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Many Walker – users wish rollators, which can as easily however – clearly is minimized but with this weight reduction, the challenge of controlling. There are still not very long the AIDS on the market for walking AIDS and AIDS for therapy. They all rely on the inventiveness of a Swedish woman who was disabled due to a polio. The first prototype was built under the guidance of Aina Wifalk in the late 1970s. Numerous improvements and aspects of comfort and safety led to the highly functional tool, which was also a worldwide success since the 1990s.

Rollators are manufactured today in many versions and many producers and they give back a noticeable increase many contemporaries with a mobility deficit or handicap mobility. With a Rollator in sophisticated design, permanently or temporarily disabled people have a practical tool for the transportation. Ensure the smooth-running roles for a safe stand and a parking brake helps to added security when standing up. The two handles give a very good grip and the walkers are stable against tipping. Also the material used and needed or desired, additional properties or characteristics of the tools is important next to the design. Here helps an exceptionally well-stocked selection to a very demand model with high suitability for everyday use. When purchasing a Rollator and of individual accessories, you can save a lot of money. The World Wide Web with its endless range of goods also extends to AIDS.

Due to the lean structure of this Internet retailers and relatively high volume of sales, disabled in the Internet can make some bargains and save real money. These savings can be used with a Rollator in very good quality by one of the leading producers, excellently, to provide the Walker with useful accessories. The HMM Sanitatshaus always delighted its customers and prospects for a Walker again with the attractive price/performance ratio and low sale prices for AIDS. The Web portal of sets new standards for quality at favourable selling prices. There are also special functions, for example a brake system, which can be operated with one hand the Rollator. Such models are in demand in certain situations and the innovative technology transfers the brake command on both sides. The rehabilitation of stroke patients with halbseitigen paralysis, such functions are very conducive. Seats, basket or Cup holders and more upgrades are model-specific be. Most models of AIDS can be folded for easier transport. Some are also in the midrib when folded together can be switched off. Browse if you are interested just in the Web portal of the HMM Sanitatshaus. In the richly illustrated range on you can find the right model for your application. Company contact: HMM Sven Oppel Mr Sven Oppel in de bend 9 22880 Wedel fon…: 04103 9654104 fax..: 04103-9654336 web…: email: