Vitria Hepatitis

The microbiological analyses carried through nagua consumed by the studied communities had not presented resultadosindicadores of contamination for termotolerantes coliformes, giving entenderque the occurrence of it occasion of Hepatitis It can be related with adeficincia in practical the hygienical ones adopted by the local population. INTRODUCTION the Hepatitis (HA) is one of the oldest illnesses conhecidaspelo man and represents a problem of extreme importance for the countries emdesenvolvimento, which had to the high coefficients of incidence, as well as paraos developed countries, in which, due to improvement of the conditions sanitriase of personal hygiene, observed a decline of the incidence of the disease and umaumento in the age of acquisition of infeco1. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. The preventivasinespecficas measures to prevent the exposition to the VHA (virus of the Hepatitis), taiscomo meticulous personal hygiene, improvement of the sanitary standards of communicate agglomeration absence human being, has answered for the reduction of the incidnciada HA in the countries desenvolvidos2. Considering that the virus dHepatite It can be transmitted through the water, it is essential that this submersible to the disinfection for adjusted processes that represent a etapaessencial for water attainment potvel3. People such as Josyann Abisaab would likely agree. The station of ornamentation supplies the studied region uses gas chlorine as disinfection product. STUDIED CHARACTERIZATION DOSBAIRROS the quarters Great Victory.

Estrelinha and Inhanguet are vizinhos manguezal area composing an area that shelters, in its majority, families debaixa income. To read more click here: Dr. Josyann Abisaab. The region is supplied with water of ETA I, makes use of collection etratamento of sewers, is benefited with public garbage collection of regular form (daily) and the streets of the quarters are sidewalk. After the confirmation of the detected cases of HepatiteA, high tide, promovendoseu direct contact with the inhabitants; 2) the population of the place has as practical usualo garbage launching in filled with earth area, next to the tide what it provokes seuespalhamento in entorno of the residences; 3) exist residences directly launching seusesgotos in the pluvial water gallery existing in the place; 4) contaminated pluvial adrenagem with sewers is launched in waters of the tide; 5) nasresidncias with confirmed cases of HA recklessness with cuidadosprimrios of cleanness and the conservation of the habitation, and, still great was verified nmerode people inhabiting in the same housing; 6) the school frequented for the children> Cases of Hepatitis in the quarters the Great Victory, Estrelinha and Inhanguet, of 2000 the 06/2006 Cases of Hepatitis the Year of 06/2006 occurrence 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Number of confirmed cases 1 0 0 0 0 5 18 Source: VigilnciEpidemiolgica of the City department of Health of Victory OBJECTIVE To analyze the relation enters the microbiological quality of guade human consumption and the occurrence of one I occasion of Hepatitis in the three quarters domunicpio one of Vitria/ES.

Paulo Springs

98 areas of reforestation in all State of So Paulo had been evaluated, in a total of 2500 hectares. Some of the objectives of the project had been to identify the forms most adequate to transfer knowledge to the society, to subsidize ambient licensing of the state and among others to support action of the Public prosecution service and Secretariat of Environment. The resolution is the parameter to be followed technician. The resolution established minimum number of species for hectare. Projects of reforestation of up to one hectare for example must count on 30 species.

Already those implemented in bigger areas that 50 hectares, the minimum requirement is of 80 distinct species. Another recommendation aims at to protect the species in extinguishing respecting itself the regions or formations of occurrence. Evaluating the results of this resolution one concluded that it had greater conservation of the biodiversity and the best quality of the reforestations (BARBOSA, 2003). Ahead of the raised aspects, in the consulted works, it is confirmed total relevance in the recovery of the areas of ciliar bush, over all of springs, as a pledge of the water supply. Moreover, the ciliares bushes allow and promote of the ecological balance of the fauna and flora, aquatic and terrestrial, preserving the genetic banks and the life. Narrow relation exists enters the quality of the water of the water bodies and the preservation of the ciliar bush. The choice of optimum model of recovery depends, amongst other factors, of the degradation level where if it finds the area to be revegetada, of the objectives of replantio and of the amount of available resources, but always taking as model the local remaining vegetation. The areas of entorno of springs present high degree of especificidades how much the species to be used due to the gradient of humidity of the ground. Amongst the areas that border the water courses, the ones that they surround the springs must present priority in the projects of revegetao of the ciliares formations, since the processes are sufficiently susceptveis areas erosivos.REFERENCIA BIBLIOGRAPHICAL: BARBOSA, L.M.

