COUNTRY Level – KARMA Consumption: The Power Of Consumers – Consumer Consistently?

COUNTRY mirror shows where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. “Do good by the correct consumption!” has become for many Germans the life motto. Those who take this life’s motto to heart, represented the newly formed society movement of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and Sustainbility). The new magazine country mirror has the mindset and the optimism of this “new tree huggers”, indicating where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. The LOHAS are a group of consumers who buy products, which are, been produced to control the market targeted according to their ideas, not at the expense of the environment or at the expense of workers in the third world.

A horribly of this new environmental movement is by boycotting of unsustainably produced products, manufacturers of equal products from the market to pushing, to increase as demand for environmentally friendly products. Thus they are trying, for example, by boycotting of unsustainable manufactured products, to call a completely new kind of environmental commitment in life. However, the new tree huggers have also its downside, as country mirror turns out consumption in the dossier of KARMA. A related site: endocrinologist mentions similar findings. The biggest criticism it hails from the “classic tree huggers”. The LOHAS accuse to konsumorientiert to act and instead simply to consume less, only her guilty conscience by buying seemingly environmentally friendly and sustainable products to appease. Many critics are asking themselves also were produced as the LOHAS can be at all sure that the products they buy really sustainable or only specially for them are been produced? Such a product policy is called “Greenwashing”.

Greenwashing means that companies by producing some ecological products are attempting to lead consumers behind the light and to present itself as environmentally friendly companies, but with the majority of their products continues to blow pollutants in the air, exploit workers and damaging the environment in the long term. Strategic Consumers want to save the world, as you spend their money only for fair and sustainable products. But that is not so easy. Of the difficulty of doing good and how each manages in the small. The new country mirror – on newsstands now! COUNTRY LEVEL? of course live and enjoy – for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture-landlich living obviously live-gesund enjoy sustainable socio-political concerns-lebendige wellness topics. -Karma consumption: the power of consumers greenwashing, so consumers are deceived company description above country level: country level – of course live and enjoy is the magazine for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture and stands for sustainable socio-political concerns and vibrant wellbeing topics. Trendy LOHAS topics and burning socio-political concerns as feeder like interesting find about healthy nutrition, natural garden, Bauen & Wohnen, energy, development, society, resources and much more. Life with the Nature, rural living and enjoy healthy for a natural and enjoyable life: country level as a supplement and extension to the magazine find readers in, commercial-quality additional offers. The print circulation is 200,000 magazine. Distribution via the Dorothy Vertriebs GmbH nationwide options appearance. The copy price is 3,90EUR the magazine is moved over the publishing and media company FOOXX GmbH from Bad Honnef, next to the mirror of the country also known as! technology and multimedia – and the financial and business magazine know how! moved. The publishing house is also leading marketers of digital value-added products in Europe. Company contact: country mirror / FOOXX Verlag GmbH Ralph M. Bali Rathausplatz 6 53604 Bad Honnef Tel: 02224-9390-26 E-Mail: Web:

Secret Meditation

Use meditation – perhaps you are wondering who I am find happiness, love and partnership. There are many names and terms for me. I could be your intuition; your gut feelings; a spontaneous idea; a freak of nature; the voice of a people very connected to you; a part of your soul; an Angel, on whose characters you so long waited. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. Pick something and welcome – I’m here for you. Many visitors to the new interactive Web site secret, or.Secret have addressed already by their intuition”can be. The page that meditation in either female or male voice explains the features, opportunities and benefits of the new Sunrise and starry sky, is enthusiastically. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin.

The designer of meditation, where one can assemble his individual meditation online and download, and the Visionboard Bastelstube, joins from now the new theme world. Here is food, health for selected topics, like for example, partner, or Occupation, described in detail how the user can focus the meditations for known issues. Also, a newly established online – forum provides the ability to share experiences or ask questions. To reach the new world, which will constantly be expanded directly under is

New Winter Sport Catalog

Lots of snow for little flakes, also in the 2009/10 season! S & P-travel published the catalogue for the season 2009/10 it is ready. The winter is coming, and just in time to the beginning of the season, the team of & P has-travel completed the new winter catalog. Classics”like the ski – and Boarderweek in Val Thorens or the uni Champ in Les 2 Alpes, popular especially among students can be found in this season the snow zone and that Guyana weekend in Ischgl for the first time on the event agenda. Hunter Schafer addresses the importance of the matter here. The SPM camp takes place 2009/10 twice in the season, both on new year’s Eve and Easter. So anyone who is planning his ski vacation, is in good hands at & P. Of the poor student, who alone or on a group tour of good but cheap snowboarding want about individual trips in the snow; the new catalogue offers something that would like to go on great ski trip for everyone. Sigmund Freud has many thoughts on the issue. Families come at their expense, the winter holiday with children is with the offers of the ski-family for both parents and the dear little ones a memorable Experience. The existing winter sports – aim in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Switzerland some new to have joined, for example, a new chalet in Chatel – Portes you Soleil and new offers in Saas fee, the Grossglockner and the Stubai Valley.. . Patrick dwyer merrill lynch helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

New Year Discount In The Online-shop Of RohKostlich

Sunday brunch from February in the BistRoh of RohKostlich to the shop who RohKostlich to prepare exhibition & Verlag GmbH two actions, which make their shopping even more attractive to customers and some joy in the January and February offers. 5,00 Euro discount: until 31st of January, there is a direct discount of 5.00 euros for each order with a purchase order value of at least 50.00 euros. Just the voucher code Rabatt2014 “specify during the ordering process. Surprise for Valentine’s day: on February 14, the day is again to think about his love of family and the circle of friends and to surprise them with a small and if possible also healthy joy. Therefore we place from the 1st to the 16th February 2014 any orders with an order value of at least 50.00 euros a pack of each organic Octavian Octavian raspberry truffle”(article no.

01207) valued at 8.65 euros at free of charge. The multiple raw food quality excellent chocolate creation is handmade, milk protein-free, vegan, gluten and free of genetic engineering, is a completely new Taste experience. And now we reveal that there will be more discounts and special promotions at Easter at RohKostlich. In time before Easter, additional special offers and discount promotions are set at RohKostlich online-shop. Look what the RohKostlich Easter Bunny has in store for you from March under shop/vital food-shop.

News from the BistRoh – Sunday brunch from February with the launch in the new year of 2014 has been expanded the gastronomic offer in the BistRoh (Birkenweg 2 in Speyer): the drinks menu has been added and so there are now various nut drinks (cashew, almond and hemp) either with vanilla, banana, cocoa, raspberry and Chaigewurz. Also, available fresh squeezed orange juice in organic quality and a homemade lemonade. The weekly changing menu is expanded by Nelly BBs salad creation and thus become even more diverse. A regular Detox in a detox day is necessary for a healthy body. It in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region are no offers currently available, including fresh and properly prepared raw food dishes and juices, there a detox day 6 February 2014 every Thursday in the BistRoh the fair & Verlag GmbH. In advance (one week in advance) a selection of juices, smoothies, nut drinks and a salad for the Detox day is available. If you want to read even more to the attractive price and product offerings, see the post under news on the pages of RohKostlich read more…

Area Gastromobel

A motivated team from came won the favor of restaurant owners came, again is January 15, 2010 – a van turn in Earl Street and stops before the doors of the Essen restaurants sky & ad”. The just traveled in-house photographer Terramobel, Andre Wolff, occurs at the same time over the threshold and enters the restaurant and looks into the empty spaces. The carrier unload the chairs and tables and carries her into the dining room. After hours, tedious back, it’s done. Andre Wolff holds the joyful moment with its digital camera firm and congratulates the owner of the restaurant, which sits proudly on one of his new chairs and with your hands presents the cozy seats. I never thought that it is possible to equip my restaurant so cheap.

And, although the chairs, bar stools and tables are so cheap, their quality but very impressed”as the proud new owner Carsten Goetz. To do this, “Mrs Alexandra Beck, the owner of the company explains: we can offer the customer fantastic prices, because Terramobel maintain special contacts with foreign companies top goods at low prices to sell us and we try to avoid buying through intermediary.” Since Terramobel was in the year 2005 with a few children beds on the market, grew the company from year to year to industries and their depth. “Now, is Terramobel in the field of children’s beds of the market leader in the German online market and builds its expertise in the fields of Bistro – and Gastromobeln” and living / dining room “further out. We get more and more large orders from hotels and restaurant owners, the remedial measures or even start-ups plan”reports Mrs Beck. Often Terramobel receives even requests from foreign countries such as Greece, the Benelux countries, France and Italy. Because we have entered recently in the area of Gastromobel, we look forward all the more that the interested us so much confidence brought with them. “And there were no disappointments so far,” adds Mrs Beck with a confident smile. In the next few months, Terramobel will open an additional online store, which will include only the Division of furniture for restaurants and hotels and to highlight a strong competence in this regard.

