Fiesta Provincial

Each year, the Valle de las Lenas is responsible for welcoming the winter season in the province of Mendoza. With a reputation well earned as one of the best ski resorts of the Argentina Republic, and one of the major epicenters of tourism in Mendoza, Las Lenas dresses in the framework of the Provincial party of snow. The beginning of the month of July mark the start of the celebration, whose kick is given by the traditional torchlight descent. A show given by the staff of instructors of the Valley, who glide through the track Eros carrying torches, which form different figures. The eye-catching demonstration ends at the base of the Hill, where chocolate and wine is served hot. A day after the descent of torches comes the turn of the election of the Provincial Queen of the snow, and the varied celebrations with that, year after year, the Valley surprises to its visitors.

The year 2010 was the winter season with a dinner show for more than a thousand people, the Gauleguaychu Carnival comparsas, shows of Magic and music, Fireworks and parades of fashion. The festivities extend Las lenas until the month of August, adding to their ski slopes a dose of sexy extra. To enjoy the snow and the holidays, nothing better to lean by any of the numerous hotels strategically located at the entrance of the tracks. Recognized as one of the best hotels in Mendoza, 5 star PISCES offers excellence, comfort and high level in its two exclusive restaurants gastronomy. The 4 star in Aries, on the other hand, ranks as one of the few hotels in Mendoza with direct access to the slopes. His proposal, centered on the sport and healthy lifestyles, is complemented by its modern Health Club and Spa, a space designed to forget the stress and regain energy in full contact with nature. Options economic lodging in Mendoza of snow and skiing, ideal for younger, are no doubt the Dormy Houses. Equipped with refrigerator, kitchenette, tv cable and facilities for storing ski equipment, stand out the of Laquir, Liguen, Milla and Payen, complexes within walking distance of the tracks.


How can you buy the food? One of the most frequent causes why people flock to a doctor are gastrointestinal infections. And the most common cause of this is the poor choice of food. Why is it important to properly choose food? How to choose them correctly is a very important step for good nutrition. Choose evil a food can cause consequences ranging from poor preparation to take you to the hospital. Which means not only an additional economic problem but which also endangers your health. There is the possibility that if you choose evil a food may lose its nutritional value? Yes, a food loses its nutritional value if it is hit, if it is sold cut or grind or if it is some type of infestation by fungi and/or bacteria that can purchase them either by insects or direct contact. This is seen especially in the fresh fruit.

If you choose a very green or very ripe fruit, this no longer contains the quantities optimal micronutrient. The same is true if you choose a battered fruit since It can be contaminated by fungi. This can be seen in fresh food; But what about packaged foods? Packaged foods have characteristics other than frescoes, but we also have to be careful that are in poor condition since they can be more difficult to recognize the way to recognize them is different from fresh food. Is it better to choose a fresh food or enlatad0? When you choose a food thinking about nutritional benefits is best choosing always is better to choose a fresh food since canned have components chemicals that help your preservation of food but are not nutrient preservation mechanisms and as more time passes more loss will be. But you must always be careful to choose a food as either a fresh or canned food what are recommendations for a packaged food? Among the recommendations that you should consider are the following: the packaging must be in good condition. The packing must be clean.

Pricing Appropriately

The first parameter that usually fix a company to fix the price is the cost. Discusses much that product (even so, fit already at this point different interpretations), and on it a margin is added and is now!, we have the price. Not exactly, actually the majority of the companies comes a little beyond, and examines what are the prices of the competition for similar products. We already have another parameter. A third point taken into account by some margins, i.e., to study if the benefit that leaves the product is sufficiently consistent with the structure of the company. So far, that tend to look at most of the companies. However, the most advanced try relate the price with the value that brings the product to the customer, and therefore routed their strategies to appropriately communicate that value. In this way, they already set a positioning for the product.

