When a child gets sick when he has a fever or something hurts – and wants to alleviate his condition. And hands stretched themselves to saving the bubble with the children's acetaminophen. After all, he was bought in a drugstore, and there is not bad sell. But are we ready to experiment on their own children? I bought here antipyretic medication for your baby. Kalpol said. All moms know it. But here is surprising. I had never really thought about what is included in its composition.

I knew that this child paracetamol and all. And then decided to read it. And my hair on my head stood on end. That's all part of: paracetamol, sugar syrup, sorbitol solution 70% glycerol, gum, metilgidroksibenzoat, crimson 122, purified water, strawberry flavor. Let us, in order: Paracetamol – understandably – analgesic, antipyretic, the main active ingredient. And despite the fact that it has its own contraindications, and he's all clear – this is what it bought. Sugar syrup – understandably – ditenku need sweet medicine so as not to spit.

Since it is quite possible to agree. Sorbitol solution – is strange. Sorbitol – sweetener. That is, he gives the sweet taste of the drug. But in the drug already has a sugar syrup. Then why sorbitol? He is certainly not forbidden, but here's some information about it: Sorbitol is used in many cough syrups, and usually indicated as inactive ingredients. But at present it is believed that it should be indicated as active, as a large number of sorbitol (about 10 g or more, for adults) can cause gastro-intestinal failure. Sorbitol has a pronounced laxative effect, increases in proportion to the amount taken into the body. Drinking large amounts of sorbitol can cause pain, gas (flatulence) and cause diarrhea (diarrhea). But it can also aggravate irritable bowel syndrome. That is, children with sensitive stomachs diarrhea provided.

Periodontal Diseases

The prevalence of periodontal diseases is very high – around the world in 80 percent of people aged 40 years, observed parodontopatii. According to the World Health Organization in North America, almost half the population age 50 has retained part of the teeth, but the periodontal tissue is significantly damaged. People aged 35-40 years teeth removed about periodontal disease are 2-3 times more often than as a result of caries and other diseases. The prevalence of periodontal disease varies between countries. In the United States observed periodontal lesion in 60 percent of teens and 90 percent of the people and the senile elderly. The affecting high periodontal disease in the population of India, Nigeria, Italy. In European countries this figure is somewhat lower. In CIS countries, the incidence of periodontal disease, gingivitis is different.

It depends on the geographic area, dietary habits population composition of water and other factors. For example, among the population in the diet due to national traditions is a large amount of meat, protein, carbohydrates, periodontal diseases occur much more frequently than among people who eat rationally, taking into account the needs of the organism. Periodontal condition depends on the composition of drinking water. Not enough content in it trace elements, in particular fluorine, is one of the causes of disease teeth. Given this, in many areas is fluoridated drinking water.

People living in adverse climatic conditions, it is recommended to enrich your diet with fruit, vegetables and foods containing vitamins C and RA exacerbation of periodontal diseases contribute to fatigue, colds, flu, and dysfunction of the digestive, nervous and mental stress. The inflammatory process may be exacerbated during periods of menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, as well as in diseases of the genitourinary system and other diseases. Treatment of periodontal disease depends on their nature. Distinguish inflammatory, dystrophic and neoplastic processes. Of the periodontal diseases are the most common gingivitis, generalized periodontitis and periodontal disease.


Analysis of the literature shows that extraintestinal manifestations of IBD occur in 5-20% of cases and divided into three groups: 1. Independent of inflammatory activity in the intestine (joint damage (peripheral arthritis), skin (erythema nodosum, pyoderma gangrenosum), ocular (episcleritis, uveitis, iridocyclitis) and vascular (thrombosis, embolism). 2. Do not depend on the activity of inflammation in the intestines (the defeat of the joints (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sacroiliitis), the lesions pankreatogepatobiliarnoy system (primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), holangiogennaya carcinoma, autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) and skin lesions (psoriasis). 3.

The consequences of malabsorption and of inflammation (steatohepatitis, cholelithiasis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic cholecystitis, osteoporosis, anemia, amyloidosis). Hepatobiliary system and IBD. Liver and biliary tract is common in NUC and BC. Data on the frequency of liver damage in IBD is largely dependent on the completeness of the survey. In 17-27% of patients with NUC and 38% of BC was observed increased activity of transaminases and alkaline phosphatase, as well as increase the level of bilirubin.

Histological examination of biopsy specimens of liver obtained from patients with IBD showed that 50-60% of those observed moderate changes (fatty infiltration). Severe liver damage occurs in less than 3% of patients. Primary sclerosing cholangitis. If there are areas of PSC narrowing intra and extrahepatic bile ducts with their prestenoticheskim extension. It is established that patients with PSC in 70-80% of cases also have IBD, and in 12-15% patients with IBD is detected PSC. The prevalence of PSC is 2-7 cases per 100 thousand population, with men affected 2 times more often than women. It is assumed that the increased permeability of the intestinal epithelium in NUC facilitates penetration of endotoxin and toxic bacterial products into the portal vein and then into the liver. Toxins can cause periangiocholitis, impaired excretion of bile and bile duct damage. Not exclude them enterohepatic circulation. In 80-85% of patients with PSC and in 30-80% of cases in patients with IBD revealed antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, which is possibly a reflection of general immune mechanisms.


Farsightedness, hyperopia, thick glasses, rubbed the bridge with the fingerprints from the rim … Familiar words and feelings associated with them? Nowadays, almost every second man and one woman aged over 50 years wear glasses with a thick glass! This means that about 40% of middle age have a visual impairment by type of presbyopia. Under the terrible title, "presbyopia" understand global process that occurs throughout the body. Eyesight is designed so that all the light falling on svetovospriimchivy layer (retina) is 4 light-refracting first layer – the cornea, anterior chamber fluid, lens, vitreous body. Each layer of its functionality and purpose. vSeychas will discuss the form of eye as a whole.

The clarity of images on the retina is affected not only the ability of the lens to change its curvature and hence the focus. Also on the clarity affects shape of the eye – in fact at the same power index and different focal length, sharpness, too, will be different. According to the theory of Bates in the normal form eyes changing every moment – that contribute to the six eye muscles – 2 and 4 skew lines. Oblique muscles of the eye pose a horizontal ellipse in longitudinal section, that is, squeezing it from the outside toward the center, thus increasing the necessary focal length. A straight – from the eye creates a vertical ellipse, that is, squeezing it from front to back, reducing the required focal length, which can reconstruct the lens. The fact is that during adolescence, youth, maturity, normally straight and oblique muscles work in harmony and with equal force.

Learn A Little About Yourself

Love to draw? Excellent! Did you know that your funny pictures can tell about you a lot of interesting information? For a specialist course, but you also have already demon-five minutes a specialist? We have, however, not a circle of young talent We therefore draw geometric shapes. Well, to begin with a look at what the overall picture of the life you have. Do you already have paper and pen? Yeah, well. So, draw three circles. Your first past the second – the present and the third, Naturally, the future.

And each of them put a capital letter time (n, n, b). Ready? And now look. Soooo, what is the distance between the circles? Your future is away from you on the floor sheet? Or the past? In fact, before you now visually depicts your plans, experiences and expectations. Ideal scheme probably does not exist. You create it, it is yours, and you decide what is ideal. But it is worth considering, if the terms of the past too closely, or creeps on Currently, much less future. Is it too much attention you pay to him? You can not always live in the past. By the way, the most obvious sign that you "sits up" in the past is ….

Constipation. So be careful. As difficulties with the toilet, thinking: "I do not often leaf through the photos ….." More about your attitude toward your life say the size of circles. For comparison, here is an example of that, children, circle of the Future, the biggest draw.

Products Stress

The effect of this therapy, which is called there – the extra pounds did not wait long. But healthy Products and neutralize stress hormones, and figure priberegut. After a few easy days of this diet you will notice the results – feel better, will be a natural complexion and mood – excellent! However cute tummy – this is only part of the problem. With a constant excess cortisol dying neurons in the brain. Among other things, it prevents the formation of serotonin – a hormone mood. The result – depression! Next on the program: depression – Overeating – the extra pounds on my stomach.

Relax against the main method of stress to deal with stress, for sure, you know: you can not make a difference – change your attitude towards it. To do this you need to master any you like method of relaxation. If you are a human endeavor and achievement, engage in sports such as tai-bo and step-aerobics. Exercise can help relieve the negative energy and allow another look at the problem. If you want to radically change the attitude towards life in general and to stress in particular, then enjoy a yoga or Taichi. No time or desire to engage in all of the above? Learn basic meditation and deep breathing – these methods allow to overcome any stress.