About Terramobel: The Terramobel company headquartered 59174 came was founded in the summer of 2005 by the owner Alexandra Beck. Terramobel “stands for a special purpose; rather a vision of an excellent team. At a time of increasing internationalization of economic activity and global trade provides for creation of global markets for capital, goods and services, Terramobel would like to take the chance, through special range design for unbeatable prices, flexibility and optimal customer communication all over the world to establish themselves on the market. A perfectly coordinated and committed troops, want the customers No matter from what angle of our blue planet Terra”originating – convey a special feeling of confidence and him standing and advice, to the site at any time.

New Things Around

The gastro-award Germany AG informed with the new edition of the gastro award a good start succeeded in Oberhaching. Every day new applications come in to the nationally organised as recognised award. The chance that the own guests have the nomination in hand, want which in 2008/2009 many restaurateurs do not miss. At the end, finally beckons the Gaston, who is named in over 20 categories by a renowned jury of the industry at the annual gala in Berlin. A democratic concept, according to which the guest call, (cost per call in the tip amount, 0.49), his vote of confidence and satisfaction can bring to the expression. The experiences of past years show this year again that attending rain is expected. It is new, especially, online via and others with video presentations, online menu, geographical location map to present itself. One of the many attractive opportunities “, so Christine Braun (CEO of GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG), as we our Participants can highlight style”.

Accompanied by industry cooperations, sponsors (gastronomy, food, drinks) and the GASTRO-AWARD grows 2009 from its original role of the award concept and the marketing partner for the gastronomy also partnerships in the field of media. Here you can see himself in the role, even on issues such as for example the non-smoking law”position to take. Again Christine Braun: with much respect for non-smokers, is here especially to the survival of small restaurants. We see the current situation as very critical. Who the sales declines look at, knows that an absolute smoking ban is a game with the existence of many businesses. We urge therefore with our public relations on all fronts responsible on the chance for freedom of choice”. A topical issue which the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG wants to bring its practicality but also their public action for the restaurateurs in the weight. Interested participants can learn now and their Download registration documents on. Can be below 0 89 / 45 02 76-0 with help and advice.

Buy Cheap Rollator, Branded Goods!

Many Walker – users wish rollators, which can as easily however – clearly is minimized but with this weight reduction, the challenge of controlling. There are still not very long the AIDS on the market for walking AIDS and AIDS for therapy. They all rely on the inventiveness of a Swedish woman who was disabled due to a polio. The first prototype was built under the guidance of Aina Wifalk in the late 1970s. Numerous improvements and aspects of comfort and safety led to the highly functional tool, which was also a worldwide success since the 1990s.

Rollators are manufactured today in many versions and many producers and they give back a noticeable increase many contemporaries with a mobility deficit or handicap mobility. With a Rollator in sophisticated design, permanently or temporarily disabled people have a practical tool for the transportation. Ensure the smooth-running roles for a safe stand and a parking brake helps to added security when standing up. The two handles give a very good grip and the walkers are stable against tipping. Also the material used and needed or desired, additional properties or characteristics of the tools is important next to the design. Here helps an exceptionally well-stocked selection to a very demand model with high suitability for everyday use. When purchasing a Rollator and of individual accessories, you can save a lot of money. The World Wide Web with its endless range of goods also extends to AIDS.

Due to the lean structure of this Internet retailers and relatively high volume of sales, disabled in the Internet can make some bargains and save real money. These savings can be used with a Rollator in very good quality by one of the leading producers, excellently, to provide the Walker with useful accessories. The HMM Sanitatshaus always delighted its customers and prospects for a Walker again with the attractive price/performance ratio and low sale prices for AIDS. The Web portal of sets new standards for quality at favourable selling prices. There are also special functions, for example a brake system, which can be operated with one hand the Rollator. Such models are in demand in certain situations and the innovative technology transfers the brake command on both sides. The rehabilitation of stroke patients with halbseitigen paralysis, such functions are very conducive. Seats, basket or Cup holders and more upgrades are model-specific be. Most models of AIDS can be folded for easier transport. Some are also in the midrib when folded together can be switched off. Browse if you are interested just in the Web portal of the HMM Sanitatshaus. In the richly illustrated range on you can find the right model for your application. Company contact: HMM Sven Oppel Mr Sven Oppel in de bend 9 22880 Wedel fon…: 04103 9654104 fax..: 04103-9654336 web…: email:

University Hospital

Child singer-songwriter supports the non-profit singing hospitals Association since November 2012 The multi-award winning children songwriter Reinhard Horn was Cologne, the House on the 23.11.2012 in the Psycho-Oncology Center of University Hospital worth living, CEO of Norbert Hermanns, the musical Ambassador of the non-profit association singing hospitals e.V.”appointed. Reinhard Horn is known for numerous TV appearances over two million sold recordings, children families service concerts as well as frequent speaker for continuing education in the field of education and training. Mr. Horn knows like no other feeling in children and to bring their world singing to the blades. The diverse effects of singing experience in his concerts that makes him an ideal Ambassador for singing hospitals e.V. “.” The children feel themselves singing, experience her body as a friend.

