Gastrointestinal Diseases

Perhaps no single organ of the human body is not created so many proverbs and sayings, many of the stomach. Is it because, sometimes, as they say, "the belly of the head is more expensive?" After all, "hunger – not an aunt, frost – not my brother" at times, "Forest fire burning hunger" and "an empty stomach and empties the mind" because "there is nothing heavier than an empty stomach." Yes, the "empty belly to all deaf," life itself confirms that "when it comes to hunger – leaves shame." Plants that well help in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. For more information see this site: PCRM. Cottonweed marsh, or swamp cottonweed. Russian title: cottonweed marsh; Ukrainian: cottonweed, suhotsvIt bolotyany; Polish: SUSZka vLotNa, SZRota vLotNa. Family: SomroSItae – Compositae. Cottonweed marsh – a type of cottonweed.

Annual plant height of 10-25 cm from the base of stem is usually stretched-branched, with leaves woolly-tomentose. Leaves oblong-linear, with one vein. Flowers yellowish-white, gathered close to the beam ends of branches. Baskets of dense pubescence at the base and wrapped in leaves. Josyann Abisaab wanted to know more. Seeds glabrous. Blooms all summer, from July to almost end of October.

Is widespread. It grows in damp meadows, wet fields, pareninah, river banks, ditches with, as well as in fields located in low lying areas. Going all the plant during its intense flowering, mainly in dry, sunny weather. Is well-known as a soothing pain, healing wounds and ulcers, lowers blood pressure. In scientific medicine only recently began to use this plant. Traditional medicine has long used the it as a tincture to linseed oil on a rag to latch on burned sites, and in the water napar – for wound healing.


Farsightedness, hyperopia, thick glasses, rubbed the bridge with the fingerprints from the rim … Familiar words and feelings associated with them? Nowadays, almost every second man and one woman aged over 50 years wear glasses with a thick glass! This means that about 40% of middle age have a visual impairment by type of presbyopia. Under the terrible title, "presbyopia" understand global process that occurs throughout the body. Eyesight is designed so that all the light falling on svetovospriimchivy layer (retina) is 4 light-refracting first layer – the cornea, anterior chamber fluid, lens, vitreous body. Each layer of its functionality and purpose. vSeychas will discuss the form of eye as a whole.

The clarity of images on the retina is affected not only the ability of the lens to change its curvature and hence the focus. Also on the clarity affects shape of the eye – in fact at the same power index and different focal length, sharpness, too, will be different. According to the theory of Bates in the normal form eyes changing every moment – that contribute to the six eye muscles – 2 and 4 skew lines. Oblique muscles of the eye pose a horizontal ellipse in longitudinal section, that is, squeezing it from the outside toward the center, thus increasing the necessary focal length. A straight – from the eye creates a vertical ellipse, that is, squeezing it from front to back, reducing the required focal length, which can reconstruct the lens. The fact is that during adolescence, youth, maturity, normally straight and oblique muscles work in harmony and with equal force.

How To Cope With Panic Attacks

Panic attack – one of the worst states that people can experience: sudden palpitations, cold sweat, trembling hands, shortness of breath. All this is accompanied by a panic fear, fear of death, fear go crazy, feeling that the soul leaves the body. This state has experienced MA Berlioz thus May evening: "He suddenly stopped hiccuping, his heart was knocked for a moment and somewhere has failed, then returned, but with a blunt needle, entrenched in it. In addition, Berlioz embraced unfounded, but equally strong fear that he wanted to immediately run away from Patriarch's Ponds without looking back. "Panic attack catches of both men and women, young and fully mature individuals.

More often it happens in times of hormonal changes the body after an emotional or intellectual overexertion, alcohol abuse or tobacco. Her attacks are sporadic, but may recur with a certain intervals for many years. With her successful fight psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. But they first need to get! So, what do you do if you are attacked by panic? Well, if it occurs at home or at work – immediately go to the bathroom, loosen the belt and collar, and hands – under the hot water, if possible – and feet. Breathe deeply, with a rapid breath in through your nose and exhale as slowly through a gap in her lips. McDougall Program has much to offer in this field. Make a warm drink, but only without the caffeine! It would be nice and something light to eat.

Try to sleep at least briefly. Now assume that there was trouble on the streets or in public transport. Breathe in the same way – quick breath in through your nose and exhale slowly through a slit in the lips. Fingers (and better – the nails) we press on the little finger of your other hand to the spot where the nail ends. Opportunities to warm their hands and feet do not? Not a problem – imagine that the center of the feet and palms of you are still hot embers. Concentrate on reading to himself some well-known poem from childhood. For example, the boy, put him in a dog sled. Try to answer the questions looked like a boy and a dog, why the dog ran away? How in principle can be attached to a dog sled? etc. Those who believe the state of a panic attack trying to get out of the body of the soul, it is advised to avoid this with his hands clasped in a "lock" when bent fingers of one hand cling to the bent fingers of the other, and with a voltage pull your hands in opposite directions. It is worth mentioning that the medieval monks similar conditions to explain the pride subjected to adversity. Surprisingly, not bad helps emotional memory about a certain situation where you have offended, humiliated. Finally, if all else fails and you are sure that now fall into a swoon, command me: "Fall!" And would not fall. This advice belongs, by the way, Chekhov.

Super Useful Blueberry

Vaccinium myrtillus L. – Blueberry Sam. Ericaceae – Strongly branched shrub Brusnichnoe height of 15-50 cm stems are thin, ribbed, green. Leaves alternate, ovate, serrulate at the edges, glabrous or light green, deciduous. Flowers solitary (2) on short stalks in the axils of upper leaves.

Corolla urceolate-globose, reddish or greenish-pink. The fruit is spherical, many-seeded berry with a bluish black coating on the surface. It flowers from May to July. Distribution. It grows in coniferous enlightened and broad-leaved forests and shrubs (mostly spruce, pine and beech) on gravelly and rocky glades, alpine pastures and peat bogs. Found throughout Europe (in the south only in the mountains). Raw materials.

Used as raw leaves (Folia Myrtilli) and fruit (Fructus Myrtilli). The leaves are dried at temperatures up to 45eC, and fruit after the evaporation of most of the moisture from them, finally dried at a temperature of 60-70 C. Fruits have pleasant sweet-sour astringent taste. Content. The leaves contain up to 20% tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, ursolic acid and a small amount of essential oil. Dried fruits contain 5-10% tannins, sugars, pectin-free organic acids, vitamin C, anthocyanin pigment and other main effect. Adstringentnoe (astringent), anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic. Experimental data. The experiments revealed that a decoction of blueberries for 24 hours sterilizes in vitro culture medium, infected B. coli, bacillus and bacillus Ebert Gertner. In experiments on dogs Poulsson observed hypoglycemic effect. It is established that contained in the leaves glycoside neamirtilin lowers blood sugar in experimental diabetes in animals aloksanovom. Empirical data. In folk medicine, bilberry fruit in many countries is used to treat gastro-intestinal disorders, inflammatory processes in the mouth, gingivitis, aftah, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Winternitz) treats are hard to treat other opiates and astringent decoction of chronic diarrhea blueberries. He also applies them in external treatment of eczema. Leclerc argues that people with diabetes who developed ulcerative stomatitis, works best mouthwash decoction of blueberries. Decoction of leaves of blackberry, along with a decoction of Mulberry leaves are used in the initial diabetes. Bart, Rayhery Levind and managed to eliminate sugar in the urine of diabetics, a decoction of the leaves of bilberry, and this is in any case not accompanied by a decrease in blood glucose levels. Some authors argue that the decoction of the leaves of blueberry and has hypotonic effect on patients with high blood pressure. In fresh or stewed blueberries in the form recommended for treatment of diabetic retinopathy. It is believed that anthocyanosides improve vision. In folk medicine, bilberry is used: for diarrhea – a few pieces of dried fruit or fresh blueberries well chewed over short intervals of time and then swallow, with stomach pain take 10-12 drops of an alcohol infusion of blueberries (on a sugar cube) or with a dollop of warm water or wine (alcoholic extract of bilberry prepared as follows: 8 tablespoons blueberries to put in a bottle for half a liter, pour clean vodka or rubbing alcohol, stand for months), with chronic rheumatism use a decoction of 40 grams of fruit that is cooked 20 minutes per 200 g of water – drink 5-6 tablespoons per day for a long period of time. Method of application. In the form of tinctures, broths and jams. Rp. Fructus Myrtilli 100,0 DS for 2 teaspoons of cold 300 g of extract (endure 8 hours and then strain) – the daily dose (for diarrhea). – Use of Medicinal Plants

