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Liqui moly on the economic and social decline and the creative approach to deal with them. While fighting the world with the economic crisis, defying the medium-sized lubricant manufacturer Liqui moly from Ulm of this difficult time and will start a nationwide poster campaign. While the endeavor is incredibly easy offensive strengthening of the business location Germany, advertising a high quality motor oil and the commitment that there are now other ways to deal with crises as downsizing and the flight abroad. The headline engine oils made in Germany “suggests right here is about quality! A German product, a company with tradition, quality and experience a company that despite, or perhaps because of the 50 years market presence the social and economic development of razor-sharp analyses and consequences draws. It comes in addition to the sale of our products especially the poster campaign to send a signal to other market participants and to show that there is another way,”explains Ernst Prost, Managing Director of Liqui moly. Since the 16.04.10 products on nearly 9,000 large-format ads in nearly 1,000 locations will be represented. “We have recommended our customers to pursue a two-track strategy” explains Angelo Peruzzini, Managing Director of the contrast MEDIA SERVICE, special agency for outdoor advertising and supplements: in addition to classic large surfaces of roads we have planned point-of-sale an occupation directly at the point and there, where the customer is listed (E.g. real, toom-BauMarkt).

” Here the campaign not only in the products range building, but also in the increase of sales is paid because the causal relationship between billboard advertising at the point of sale and the sale of advertised products is now several times. We have decided for many reasons for outdoor advertising”stated Ernst Prost: it is the very good regional control of the media, that is efficient, because it advertises there, where also, the target group is. On the other hand we build reach extremely fast with a national presence and invest immediately in sales. It in the truest sense of the word great, the product and the brand message to 9 square meters on a promotional piece, there a long time just like our product in Germany and proven himself more than ever today is to”ultimately. Thus Germany goes poster a bit!”-forward Peruzzini and highlights: the advertiser understand it more and more, the medium poster in their media mix to integrate and that not only in terms of ROI, but particularly, because poster 24 hours operates, the increasing mobility of the population meets and pick the target group at the points of highest relevance and specific situations of need.

Conclude Longterm Frame Contract

EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH and Bosch solar energy AG close long-term framework contract for thin-film solar modules based on the supply of Silicon. Kitzingen, 20.12.2010. EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH, project developers and Photovoltaikgrosshandler, completes a 3-year contract for the supply of up to 31 MWp silicon thin-film modules with Bosch solar energy AG. I am very on the partnership with the Bosch solar energy AG. The high-quality, toxicologically harmless silicon thin-film modules round off our product portfolio and represent a very good complement to the previously successfully used thin-film modules CdTe-based”, so Herbert Eberlein, managing partner of the EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH. The high-quality and efficient thin-film modules of the company Bosch solar energy will be used at different PV construction projects of the company systems. If you are not convinced, visit patrick smith. The plans envisage the use of both open-space projects and rooftop installations. But also the technical craft and The EME GmbH about the Photovoltaikgrosshandel system partners offers the modules with power inverters and other components for sale.

EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH is high-growth photovoltaic market the competent and dynamic partners in the international, the EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH with its headquarters in the District of Kitzingen. To know more about this subject visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. The focus is on the territories Germany, Italy, France and Greece, because they offer an attractive risk / return mix by ideal values of radiation, high sunshine hours, good infrastructure and low purchasing factors. The power spectrum of the rapidly expanding company includes also the design and technical implementation of turnkey and complex Photovoltaikgrossprojekte in addition to the wholesale dealer of individual solar components as well as complete photovoltaic systems. A further pillar of our entrepreneurial capacity is the technical advice of our sister company, the PI group of companies in the construction of solar power systems from your photovoltaic funds. Bosch solar energy AG with nearly 2,000 employees and headquarters in Erfurt Solar energy the youngest Division of the Bosch Group. Solar cells and modules to finished solar power plants: Bosch solar energy offers high-quality PV power generation from sunlight and thus every day makes a contribution to environmental and climate protection. Here, the focus is on product quality consistently. Bosch solar energy AG supplies superior solar cells and modules with high annual income not optimal sunlight.

Largest Service Provider

New customers for the Service Center purchasing and logistics (SCEuL) of the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie increasing competition, high cost pressure and ever-changing conditions in the health care request from hospitals and nursing facilities ever greater efforts. To optimize the expenses and maintain an efficient cost management, it requires professional partners: the Service Center purchasing and logistics (SCEuL) of the Paul Gerhardt Diakonie e.V., Berlin and Wittenberg, offered these services to different vehicles in different gradations. The Service Center purchasing and logistics two Catholic institutions of Berlin, St. Joseph Hospital Tempelhof and the Caritas clinic Mary among the new customers since the beginning of the year visitation in Pankow. In addition the St. Ansgar clinic compound of the Alexian Brothers in Lower Saxony, Germany from April shopping for implants at SCEuL delivers the range.

