The Bladder

As for the assertion that this incurable disease and It is not necessary to pay attention, you can say this: this statement is fundamentally incorrect. Today there are effective and proven ways to treat prostatitis. So methods for increasing the duration of sexual Act, the methods that lead to a more sustainable erections, increase feelings during sexual intercourse. Disease, even the running form, you can win! Of course, ideally it should be done at an early stage, or better yet prevent it from appearance, that is to conduct timely preventive maintenance. If you dwell on the prostate, the first thing you need to know the following: an inflammation of the prostate tissue, its swelling. This is the most common urological disease in men aged 20-50 years.

Typically, it begins with bacterial prostatitis, a simple inflammation. Already at this stage of the disease a decrease in erection and duration of sexual intercourse, is characterized by early and painful ejaculation. The same symptoms of the disease are problems with urination, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, the presence of whiskers or bleeding in the urine, pain in the pelvis. If time does not begin treatment, bacterial prostatitis becomes chronic. In the acute stage, chronic prostatitis affects every day more and more areas of prostate tissue. And to restore these tissue is not always possible.

If you start the disease, of course, chronic prostatitis may lead to impotence and infertility. And the greatest danger lies in the fact that because of the constant pain all the time you think about your disease. It will keep your thoughts and distract from the work, and from the rest. And okay if it were just a pain, but we know that they are attracted to the deterioration of erection, and this is always oppressive. Begins to increase tension in the family or with girlfriend. Day after day, it causes depression and develops into a real depression.