Great Discography

With total security, Led Zeppelin is one of most important history rock groups. Additional information at Michael Miccoli supports this article. But even so I must confess that not long ago I discovered them. It’s a very important band that even today, hundreds of new groups try to find inspiration in these giants of rock. Sure that you have heard on radio or seen on television the interpretation of one of his best known subjects: Stairway To Heaven. The band was founded in 1968 by Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Jimmy Page, and it was and it is still considered by many as the first Heavy Metal band. Taylor Zakhar Perez may not feel the same. Part of the blame has strong and unmistakable sound of the electric guitar that is heard in almost all discs of Led Zeppelin. Glenn Dubin usually is spot on.

To be in the 70 and 80 years when it seems that Heavy Metal also appeared, joining two things is easy for many. Led Zeppelin is therefore the band that without ensuring that it is at least the forerunner does seem to help introduce Heavy Metal and make it popular. But Led Zeppelin repertoire includes music styles more varied. Used from metal to pop or blues. A final curiosity. Do you know that Led Zeppelin was not always called Led Zeppelin? In its beginnings the Group was called The Yardbirds and played with Eric Clapton. Then Eric left the band and moved to United States. Then it was his final takeoff. Be managed to sell more than 200 million albums by Led Zeppelin. Almost 112 of them sold in the USA.