Cosmetic Products

People use cosmetics since ancient times, the first mention of cosmetics dates back to antiquity. The cradle of cosmetics is considered ancient Egypt. In ancient Russia was known as many recipes for the care body and hair. Women are widely used herbs, dairy products, bee products, vegetable juices and fats. We used natural minerals and substances. It is clear that in nature there is everything to produce high-quality cosmetic products, but products sold in stores just larded with various additives, and very often not of natural origin, and chemically synthesized that have no counterparts in nature. Many of these additives have a negative effect on the skin, but manufacturers of cosmetics are often not even show some of the specific substances included in the preparations.

Maybe shy? Today, the stores we have seen a lot of different cosmetics. How could understand all this diversity? Beautiful, eye pleasing packaging, well-publicized drugs … I want to try something, and it is! Unfortunately, this is impossible, and it's not the price, the point is stressed, which will test our skin from these samples. Much of what is on the shelves and lures us, simply does not suit our skin. Wholesalers that supply products to manufacturers of cosmetics stores, most of them do not have sufficient knowledge to choose a qualified cosmetic products. But even if you have, guided by economic considerations, they take what you can buy cheap and sell expensive. General information about cosmetics are known to all (or almost everything).

Every day we use some means, but the answer this question: Did you order effect that expected? I do not think any woman confidently say – yes I'm happy! Not all exactly know – what preparation they need to achieve maximum effect Must learn to deal in a variety of cosmetic products, and preferably not by trial and error (these errors are sometimes hard to affect the skin), and not on the advice of friends who have tried a drug. Choose funds needed based on the knowledge structure of the skin, its properties and functions, the action of specific types of cosmetics on skin. Choosing cosmetics for skin care, should be guided by the following considerations. In First we need to make sure the chosen remedy matches your age. What uses the 20-year-old girl did not fit and mature woman, especially a woman in ages. If the skin after 30 years needs to be recharge, it up to 20 years, this makeup just hurt. And since manufacturers do not always indicate the age range for use of their funds, it means that most should be able to assess the nutritional tools. Residents areas with a humid climate will require some funds, and residents of areas with dry climates need funds from other properties. This is due to the fact that low humidity can slow down the processes occurring in the skin at the cellular level. Humid atmosphere can significantly reduce the permeability of the skin, and for effective impact on the cosmetic product will need the ability to increase skin permeability. These, and other information contained in my e-book, Handbook on the choice of cosmetic products for skin care. " Pick her up, for free, please click here. After reading it, you'll feel more confident when choosing cosmetics, but from the fact how well you will choose for themselves, for their skin cosmetic, depends on its effectiveness. Elena Lepa.