Harvard Business Essentials

It is assumed that this has the answers inside. The solutions and answers will emerge from their own repertoire of capabilities through the language of the question, listening, guidance, support and mutual problem resolution. Difference between Mentoring and Coaching with regard to this issue is raised in the Harvard Business Essentials (2005), that the fundamental difference between Mentoring and Coaching is based on the latter, is related to the work done by the cochaee, and the first with his professional career. To support this claim, it is necessary to review the scope of each of the aspects involved. On the basis of the definition of Coaching as an interactive process by which chiefs and supervisors try solving performance problems or develop capacities of employees. The process is based on collaboration and is comprised of three components: technical help, personal support and individual challenge. These three elements are United by emotional link between the persons involved. In this process the assessment of results often reveals training opportunities.

This is generally accomplished through a four step process: observation, discussion, active training and follow-up. On the other hand, States that a mentor is a person who helps another to experience personal growth through learning. Mentoring, is offering advice, training or guide that makes a person who has experience and skills for the benefit of the personal and professional development of each other. Mentoring aims at supporting personal development through psychosocial and professional functions. Professional functions imply sponsorship, training, protection, exhibition and challenge; It’s very activity in work-related activities. On the other hand, the psycho-social functions is dealing with being inside of the person subject to the actions of the mentor: the way they behave, the values of the workplace, the personal dilemmas and the feeling of acceptance by the group. It is not limited to the development of a limited set of skills or behavior, but that it occupies the entire person and his professional career (p.


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