So, suppose that we are going to buy wine at the supermarket. Liter there from a euro up to more than 30 euros per (three-quarters of a liter) bottle. Instinctively, we grouped them at various intervals (for example, less than two euros, two to five, six to twelve, thirteen to twenty, and twenty euros), and each of them we attribute a quality. Pricing strategy can also be determined by the time in which the market is located. If we only look at the cost, probably our prices tend to be too low in expanding markets and too high in mature markets. For example, when Danone launches its Danacol products that help combat cholesterol, a high price can afford, since he has no competition and is an expanding market (people want to take care of).

However, if the market became mature, and is equivalent to today’s yogurts, competition pull those prices down. And note that here I’m not talking at all costs of production, simply is a matter of the phase in which the market is located. Therefore, in addition to costs, margins and competition, the company must ask what is the value that the client perceives for that product, in that format, in that location on occasions, if possible, is convenient to perform a market study to learn how much they are willing to pay customers for a product of this type.


To lose weight you must understand that obesity is excess body fat. The body uses fat as energy source to carry out all activities, so losing weight is easy if you use that energy. It is like gasoline for a car, there is no power without fat, losing weight is as easy as burn that extra energy we have in the form of fat. But you have to use it! Sedentary life or inactivity, and eating are two of the main reasons for overweight too. Losing weight is easy, just have to want to do it, and that decision is the key to more easily achieve our goal than you think, paramount is to recognize the need and find a solution. There are different methods to lose weight. Some are based on diets, others in exercise programs, others combine diet and exercise to lose weight, and there are other invasive techniques, more complex and dangerous.

As I said before, eating too much or not be sufficiently active physically they can contribute to excess weight. To have an ideal weight, the calories you eat should be equivalent to the energy consumed by and when too many there are reservoirs of fat or overweight, losing weight involves burning these reserves we have of more. Losing weight not only will raise their self-esteem, improve their self-image and the image projected from you. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can help control cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Diet also can help prevent diseases related to weight, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. I must congratulate you be looking for a solution, because it indicates that you already gave the first step in which acknowledged that he has a problem and that he wants to find a definitive solution for weight loss. The balance between the ingestion of calories and the calories that are lost with the activity are different in each person.

The same diet, pills for weight loss or a same exercise for weight loss program can obtain different results between two people with the same weight. The factors that they determine the weight loss can be hereditary, genetic, age, among others. If you are going to start a program to lose weight you should know speed weight loss will depend on their perseverance and predisposing factors. Important thing is keep the will and go ahead! Original author and source of the article.

Dairy Products

CONSUMER/EROSKI there are hoaxes like that ensures that the milk in carton not sold within the period of expiration is repasteuriza and returns to the market. Has also been said that there is a number on the base of cartons that indicates the times that that milk has been reused. Recently, the OCU has secured in a report that we drink worse milk that 10 years ago. A few days ago we had knowledge of a study on the quality of the milk we consume carried out by the OCU (Organization of consumers and users) that concluding several things: for example, that this quality had declined in the past 10 years and that there were dramatic differences between the marks. From Consumer, on the other hand, they have produced a report which is ending with false beliefs about milk.

They warn of the existence of information sent through emails that inform, for example, of the reuse of milk in carton which is not sold within the period of expiration. According to this hoax, this milk returns to the factory to be repasteurizada and returns to the supermarket’s new. There is also a false legend that advised to fix a small number that is displayed on the bottom of the container and which would indicate the number of repasteurizaciones made into milk, up to five (something that actually refers to a code related to the manufacturers of these). Cartons of milk are produced in large coils with several rolls. These are numbered from one to five that allows to identify which position of the coil there has been a certain container. According to the hoax, the legislation would allow dairies repeat this cycle of thermal treatments up to five times (something absolutely prohibited by the Community provisions in force in the European Union about expired food). Other false news related to food are avoided a functional dairy known (probiotic) among minors by their negative cto on health since alleged way, it inutilizaria the body to generate its own bacterial flora (this impossible point), or the recent report that way hypothetical would demonstrate that the fridges magnets create an electromagnetic field that alters the Atomic composition of foods and makes them harmful to health. Source of the news: false beliefs and deceptions on milk and dairy products