The European

Later, knowing the reasons that took to their destitution, it did not change his position and it isolated to the democratic regime, to support to the new one I generate of Hugo Chavez. Obama pleads for the democracy but it makes the view fat if the tyrant is of his political line or religious inspiration. Its absence of the celebration in Germany by the fall of the Wall of Berlin for 20 years, has been giving to reflect. The European leaders met to commemorate the aim of the cold war, but for Obama that celebration by the freedom, in which the United States played the main roll, was not so significant, as to say: the Olympic Games. Until the moment its international policy has given good results him with the Arabs. There has been no attack of magnitude in the West since it assumed the power. Saudi Arabia, soothes religious, intellectual, and financier of the yijadismo, is in good terms with BO, that it has demonstrated to reverente affection by King Abdul and his plan of peace for the Middle East.

For that reason we have not seen run rivers of east blood year. That the islamists have found an ally in Obama, certainly makes the things most difficult. Their declarations and actions when it is the Islam and the Socialists, are eloquent. We must trust an individual whose heart feels attachment by our enemies? The participation of Muslims in the armies of the United States, NATO and Israel, would have to enter revision, similarly that the training to its forces of security. The past week a Afghan police gave death to its trainers. Five British soldiers. We do not forget, the war is religious.

It is the Islam against the others. While the democratic governments resist to accept that politically incorrect truth, the vulnerability of the free world will follow in increase. . to josebrechner. com