This collaboration actively meet the economic challenges and thus contributes to strengthen the Christian health company at. The special service of the Berlin health service provider is: from the market up in the closet. This includes tailored supply chains by the supplier with a full supply in the cabinets of each individual cost center. Partner eonova is the logistics company of Rhenus. The Logistics Centre is one of the ten largest centres of its kind in Germany. The Service Center purchasing and logistics supplies currently 25 hospitals and 13 nursing and retirement homes of various officials in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and Lower Saxony with medical and non-medical needs of the thing. The Paul Gerhardt Diakonie includes eight hospitals, five nursing homes, several outpatient rehabilitation centres and medical centres in Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In addition run facilities of other carriers in the management. Annual beds all facilities provided in the total 1835 stationary around 77,000 patients. The Paul Gerhardt Diakonie is the largest denominational providers in the region. With about 4,700 employees, the company generated approximately EUR 320 million per year.

Safety Labels ISO

MACRO has a wide range of different safety signs according to ISO standard 7010 and VBG 125 in various sizes and materials EN ISO 7010 was introduced IDENT in 2003, 2012 updated and is now European standard, which regardless of the location and of the respective language standard, enables easy-to-understand security labels. The EU-wide standard ISO 7010 introduces a global recognized range of pictograms and safety forms and colors. Even if many of them are already known, there are some innovations. New standards require an immediate conversion though. However it is advisable to replace old safety marks as soon as possible with new, standardized symbols and as always to ensure clarity. The ISO standard 7010 in safety signs applies to safety signs at the workplace and in other locations where people have to be pointed out safety: ranging from the emergency exits to danger areas. MACRO IDENT is committed, each updated icon to include in the range.

So, the Munich-based company can guarantee to always offer the latest, up-to-date and standard-compliant labels. Safety signs for EN ISO 7010:2012 are available in different materials, to ensure a maximum resistance in different industrial environments. IDENT are included in the range of signs with macro various rescue and first aid signs, fire signs, bid signs, signs and warning signs as well as fastening material and signs printer. Custom safety signs with one or more symbols, as well as various texts are also manufactured to customer – and are manufactured in various sizes. To ensure a wide range of materials, macro has IDENT polyester labels for sticking with high scratch resistance to temperatures from-40 C up to 140 C. This polyester (B-7541) is also resistant to most chemicals and solvents and are characterized by an excellent Adhesive strength at low surface tension from. Polypropylene sheets (B-7527) offer a wide range of applications. These are not adhesive and can at temperatures from-40 C to 120 C are used up.

Aluminium panels, offer the best solution with glued-on polyester sign ISO 7010 for outdoor use. PVC fahnen and angle plates with a thickness of 1.5 mm are available as also self-adhesive, non-slip and laminated floor signs. Also photoluminescent signs on flexible vinyl or solid aluminium are available for different indoor and outdoor use. Photoluminescent signs are also part of various national and international standards: ISO 16069 describes the basics of the Visual components of a safety management system, while the German standard DIN 67510 deals primarily with the properties of long after the bright safety markings. The products macro id meet the strictest European requirements and correspond to the products of class C. The signs are available not only as single signs or plates in different sizes according to ISO 7010, but on wheels with E.g. 250 self-adhesive labels in the size 100 x 100 mm and sheet as mini-icons. The various signs and labels in the size from 25 mm up to 500 mm are available depending on the symbol. In the accessories programme IDENT are double-sided foam tape, magnetic, high-performance tapes and transparent Velcro from macro to attach non-adhesive labels for low temperatures. Contact data: Macro IDENT E.k.. – Lockout-Tagout solutions professional identification & safety Bussard str. 24, 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-615658-28 WEB:

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Effect on the result of the growing Staff of the estate agent pool. 46 New employees and employees hired since the beginning of the year, additional 22 positions are currently advertised. In addition to the expansion of the divisions, we intensify our services as for example with the new broker website, develop a model for fee consulting and enlarge the training offer. For these ambitious plans we need highly qualified personnel,”so Broning next. Remains to be seen the extent of the year send business 2013 experience shows that the last quarter of the year to a considerable extent the Fund financial decides the overall result. In recent years, year-end business was characterised as bi sex sale or reduction of the guaranteed minimum interest rates for LV products each of special effects.

We don’t see such a special effect for this year at the moment yet”, explains Norbert Porazik. The Fund financial Broker service the Fund financial Broker service GmbH is the largest financial broker pool of in Germany. With over 26,000 The Munich company operates nationwide distributors, 200 employees and 130 regional directors. Financial achieved the funds in fiscal year 2012 a total output of 103.3 million euros. The profit amounted to EUR 7.2 million (profit of from ordinary activities).

Financial supports the Fund comprehensive and award-winning sales intermediaries in the fields of life, health, property, investments, investment and banking products to 100% free of charge. The Fund financial was founded in 1996 and is independent as owner-managed company to 100%. Owner and Managing Director is Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener. Status: August 2013 press contact: Thorsten Jess press tutorial Marketing Fund financial Broker service GmbH Riesstrasse 25 80992 Munich Tel.: (0 89) 15 88 15-380 fax: (0 89) 15 88-35-380 E-Mail: Web: