COUNTRY Level – KARMA Consumption: The Power Of Consumers – Consumer Consistently?

COUNTRY mirror shows where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. “Do good by the correct consumption!” has become for many Germans the life motto. Those who take this life’s motto to heart, represented the newly formed society movement of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and Sustainbility). The new magazine country mirror has the mindset and the optimism of this “new tree huggers”, indicating where and when it is nowadays really worth as a consumer to think upon purchase of a product. The LOHAS are a group of consumers who buy products, which are, been produced to control the market targeted according to their ideas, not at the expense of the environment or at the expense of workers in the third world.

A horribly of this new environmental movement is by boycotting of unsustainably produced products, manufacturers of equal products from the market to pushing, to increase as demand for environmentally friendly products. Thus they are trying, for example, by boycotting of unsustainable manufactured products, to call a completely new kind of environmental commitment in life. However, the new tree huggers have also its downside, as country mirror turns out consumption in the dossier of KARMA. A related site: endocrinologist mentions similar findings. The biggest criticism it hails from the “classic tree huggers”. The LOHAS accuse to konsumorientiert to act and instead simply to consume less, only her guilty conscience by buying seemingly environmentally friendly and sustainable products to appease. Many critics are asking themselves also were produced as the LOHAS can be at all sure that the products they buy really sustainable or only specially for them are been produced? Such a product policy is called “Greenwashing”.

Greenwashing means that companies by producing some ecological products are attempting to lead consumers behind the light and to present itself as environmentally friendly companies, but with the majority of their products continues to blow pollutants in the air, exploit workers and damaging the environment in the long term. Strategic Consumers want to save the world, as you spend their money only for fair and sustainable products. But that is not so easy. Of the difficulty of doing good and how each manages in the small. The new country mirror – on newsstands now! COUNTRY LEVEL? of course live and enjoy – for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture-landlich living obviously live-gesund enjoy sustainable socio-political concerns-lebendige wellness topics. -Karma consumption: the power of consumers greenwashing, so consumers are deceived company description above country level: country level – of course live and enjoy is the magazine for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture and stands for sustainable socio-political concerns and vibrant wellbeing topics. Trendy LOHAS topics and burning socio-political concerns as feeder like interesting find about healthy nutrition, natural garden, Bauen & Wohnen, energy, development, society, resources and much more. Life with the Nature, rural living and enjoy healthy for a natural and enjoyable life: country level as a supplement and extension to the magazine find readers in, commercial-quality additional offers. The print circulation is 200,000 magazine. Distribution via the Dorothy Vertriebs GmbH nationwide options appearance. The copy price is 3,90EUR the magazine is moved over the publishing and media company FOOXX GmbH from Bad Honnef, next to the mirror of the country also known as! technology and multimedia – and the financial and business magazine know how! moved. The publishing house is also leading marketers of digital value-added products in Europe. Company contact: country mirror / FOOXX Verlag GmbH Ralph M. Bali Rathausplatz 6 53604 Bad Honnef Tel: 02224-9390-26 E-Mail: Web: