Gastromedia Night

Only thing that matches is the atmosphere relaxed and without noise, thanks to the idea of keeping all the machines off, as if it were a theater, so that nothing disrupts the show managers. Experienced resounding success on Thursday nights with CAOZ(Carlos Ortiz), who got that viewers do not move from their seats until two in the morning, listening to the stories he had. And asking for more at the end of the evening. The thousand and one night has managed to create a unique cultural space in the zone with his motto: while you’re here sitting, we’ll be here telling. TETERIA LAS MIL and a night in franchise for a few years, in our country, its culture and the tea are opening is midway between the people.

Because there are many who are in the tea its moment of relaxation. And, therefore, Teteria the thousand and one nights offers a space for anyone who wants to assemble their own business, with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The local need a tea of the Arabian and one nights should be broad, trying to not less than 70 m 2 living room, but in turn should be cozy. The franchisee will always have the necessary advice through the expansion of the tea shop manager, from the first step, and throughout the life of the business. MORE information: 902-875-479 Our team of Gastromedia I Love Tapas Facebook Places Debuts For iPhone, iPod Touch Devices The Blog Herald the thousand nights and one night. Original version, uncut.