Burn Abdominal Fat

Diets is all that is required to burn abdominal fat. In the hectic world of today few of us we have the time to devote himself to the creation of healthy eating normal enjoyment of our predecessors. We have come to depend on ready-prepared meals and condiments to provide our dietary needs. Below we will describe the composition of the different meals of the day of this diet to burn abdominal fat. Breakfast. 30 Grams of protein should be included in breakfast. To cover this protein intake, must takes two cups of yogurt or milk (preferably nonfat), also a portion of cheese, and also a portion of ham, beef or chicken. You can also choose for a tuna sandwich.

This protein intake is essential to run the diet to burn abdominal fat. In addition, the breakfast we must include two slices of bread, and some sweet that we want. This will prevent giving us desire to eat carbohydrates or sweets later. All the calories ingested at breakfast you will be directed to the muscles and used as a form of energy, i.e., they will be burnt, worn; high levels of cortisol and insulin in the morning are those who are responsible of it so happen. Lunch. Although we will not feel hunger, thanks to the generous breakfast, perhaps we should eat luncheon 90 grams of protein, in the form of fish, chicken or lean red meat. This meal with salad of fresh vegetables, without dressings must be accompanied.

For dessert: fresh fruit. As a beverage: fumo natural fruit without added sugar. Lunch and dinner in the evening, after 2 pm and in the evening, we should only eat fruits and vegetables, especially those that have less than 5% of sugar, like tomato, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, melon, watermelon, citrus fruits, etc. It is essential for the diet to burn fat abdominal us outcome, which do not eat carbohydrates or sweets or fats in the snack and dinner, because of cortisol and insulin levels have fallen at that time of day, and all the calories we ingiramos will be stored as body fat. An ideal complement for this diet to burn abdominal fat, is performing any aerobic moderate exercise, such as walking, jogging, aerobics, or we can even include specific exercises for abdominal, that will help us to make our tummy look firm.