New Things Around

The gastro-award Germany AG informed with the new edition of the gastro award a good start succeeded in Oberhaching. Every day new applications come in to the nationally organised as recognised award. The chance that the own guests have the nomination in hand, want which in 2008/2009 many restaurateurs do not miss. At the end, finally beckons the Gaston, who is named in over 20 categories by a renowned jury of the industry at the annual gala in Berlin. A democratic concept, according to which the guest call, (cost per call in the tip amount, 0.49), his vote of confidence and satisfaction can bring to the expression. The experiences of past years show this year again that attending rain is expected. It is new, especially, online via and others with video presentations, online menu, geographical location map to present itself. One of the many attractive opportunities “, so Christine Braun (CEO of GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG), as we our Participants can highlight style”.

Accompanied by industry cooperations, sponsors (gastronomy, food, drinks) and the GASTRO-AWARD grows 2009 from its original role of the award concept and the marketing partner for the gastronomy also partnerships in the field of media. Here you can see himself in the role, even on issues such as for example the non-smoking law”position to take. Again Christine Braun: with much respect for non-smokers, is here especially to the survival of small restaurants. We see the current situation as very critical. Who the sales declines look at, knows that an absolute smoking ban is a game with the existence of many businesses. We urge therefore with our public relations on all fronts responsible on the chance for freedom of choice”. A topical issue which the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG wants to bring its practicality but also their public action for the restaurateurs in the weight. Interested participants can learn now and their Download registration documents on. Can be below 0 89 / 45 02 76-0 with help and advice.