Cultural Diversity

In this direction, landscape is defined como' ' a heterogeneous mosaic formed by interactive units, being existing estaheterogeneidade stop at least a factor, according to observing and numadeterminada scale of observao' ' (METZGER, 2001:4). As the mosaicoheterogneo is seen under the optics of the people, of its necessities, eplanos yearnings of territorial occupation e, still, as these individuals act in amplasextenses of its territory, the landscapes must be considered in the analysis dosproblemas ambient (they idem). Deelementos the natural landscapes are decurrent of the combination that characterize a part of the terrestrial surface. The elementosnaturais: rivers, lakes, relief, climate, ground, vegetation, are on, with umaforte interaction between itself. The nature forms varied landscapes, but the human beings, when they occupy these landscapes, modify them with its activities. Currently, aspaisagens if find submitted with greater or minor intensity to the influnciaantrpica and, consequentemente, modified.

Cultural diversity the subject of the cultural diversity, in the scope of UNESCO, to visagarantir cultural autonomy and is the main structure to keep distinodas cultures. In this context, it was concluded the Convention on the Protection and Artistic Promoo of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Expressions quedetermina in its article 4, paragraph II, that Cultural Diversity is a' ' multiplicity of ways for which if they express the culture of the grupossociais and society (…) the diversity cultural if not only manifest for diversasformas that it is protected, it enriches and it transmits the patrimony cultural dahumanidade' ' , but still, through ' ' variety of expressions culturaisde that the goods and services of all are carrying the parts of the world, distinct atravsdos means of production, diffusion, distribution and consumo' ' (UNESCO, 2004). The cultural diversity part of the comment of the difference dosmitos, stories, the currencies, the commerce, the arts, the techniques, dosinstrumentos, of the languages, sciences, the religions, the races, of ideas, gastronomia etc.

Brazil: Greenhouse Effect

Specialists say that the flatulence of the ruminants (cows, deer, giraffes and others) – it is the third factor for the aggravation of the global heating with 16% of the gase-greenhouse emissions. In first place it is the burning of fsseis fuels and in second of forests that are emitting of carbon dioxide. Brazil is the great world-wide producer of bovine meat e, moreover, it is always destroying forests for magnifying of pastures and production of cultivations. This fact places in them as one of the polluting greaters of the global atmosphere. The Brazilian government says that it is difficult to know where it is having deforestation and forest fires. Until it seems that they never had heard to speak of satellites that all photograph the hiddings place of the land to each minute.

Descupla is one to deceive the ignorants. The Brazilian Congress has a great parcel of guilt for not making serious laws that guarantee the act of receiving of fines applied to the infractors. The annihilating criminals of the forests do not give the minim for the fines because they know that nor justice will obtain to charge. In the practical one, the fines are only for making ahead pretty of the cameras of TV that always is there for registering the stage. The flatulences of the ruminants methane contains a called gas – (CH4) – that collaborates in the aggravation of the effect greenhouse and is 23 times more harmful than the carbon dioxide – (CO2) – the main gas-greenhouse.

The methane is present in pum of almost all the animals. The amount of methane produced for the ruminants is very high. A cow is capable to emit 250 millimeters of methane with only pum. These animals possess one number very bigger of bacteria to help them in the digestion of the glucose of the leves that eat. Each pum of a cow is a true bomb against the ozone layer. How much to the set free gases for the human beings they are not so polluting. The gastroenterologist Dr. Dan Waitzberg, of the College of Medicine of the USP, made some calculations that help in to understand them this question better. According to it, a person emits about 700 millimeters of gases per day. Of this total 360 millimeters are of hydrogen, 68 millimeters of carbon dioxide and only 26 millimeters are of methane. When we analyze cold this question we can perceive that the great production of cattle for cut that the world demands is resulted of the world-wide overpopulation. In the truth our planet does not hold the exaggerated number of people populates that it. It already more than exceeded in 30% its capacity of feeding satisfactorily the world-wide population. We need to reduce the natality drastically human being or the nature will make the population control in unimaginably cruel way. The climatic catastrophes that the world comes suffering are only one acknowledgment of the nature. Nicas Romeo Zanchett – plastic artist