Bella Cucina Italiana

La Bella Cucina Italiana, new ovens for gastronomy, Italian cuisine is a delight for every palate. One sitting together with the family and enjoys delicious food such as antipasti, risotto, pasta, and above all the classic of Italian pizza. You can for your own pizza itself choose the ingredients and the surface and assemble, ham, mushrooms, crabs, or even fresh pavement as rocket salad and fresh tomatoes, everything is possible. Tarte Flambee, Gossamer-thin fried dough with fresh toppings are another trend. Nowadays unfortunately not always the old stone oven ranges to include this all wishes. Engineers must design new pizza oven and perfecting old. The selection is now really big.

There are gas pizza ovens, Duchlaufofen, electric pizza ovens, tunnel oven and baking band oven. Continuous furnace are a good alternative to save time and energy. The products are stored on a mesh, which brings you directly to the use zone, where they are then evenly baked. The constant Open the door is so little heat is lost. Professional pizza ovens are needed to bake the Tarte Flambee, which reach a temperature of up to 500 C. The heat is stored in fireclay bricks and handed in at the dough evenly. Because the dough of Flammkuchen is wafer-thin an uniform heat input is required. The bottom is crispy Brown baked as in a traditional stone oven.

These ovens baking due to their high heat very quickly, what is a real time saver in the everyday business. If you opt for a proper pizza oven, you should gather about more machines, which can facilitate the everyday business. Dough Mixers and dough sheeters are two examples. Dough kneading machines knead the dough evenly and create an airy pastry dough is lost without. Rolling machines handle the cold dough with high speed. You can determine the thickness and the diameter of the dough, which perfectly shaped pizzas,. Are flat cakes or breads. The finished kneaded and rolled out dough is now covered with delicious ingredients and put in a the great new pizza oven. The result looks not only great, but it’s also really good. All pizza oven and also the machines have to buy on the Internet. Various online shops offer pizza technology. A shop is the Gastroplus24. In their range, you will find all kinds of ovens, machines and other accessories, what is still required. The articles are robust and have a long life span, therefore every Italian who opened a Trattoria or pizzeria should spend money on really good equipment. High-quality equipment in the long term make happy both restaurateurs and customers. We decided for the new technologies, nothing in the way is a happy future.