It is so pleasant to feel the vibrations in your own body and the long flowing breath of playful and full of lust sound. “” Prof. Gerald Huther, Member of the Advisory Board of the hospitals in singing”writes, among other things, that the benefit-free singing to an experience of social resonance” leads and the ability to get into the mood “turned on the others and creates a positive emotional basis for acquiring social competences (respect, empathy, self-discipline and sense of responsibility). Feelings are singing perceived and expressed. Fears, anger and grief losing their seriousness in the experienced connectedness and soft of joy.

Songs are so valuable reminder: courageous singing a song, we remember the positive, healing community experience related. Further effects are the facilitation of integration processes, generational effects (young and old), help in language learning and getting to know other cultures. To be accepted in the group, to see how we are and your voice alive in the term self confidence: “Reinhard Horn sings this with children so aptly in the song: I’m great, as I am.” Contact information: Management Office/Management: Sonja home, M.A. monastery courtyard 11 88255 Baindt / Ravensburg Tel.: 07502/91340-50 E-mail: telephone office hours: Mo. Thurs. 10.00 – 13.

Press Portal For Gastronomy your link between press and gastronomy what good is it to draw great events or pamper package to lure when the guests will learn none of this? Who wanted to publish his news, needed so far a good press mailing list and possible relations with the editors. The PR for restaurateurs has become much easier thanks to the Internet: the news will be published in online press portals and the editors can access freely on it. So the gastro messages not between loud sports, politics – or Boulevard messages go under, started before recently Laura ( Press Portal sees itself as a link between press and gastronomy and published exclusively gastronomic messages from the hotel industry, none, scene, disco/disco, lounge, Bistro bar, cafe, etc. Area. The news is easy: login gastro-operation (free of charge) and then publish text with photo.

The information is always online and for all editors visible. The same is also available for the press. Just sign up (free of charge) and be operated on the gastronomic information flood. Also, editors for a good gastro Storry can a requests”start and start an editorial call. No subscription, no costs, no obligations. 100% free of charge. A very good offer of trial”is published on the Web page to learn more editorial feedback. Thousands of registered press officials and restaurateurs agree with the Laura: there is a unique link between the press and the gastronomy!

Germany AG Celtic

The country winner 2009 of category German cuisine in Bavaria comes from bad Tolz Nadja & Maximilian Plotz committed to alpine cuisine and some Mediterranean touch and therefore represent what our former Prime Minister, once with the slogan “Laptop and Lederhosen” described home and yet open to the world. Maximilian Plotz has learned his art in the great houses of the world. After stops in Bangkok, Geneva and in the Ivory Coast, he spoiled the palate of our parliamentarians in the Berlin Reichstag last. There it met also his present wife Nadja. Nadja Plotz was influenced by the already proverbial perfection in the home of beetles, whose restaurant in the Berlin Reichstag she spoiled the powerful international politics together with her husband, before which the two 2004 realized their common dream of life in the form of this fantastic, culinary sanctuary in the beautiful Bavarian Oberland and the former excursion cafe to a multiple award-winning culinary insider’s tip turned. Nadja & Maximilian Plotz committed to alpine cuisine and some Mediterranean touch and therefore represent what our former Prime Minister once described with the slogan “Laptop and Lederhosen” home and yet open to the world.

Perfect service and the high quality of the food earned the award with the GASTRO-AWARD for the ‘best German cuisine’ Bavaria two exception restaurateurs. “The GASTRO-AWARD is above all the most representative industry award, which is not awarded by professional critics, but by the most demanding and at the same time most important jury that is to convince it to every ambitious and dedicated restaurateurs guests.” The winners not only have acquired their current Championship over the years also the GASTRO-AWARD has evolved continually. What began 10 years ago in Munich as a regional test bed with Gala Party, is in the last years to Quality seal for gastronomic performance par excellence became and the nationwide. And: the GASTRO-AWARD is today far more than just a price. He accompanies its participants throughout the year and supports them in everyday life with the objective with simple means to create sustainable value the gastronomes. Publisher: GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG Celtic ring 17 82041 Oberhaching Tel.: + 49 89 / 45 02 76 0 fax: + 49 89 / 45 02 76 11 eMail: