Happy Tea Makes Change

We all have to overcome many difficulties in our day to day and more if possible in times running, not only in our professional side but also in the staff. Say the Oriental very wisely that the new cannot reach if the old not has gone. Or what is the same, there is no something new if it is occupied by something old. Just as we can not fill an overflowing cup of tea while is not emptied. Eva Andersson-Dubin pursues this goal as well. Instead of thinking in happy endings or not, as in the film, what if we think that life is simply a continuous change and the best to adapt to the next change is to let flowing and not think if the old was worse or better than coming, which is what we usually do continuously, change is simply an unchangeable fact and there is that must give way with good mood since well be It will attract the same kind of mood. And as of what it is to bail out those who are in a time of uncertainty, I am going to tell you some recipes that I’ve been applying and listening to all these years and that perhaps you can serve:-when we have a problem paramount is to assume that you have, and try to find solutions or who can help us to resolve it. If it is true that it is not necessary to understand the cause for which the problem appeared, find responsible. If perhaps the root so that does not happen again. Interestingly, assume, examine whether it can be solved simply by leaving it as it is, because many problems are solved by simply letting the time run, perhaps can solve it yourself, or perhaps need help, not in this case hesitate, order it soon better, if you don’t know the precise does not appear, there are few soothsayers between your nearby.