Strategy Leadership

The person who knows his role, his mission in the mundo.Que has clear goals and objectives that can and will achieve at the end of his days, along with the links that must be reached to get them through their existence. Men and women with skills for self motivated and directed, self controlled, to be managers of their own lives, to discover and achieve the goals of his personal destiny. The leader is the one that best understands and develops the potential that is, creating conditions for raising their fellows. To be effective must be evaluated opportunities and threats that surround them, exploring their strengths, their weaknesses to overcome. No waiting for your fate, but it built with the help of others. The leader directs the management. It deals with the change, seeking to develop more competitive businesses.

His role as leader is to promote change. Leader is one who already made all the mistakes, therefore making fewer mistakes today. Leadership is not the interpretation of a papel.El Leadership is not a position: an attitude. Leader will when when ratified by the minds and hearts of his followers. In summary the wrestler is successful, the efficient manager of the company i life, daily build its future without waiting for otros.Asi gains authority and adhesion of other brands of Quality Leadership inspiration and example inspires others to carry out A good example determination, giving his contribution to the task ADDRESS “N Visionary COMMUNICATION N be an excellent communicator. Stratum GIAS of negotiation “N Strategy synchronized Administration established” N OF KNOWLEDGE Continuing Education, for himself and his company invests gente.Mientras more in training, will be more prepared to stand or survive LEADERSHIP successors effective way, no equipment and seguidores.