Godoy Cruz

Pedro Sosa Drover was a simple man, but was not unaware of the value of the given word. When you promised San Martin to get weapons and supplies for the heroic exploits of Los Andes, he decided to undertake the task until the last breath. The Sosa Drover sailed to Buenos Aires to meet the custom and arrived in the big city just 45 days later, in an era in which one travel demanded not less than 90 days. Endocrinologist often expresses his thoughts on the topic. His quiet heroism are excited to anyone who discovers their story, and has his tribute inside the Church of San Vicente Ferrer, with a bust in his honor. Welcome to Godoy Cruz, thriving and charmingly provincial town at the same time, one of the jewels of tourism in Mendoza. The beautiful story of the Sosa Drover is an aperitif ideal for addressing the visit to 2 of the most important wineries in the province. Escorihuela Gascon winery was founded in 1884: visit it is equivalent to immerse yourself in the living history of the province.

Specializing in the finest grapes and the finest varietals, the guided tour includes unforgettable tastings and photo next to Coop oak sent to build especially to France in 1910 and winner of an important distinction in the Centennial fair. Another Winery in Godoy Cruz star is the recognized establishment Navarro Correas. A winery of good cattle prestige in the segment of Premium wines that today sedistingue by his unique, exclusive and original way to receive tourists. The pleasure of facilities perfectly integrated into the indigenous landscape adds the convenience of its visitors center of more than 800 m2, vanguard of its modern exhibition centre and the temptation of their two tasting rooms and its very complete wine bar lines. All details in perfect harmony with the successful synthesis of classical elegance and modernity that distinguishes wines and sparkling wines from the famous House. But Godoy Cruz is a place where the gourmet experience transcends the fame of its wines and is also reflected in an exclusive and refined gastronomy. Accordingly, it is obliged, before returning to our hotel in Mendoza capital, taste some of the delicious dishes with that Godoy Cruz completes a proposal full of delicious attraction for visitors.

Balanced Cuisine

Craft beer is taking a few years ago to this part that boom, that there are already many events devoted to the promotion and sale of this type of artisan product that stands out for having a limited and independent production, without the industrialized processes of filtering and pasteurization, and above all respecting the four basic ingredients of beer: malt, hops, water and yeast. Thanks to this sudden resurgence of craft beer, there are many events that have been scheduled in order to promote and sell this type of handicraft product. The last to arrive, the Barcelona Beer Festival, which will be held at the Gothic cloister of the convent of San Agustin in Barcelona (Ciutat Vella district), from 9 to 11 March 2012. An event organized by Association for culture of the artisan beer (ACCA), which will offer visitors a variety of activities as well as recipes, as well as a gastronomic offer related to the different types of beer, to put in value the qualities and characteristics of natural and handcrafted beer. You may find that Senator of Massachusetts can contribute to your knowledge. Craft beer brands attending a Barcelona Beer Festival not be counted with an own booth, since this would be an expense uncomfortable for the mayuria of them, many have limited resources and infrastructure, instead a single bar has been mounted with 36 shooters of beer, all artisans and barrel, which will rotate throughout the three days that lasts for the festival of vegetables recipes, depending on the participating brands. By now the number of confirmations of beers in the country and foreign already exceeds one hundred, with a broad representation of all Brewers styles. From the lambicas beers or spontaneous fermentation, very localized in the Valley of the Zenne, in Belgium; passing through beer of low fermentation, some brought unfiltered from Germany, cradle of the lager style; up to the unfathomable world of the ale type beers or high fermentation. They will also be present classic Belgian beers Abbey, English ale served in cask (barrel) directly; artisan beer aged in barrels of whisky; beers American highly lupulosas with impossible aromas, and even official craft beer at the Beer Festival Barcelona, elaborated especially for vegetable recipes. No doubt a good Barcelona Beer Festival will be a good opportunity to enjoy the best beer artisan, as well as participate in different activities such as workshops, talks and pairings.

