Peruvian Food

The Peruvian gastronomy is one of most abundant of the world, although it is certain that she is one of which contains more typical plates of the world. According to many understood gastronomical it arrives at the level of the French kitchen, Hindu China and. At the moment thanks to the effort of diverse local cooks of prestige international recognition has reached merecidsimo. And it is that it enters his recognized plates more is the dish of marinated raw fish, the red pepper of hen, jumped back, tacu tacu, and recently the Peruvian gastronomy has been recognized like cultural patrimony. The Peruvian gastronomy has Spanish cooking contributions, influences brought by the African slaves, a French Romance influence and also important Japanese, Italian influences, that is to say; influences contributed by European immigrants. There is prescription infinity of Peruvian food that can get to count itself more than 3000 different plates, has more than 2000 very original prescriptions and 250 traditional desserts. The Peruvian plate more well-known in the world is the dish of marinated raw fish, that consists of of a plate of seasoned crude fish with red pepper and cooks with the acid of the lemon, also between its ingredients he is choclo and the onion cut in Julian. Thus we can say that the prescriptions of Peruvian food have a good base of vegetables and spices. Although we can say that the food Peruvian is great the most extensive ones of prescriptions of international food that there is at the moment.