alia, to strengthen the understanding of the other professions, and to initiate a joint action in the care of clients and patients. With this concept we want to promote the professionalization of the health professions”, says study leader Prof. Dr. Andrea Warnke from the HFH. Connect with other leaders such as McDougall Program here. Dr.

Margret Stromberg, the head of the official health Academy, the link of the official courses of the Bachelor course in health care studies at the HFH is just the logical complement of the training concept proven since 1986. “Dr. Stromberg: it comes to contribute to secure professional future and the career prospects of our graduates by another element of qualification.” The official Dr. Stromberg is one of the largest private education provider in North Rhine-Westphalia with currently six State-approved training in one place. More than 8000 graduates have been trained since the establishment of the school in Recklinghausen and qualified for the health service. A highly qualified team of teaching and experienced lecturers ensures a sound and practice-oriented training. The relevance of the practice is underlined through long-term partnerships with over 100 training institutions between the lower Rhine and Sauerland. The cooperative health care studies degree is a future-oriented training in the health care sector another Mosaic stone. The course itself is accredited by the ZEvA Agency and Government-recognized by the Senate of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Next baseline is the 1st September 2011. The HFH 1997, Hamburger fern-Hochschule was recognized nationally by the Senate of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is one of the largest private universities of in Germany currently 9000 students from more than 40 study sites. Segregation – or accompanying the training it offers bachelor -, diploma and master’s degree programmes in the fields of economy, technology and health care. So far have already about 3000 Graduates completed their correspondence course at the HFH.

Medical Studies

Whether one believes about the selection process of the ZVS, the universities or through a University lawsuit on his medical studies, is irrelevant to the process. Here, each student is equal. To make the same checks, to learn the same things. Many already know what to expect in the study of medicine. You have heard of the tests and have been perhaps even in a lecture. Nevertheless, the inclined readers, which also always did he or she experiences, can learn here a little bit about the process of the study. The admission to the program should be is already well known, however, this step is nothing more despite an important in the career of the student.

What some may not know is that universities use very complex systems to select their candidate out. So the Berlin Charite uses a system in which the Abitur grade, the notes of the subjects mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology with different weights. It also notes of the subjects German and English are weighted. Results at the end of a Point value, which also decides whether it is assumed, will lead a selection interview, or just rejected. In any successful place action, this step is omitted and it begins directly with the study. It is once in the study begins the first part of the training. The so-called pre-clinical section, you should be taught in science – and the social foundations of medicine. During this time, the student learns how the human body in its normal state works and is built up. Perhaps check out endocrinologist for more information.

The preclinical part comprises the first and fourth semester and ends with the first medical examination, students as a body “. Still must be completed 90 days a nursing internship and training in first aid exist. The following is the clinical part. Here, the student will make first contact with the special fields such as psychiatry, gynaecology and Urology. This provided an insight into scientific research. The treatment of diseases is also covered in this part. Between the first medical exam and the beginning of the practical, the completion of a total of four months is required clinical elective. Here, the students with the medical patient care should be made familiar. The clinical elective must be completed for a month of ambulatory health care (E.g. medical practice) and for two months in a hospital. The fourth month can be completed in one of the two above devices. The practical year culminates in the training and is divided into three training sections (internal medicine, surgery and family medicine). Over a total period of 16 weeks, the students on the patient will be”trained, and to expand the skills learned in the study and deepen. The practical year includes the so-called hammer exam the second medical education,”. A special feature of the medical school is located in promoting, either as a single project on 1-2 semesters completed may be classic semester, or full during the study period of about 3-4. (A PhD in studying other takes years usually 3-5!)

Optimal Combination

The meeting place for fitness enthusiasts as well as for experts and executives and future companies advise employees of the BSA/DHfPG prevention, fitness and health to individual qualification possibilities that FIBO in Essen is the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health every year in April. the FIBO from 19 to 22 April 2012 2012 opens its doors. For the sixth time, the GETUP Congress ( takes place in the framework of the FIBO. The open Conference for the industry of the future on the 20th and 21st April is open to all interested parties as well as specialist and senior executives. Main theme of the GETUP Congress is 2012 corporate health management (BGM) “be.” The combination of trade fair and Congress is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and trends in the industry on the one hand and on the other hand to establish themselves with practice-oriented suggestions for your own success in the area of prevention, to provide fitness and health, as well as contacts to industry professionals. The Consult BSA-Akademie and German College for prevention and health management in 2012 at the FIBO fair stands in Hall 2, booth A12, and Hall 10/11, stand 18 individual qualification possibilities for the industry of the future. GETUP Congress 2012 within the framework of the FIBO open Congress of industry”on 20 and 21 April 2012 corporate health management as a main theme, as well as specialist forums in the areas covered diet, activity and management, the content of the 6th GETUP Congress ( are on 20 and 21 April 2012 in Essen in the frame of the leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health (FIBO) takes place.

Organized the Conference for the industry of the future is prevention, fitness and health, which is open to all professionals and fitness-oriented people of the German University of prevention and health management ( and the trade fair organiser of Reed Exhibitions. Participants can expect a varied programme with lectures, best-practice examples and discussion again to the implementation of current trends around the health care market. The specialized forums illuminate current themes and also provide an opportunity for discussion with the expert speakers. The offer is completed by an attractive social programme, including guided exhibition tour and access to the FIBO halls on the booked day of Congress. Thanks to the support by sponsors participation in GETUP Congress can be offered 2012 in turn to a very favourable price performance ratio. More information at or getup Congress.

German University

College continuing education in the Faculty training for the economic success of a company in the growing industry prevention, fitness, sports and health are targeted support and training offers an important part. According to key 2013 of the employers Association of German fitness and health equipment (DSSV e.V.) train currently nearly 8 million Germans in one of over 7,000 of fitness or health studios. So every tenth German is already a member and interested in a health-oriented lifestyle. For fitness studios, it is increasingly important to offer an optimal and high-quality training by the growing number of competitors. This must be entered on individual performance and any pre-existing conditions. German College offers college training at the German University of prevention and health management, there is the opportunity to complete college training in different subject areas.

These convey skills in a six months “special area of expertise, such as for example the exercise sciences: College continuing education preventive training ‘ students acquire the necessary skills to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of intervention measures and concepts to prevent prevent various risk factors and diseases. Also, preventive back training and osteoporosis prevention are discussed. “College training Rehabilitatives training” this College continuing education provides skills to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of intervention measures in the context of rehabilitative training with various injuries of the body. Also include pharmacological training in neurological diseases and for the spine. More information at weiterbildung.html