Apple Health Properties

This wonderful fruit saves people from neoplasms, eczema, sciatica, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, burns, herpes, the remainders of bones on the legs, mastitis, prostatic adenoma, fibroid, as well as they treat bowel cancer uterus and stomach. For the treatment of fetal alcohol tincture applied McClure. To take about a year. Source: Dr. Neal Barnard. Only with such long-term use can the desired result. McClure, if properly applied it can get rid of even from the metastases.

It was also necessary to clean the body and fasting rates based on the juice, according to the method Broysa. Instead of juice can be therapeutic to raw food. The tincture should be taken daily. It contributes to raising the immunity, strengthen the body's vital energy, reduces toxicity, improves cardiovascular and nervous system, kills viruses and prevents tumor. McClure juice is white milky color. Its used to treat skin disorders – eczema, dermatitis, radiculitis, polyarthritis, skin cancer, as well as bleeding abnormalities, and hypertension. Prepare a tincture from McClure To prepare fruit liqueurs McClure cut into slices, lay in a jar to the top, and fill it with 50 alcohol.

You can start priyam within 6-10 days, but must insist on the six months to a year. Tincture becomes orange, similar to tea. It is important that the bank was filled to the top, so there was no air because of its presence oxidizes polyphenols, and other medicinal substances, why they become inactive. The fruits, which remained after the merger of tinctures, scroll through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.

Sandalwood To OIL

OIL 'Virgo' 4 drops of a bouquet of patchouli 2 drops evernii 1 drop cypress OIL 'Demeter' 3 drops Myrrh 2 drops vetiver 1 drop bouquet evernii 'spread to attract money and success initiatives and implementation of evaluation. Apply also on the body to work in the garden, cleaning harvest and work with herbs for fertility. Helps to attune to the energy of the Earth. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 1) 5 drops 5 drops ptigreyna black pepper is used to protect against all kinds of attacks. Put it also on windows doors and other parts of the house. OIL 'PROTECTION' ( 2) 4 drops Basil 3 drops geranium 2 drops Pine 1 drop vetiver OIL 'land' (Elemental) 4 drops Patchouli 4 drops cypress awakens the energy of the earth, makes money, prosperity, abundance, stability.

(See Chapter 19.) Butter 'before the interview and 4 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops Lavender 1 drop Rose used to all kinds of interviews. Helps make a favorable impression. OIL 'HEALING' ( 1) 4 drops Rosemary 2 drops Juniper 1 drop Sandalwood OIL 'HEALING' ( 2), 3 drops eucalyptus 1 drop 1 drop palmarosa nayauli 1 drop of peppermint is used for narrow-leaved healing. OIL 'Capricorn' 3 drops vetiver 2 drops Cypress 1 drop Patchouli Used as a personal oil to increase strength. OIL 'LUNAR' 4 parts Sandalwood 2 parts Lemon 1 part of camphor is used to attract the influence of the Deity. OIL 'MOON' 1 drop Jasmine 1 drop Sandalwood To increase the power of dreams, healing, good night's sleep, fertility and other influences of the moon.