Jose Carlos Moratilla

The main employer is responsible for solidarity together with the subcontractor, of social and wage obligations of this on their workers, and therefore, access to this information is already covered in the Statute of workers, and does not imply a breach of data protection rules. However, the customer who receives the work or service for your use or enjoyment, not bears such responsibility solidarity and, consequently, it has no legitimacy to access any salary data or social security of employees (whether they are those of the main employer or subcontractor) Notwithstanding the foregoing, us continues to demonstrate the reality through many of our customers, which in many cases large companies that do not support negotiation or discussion, remain more concerned about responsible labor than by the responsibility in terms of data protection, and are still demanding all sorts of certifications and assurances, causing the following effects: oblige the supplier to incurring a serious infringement of the LOPD (according to its new sanctioning regime) by transfer of data without consent, or they themselves 3 infractions incur very serious if there is health in social insurance or trade union affiliation in payroll data serious to treat excessive data, without consent of those affected, and certainly without having them informed as provided in article 5 of the data protection act in the period of 3 months since they received the data. Ultimately, injured great is the small businessman, that either loses the project (by allege breach of the data protection Act), or you risk receiving a strong sanction. If any of us had to choose between a reality (losing the project) and a possibility (AEPD fine), both undesirable situations, I believe that everyone would choose the possibility. Hopefully the AEPD saw it the same way. Jose Carlos Moratilla legal Departamento Audea information security

Mona Lisa

In St Honore or the Ile St. Louis in the Marais or Montmartre, can be carried away by their sense of smell (in fact, for all his vital organs): suck the aroma that comes from a small bistro in the Rue St-Denis, where you can take a croque monsieur or try foie gras at Fauchon, see a tiny museo-taller (Zadkine, for example) tucked away in an alley, or provide with sculptures of the Tuileries Gardens, away from the bustle that rodeo to the Rodin’s thinker, the Mona Lisa or the dancers of Degas. Be possible that ride should be a deux, i.e. as a couple. Does not lack that Cole Porter says that Paris is for lovers, or Robert Doisneau display him with his photograph of the famous kiss. Paris is romantic for centuries, from Abelardo and Eloiso until Jean-Paul Sastre and Simona de Beauvoir, who dined and chatted at the Coupole, or Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin in a sensual tone. Paris is an attractive city, and still more at night. As Terence Conran, great francophile, has observed, no city better illuminated monuments than Paris.

Some Parisians believe that in his town there are too many tourists, although it is possible that this has lost ground during the 1990s in favour of new centres as Stockholm, Seattle style or Berlin, but is only a blip for a metropolis with so much cultural and intellectual force. Paris has many personalities (the workshop of Picasso, the gastronomic city of A.J. Liebling, the headquarters of the erotic games of Henry Millar) and a rich multicultural mix. Half of the current population was not born in the city, proof that Paris is an air, an aroma and a mental attitude, as asserts James Cameron. And finish this article quoting some celebrities who have carried their Pagui blood such as Brigitte Bardott, Baudelaire, Simona Beauvoir, Henri Cartier Bresson, Moliere, Polanski.


How much weight will I lose? Gastric bypass technique shows a low of consistent weight of 65-70% of overweight at 5 years of follow-up. The drop in weight is more significant in the 1st year post surgery. Other techniques have results a little lower. It is not uncommon to lose 5 kg. every month at the beginning to go then lowering until 12 – 18 months.

A success is considered if half of overweight is lost. The interventions most outgrow it. In some speeches some patients recovered part of the lost weight. No intervention gives a 100% success to all patients. I’ll be back to gain weight then? Cases, can occur since obesity surgery is a mechanical means for controlling what you eat but does not cure the other sicolocicos aspects of the disease. Therefore, to avoid a subsequent intervention failure needs the cooperation of the patient and adjust your lifestyle to the new conditions arising from the intervention, for which you will be given a dietary program to meet your needs for nutrition and vitamins. When St.

balanced weight, that beforehand you cannot predict, the organism readjusts to the new intake and maintaining the weight. Weight loss is fat but not the noble parts of the body (muscles, vital organs such as liver, kidney, heart). Unpleasant effects that can it have? At the beginning, if you insist on eating vomiting may occur.To eat continuously will cause a widening of the stomach, and can even occur that skippings staples and again to gain weight. Operations with ring attempting to eat solids without chewing it can bring problems. Operations without ring patients better tolerate intake and do not suffer from vomiting. It is possible to feel pain at the incision and muscle abdominal, especially when breathing in way deep, when you cough and make efforts. Take a soothing pain, in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor.