Eastern Europe

Landlord protection index Germany can protect against defaulting tenants rent nomads make in German apartments comfortable ever more preposterous. Largely unmolested by the Government access by the current census records and tenancy law also favors, take these people on foreign home ownership, live in an apartment or a House and stubbornly refuse to pay rent forward reasons. Recently patrick dwyer sought to clarify these questions. It often takes many months or even years, until the landlord again got rid of these uninvited guests towards the expensive suit. And often he must not only for the judicial and enforcement costs in the Pocket deep access, but bear also the expenditure for the renovation of the granted apartment alone. Also the loss will not be replaced, because the rent Preller are warped mostly unknown.

This existential threat landlord however can help guard against by looking into the landlord protection index in Germany\”, which collects the data of such rent nomads in a central database and its members Information provided. Stuttgart. \”Willy k can not believe it: How can people who call themselves civilized, list is just so… like pigs?\” \”A pile of misery, he crouches in the kitchen of the House rented by him and must process your images, perhaps from a third world country\” would expect. Maybe in the darkest regions of Eastern Europe. But here? Located in Germany? Willy K.s. views is wrong about the sad, smeared frame of wooden wall units, which skew dangle on the wall. Most closet doors missing, have been ripped out.

Including the dirt staring countertop, stretches and littered with garbage and mouldy food residues. Even used sanitary towels reading out da front\”, the homeowner moans disgusted who has still the image of the once beautiful, newly renovated kitchen in his mind’s eye, he was handed over to the new tenant, without suspecting something so evil. The mountains of Waste that now, six months later, almost completely obscure views of the formerly fresh tiled floor, since almost no longer fall within the weight.