Not only for the beauty of fat in the waist, which doctors call central obesity – is not just ugly but also dangerous! Central obesity leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes the second type, and even cancer. Often the structure of the figure is inherited, but genetic predisposition – is the reason only a quarter of all diseases associated with obesity. The only way to solve the problem – lifestyle changes. And it's completely within your power! Medicine from the plates and still without a diet is not enough. Importantly, do not go to extremes and do not limit yourself at all – because it is too stressful. So you need a healthy, balanced diet with anti-stress effect. Mediterranean – just like that. No wonder people of the Mediterranean suffer much less than others. Scientists suggest that their diet has a calming effect, helping the body fight chronic stress. The basis of the diet are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, cheese, nuts, seeds, olive oil. The secret – in small batches and special food culture, when food intake is converted into the present ritual. Thus, summarizing all the above, that would get rid of the protruding belly and fat in the waist to: Eliminate the cause of stress. Determine the source of stress, try to avoid or easier to treat because stress. As they say – do not take into golovu.Nauchitsya relax. Select relaxation: active sports, yoga, meditatsiyVybrat diet that you will be approached. Here are a few healthy eating PS Please Attention! Recommended sites on the subject of getting rid of belly fat

Super Useful Blueberry

Vaccinium myrtillus L. – Blueberry Sam. Ericaceae – Strongly branched shrub Brusnichnoe height of 15-50 cm stems are thin, ribbed, green. Leaves alternate, ovate, serrulate at the edges, glabrous or light green, deciduous. Flowers solitary (2) on short stalks in the axils of upper leaves.

Corolla urceolate-globose, reddish or greenish-pink. The fruit is spherical, many-seeded berry with a bluish black coating on the surface. It flowers from May to July. Distribution. It grows in coniferous enlightened and broad-leaved forests and shrubs (mostly spruce, pine and beech) on gravelly and rocky glades, alpine pastures and peat bogs. Found throughout Europe (in the south only in the mountains). Raw materials.

Used as raw leaves (Folia Myrtilli) and fruit (Fructus Myrtilli). The leaves are dried at temperatures up to 45eC, and fruit after the evaporation of most of the moisture from them, finally dried at a temperature of 60-70 C. Fruits have pleasant sweet-sour astringent taste. Content. The leaves contain up to 20% tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, ursolic acid and a small amount of essential oil. Dried fruits contain 5-10% tannins, sugars, pectin-free organic acids, vitamin C, anthocyanin pigment and other main effect. Adstringentnoe (astringent), anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic. Experimental data. The experiments revealed that a decoction of blueberries for 24 hours sterilizes in vitro culture medium, infected B. coli, bacillus and bacillus Ebert Gertner. In experiments on dogs Poulsson observed hypoglycemic effect. It is established that contained in the leaves glycoside neamirtilin lowers blood sugar in experimental diabetes in animals aloksanovom. Empirical data. In folk medicine, bilberry fruit in many countries is used to treat gastro-intestinal disorders, inflammatory processes in the mouth, gingivitis, aftah, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Winternitz) treats are hard to treat other opiates and astringent decoction of chronic diarrhea blueberries. He also applies them in external treatment of eczema. Leclerc argues that people with diabetes who developed ulcerative stomatitis, works best mouthwash decoction of blueberries. Decoction of leaves of blackberry, along with a decoction of Mulberry leaves are used in the initial diabetes. Bart, Rayhery Levind and managed to eliminate sugar in the urine of diabetics, a decoction of the leaves of bilberry, and this is in any case not accompanied by a decrease in blood glucose levels. Some authors argue that the decoction of the leaves of blueberry and has hypotonic effect on patients with high blood pressure. In fresh or stewed blueberries in the form recommended for treatment of diabetic retinopathy. It is believed that anthocyanosides improve vision. In folk medicine, bilberry is used: for diarrhea – a few pieces of dried fruit or fresh blueberries well chewed over short intervals of time and then swallow, with stomach pain take 10-12 drops of an alcohol infusion of blueberries (on a sugar cube) or with a dollop of warm water or wine (alcoholic extract of bilberry prepared as follows: 8 tablespoons blueberries to put in a bottle for half a liter, pour clean vodka or rubbing alcohol, stand for months), with chronic rheumatism use a decoction of 40 grams of fruit that is cooked 20 minutes per 200 g of water – drink 5-6 tablespoons per day for a long period of time. Method of application. In the form of tinctures, broths and jams. Rp. Fructus Myrtilli 100,0 DS for 2 teaspoons of cold 300 g of extract (endure 8 hours and then strain) – the daily dose (for diarrhea). – Use of Medicinal Plants

Lifestyle And Infertility

Nowadays 30% of infertility is caused by disorders of the female, 30% – male disorders, 30% is the combined infertility. And 10% of the doctors can not find the cause of infertility. It is important to remember that among the factors cervix. Women who smoke the success of ART (helper reproductive technology) is much lower – their ovaries react poorly to ovulation stimulation. In men, nicotine leads to disruption of the educational process sperm. Drug abuse (marijuana, etc.) and medications that are prohibited by the uncontrolled admission, reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. In particular, alcohol lowers levels of testosterone – a hormone that plays an important role in the formation of sperm. In women, alcohol in large amounts interferes with the menstrual cycle and leads to the cessation of ovulation.

Alcohol also increases the likelihood of miscarriage and can cause birth defects in unborn babies. Nutrition is an important factor weight. A significant deviation from the norm – whether overweight or lack of it can lead to a reduction coffee consumption. You should also remember that fizzy drinks and chocolate contain caffeine. There is evidence that drinking a cup of coffee before intercourse can increase the activity of sperm. Folic acid acid found in green leaves of vegetables, lentils, asparagus, papaya, broccoli, liver, chicken and veal boiled eggs, wheat germ. Sport Despite the apparent benefit of maintaining good shape, excessive physical stress can negatively impact on men seeking to conceive. Increased body temperature in the scrotum, sperm quality deteriorates.

Sandalwood To OIL

OIL 'Virgo' 4 drops of a bouquet of patchouli 2 drops evernii 1 drop cypress OIL 'Demeter' 3 drops Myrrh 2 drops vetiver 1 drop bouquet evernii 'spread to attract money and success initiatives and implementation of evaluation. Apply also on the body to work in the garden, cleaning harvest and work with herbs for fertility. Helps to attune to the energy of the Earth. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 1) 5 drops 5 drops ptigreyna black pepper is used to protect against all kinds of attacks. Put it also on windows doors and other parts of the house. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 2) 4 drops Basil 3 drops geranium 2 drops Pine 1 drop vetiver OIL 'land' (Elemental) 4 drops Patchouli 4 drops cypress awakens the energy of the earth, makes money, prosperity, abundance, stability.

(See Chapter 19.) Butter 'before the interview and 4 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops Lavender 1 drop Rose used to all kinds of interviews. Helps make a favorable impression. OIL 'HEALING' ( 1) 4 drops Rosemary 2 drops Juniper 1 drop Sandalwood OIL 'HEALING' ( 2), 3 drops eucalyptus 1 drop 1 drop palmarosa nayauli 1 drop of peppermint is used for narrow-leaved healing. OIL 'Capricorn' 3 drops vetiver 2 drops Cypress 1 drop Patchouli Used as a personal oil to increase strength. OIL 'LUNAR' 4 parts Sandalwood 2 parts Lemon 1 part of camphor is used to attract the influence of the Deity. OIL 'MOON' 1 drop Jasmine 1 drop Sandalwood To increase the power of dreams, healing, good night's sleep, fertility and other influences of the moon.

Plastic Surgery In Germany – Plastic Breasts

Female breast – it is not only part of the body of every woman, but also great aesthetic pleasure, a sign of motherhood and womanhood. However, very often a woman unhappy with natural or acquired shape and volume his chest. Transformation and restoration of chest of beauty – is the primary task of every surgeon in clinics in Germany, in this and focus their high skills. Professional plastic surgeon, conducting therapy in Germany gives a guarantee on their work, which significantly reduces the risk of substandard operations. Plastic breasts in Germany begins with the psychological testing of an individual plan, which resulted in specialists assess voluntariness and willingness to change in breast shape or its size. Before each operation to avoid possible complications conducted a comprehensive, thorough examination. This greatly improves safety and the quality of the upcoming plastic surgery to change his chest. Breast reduction, breast augmentation, correction of the form – all these operations are carried out successfully in German clinics.

If you change the shape of the breast implants used different forms (anatomical shape, round, high profile) and filler. Widely used model with a special silicone gel having the self-preservation form even if damaged shells, and table salt. On All implants for patients by a lifetime warranty. Full details of the operation: technique of an operation, a suture, the position of implants – previously discussed with the patient and shall only be used after surgeon and patient communication about the advantages and disadvantages of each method. After surgery patients given rehabilitation, which, according to an individual plan, identify all possible loads and rest on the operated limb.