Area Gastromobel

A motivated team from came won the favor of restaurant owners came, again is January 15, 2010 – a van turn in Earl Street and stops before the doors of the Essen restaurants sky & ad”. The just traveled in-house photographer Terramobel, Andre Wolff, occurs at the same time over the threshold and enters the restaurant and looks into the empty spaces. The carrier unload the chairs and tables and carries her into the dining room. After hours, tedious back, it’s done. Andre Wolff holds the joyful moment with its digital camera firm and congratulates the owner of the restaurant, which sits proudly on one of his new chairs and with your hands presents the cozy seats. I never thought that it is possible to equip my restaurant so cheap.

And, although the chairs, bar stools and tables are so cheap, their quality but very impressed”as the proud new owner Carsten Goetz. To do this, “Mrs Alexandra Beck, the owner of the company explains: we can offer the customer fantastic prices, because Terramobel maintain special contacts with foreign companies top goods at low prices to sell us and we try to avoid buying through intermediary.” Since Terramobel was in the year 2005 with a few children beds on the market, grew the company from year to year to industries and their depth. “Now, is Terramobel in the field of children’s beds of the market leader in the German online market and builds its expertise in the fields of Bistro – and Gastromobeln” and living / dining room “further out. We get more and more large orders from hotels and restaurant owners, the remedial measures or even start-ups plan”reports Mrs Beck. Often Terramobel receives even requests from foreign countries such as Greece, the Benelux countries, France and Italy. Because we have entered recently in the area of Gastromobel, we look forward all the more that the interested us so much confidence brought with them. “And there were no disappointments so far,” adds Mrs Beck with a confident smile. In the next few months, Terramobel will open an additional online store, which will include only the Division of furniture for restaurants and hotels and to highlight a strong competence in this regard.

About Terramobel: The Terramobel company headquartered 59174 came was founded in the summer of 2005 by the owner Alexandra Beck. Terramobel “stands for a special purpose; rather a vision of an excellent team. At a time of increasing internationalization of economic activity and global trade provides for creation of global markets for capital, goods and services, Terramobel would like to take the chance, through special range design for unbeatable prices, flexibility and optimal customer communication all over the world to establish themselves on the market. A perfectly coordinated and committed troops, want the customers No matter from what angle of our blue planet Terra”originating – convey a special feeling of confidence and him standing and advice, to the site at any time.