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Fashion (Fr. mode, from Lat. Modus – a measure of the image, the way of rules, regulations) – the temporary dominance of a certain style in any sphere of life or culture. Determines the style or type of clothing, ideas, behavior, etiquette, lifestyles, ways of thinking, Art, literature, cuisine, architecture, entertainment, etc., which is popular in society at a specific time period. The concept of fashion often means the most fragile and fleeting popularity. An essential attribute of fashion – The pursuit of novelty, often illusory.

If the phenomenon or object being fashionable any length of time, loses novelty in the eyes of others, it becomes old-fashioned. For more specific information, check out James A. Levine, M.D.. Two motives are driven by fashion. The first – an imitation to learn from experience or good taste, the second – the fear of being outside of society, to be mocked (fear of isolation). Fashion in clothes – is a change of forms and samples of clothing, which occurs within a relatively short period of time. This usage (to be dressed "in fashion", fr la mode) goes back to the xvii century when a French court fashion has become a model for all European countries.

From the standpoint of art mode is close to conceptual art, because it is a combination of different elements (hair, clothing material, style, color, accessories) that create the image. Dress code – some emphasizing the ensemble (suit in a broad sense) dictated by the following features (or set): age, sex, profession, social status, membership of a subculture, personal taste man, age society, nationality, religious affiliation, relevance, functionality, lifestyle and individual characteristics. Accents are placed usually with the help of accessories, shoes, fabric colors, prints, accessories, parts, finish and texture of fabric brim model clothes combinatorics. Style of dress is one of the main elements of the image of a person or company. In one of the styles are sometimes distinguish its varieties – substitution or mikrostili. Clothing – a set of products (often woven or knitted from a variety of materials) that people put on themselves to cover tela. is of natural origin (among primitive tribes clothes made from the leaves of plants). It should be noted that clothing traditionally meets the floor support garments. Therefore, most often in the garment can identify the man or woman.

The Party Of Helicopters

Emo subculture is the first time the word "emo" sounded somewhere in the mid 80's. Emo (short for "emotion" – "emotion") began its existence as a style of music in the 80 years in the West. Such music is considered one of the varieties hard-core. Now emo – representatives of a vibrant youth subculture. The main rule of the adherents of this subculture – the expression of emotions.

Often emo – vulnerable, depressed teenager, his sensitivity and spontaneity reminiscent of a child, so they call themselves emo kidami. Emo Kid tend often to radically change the mood. Apathy, calmness, poise – it's certainly not about them. They can easily shed tears of pity for a homeless dog. Its a sad kind of subtle emo are ready to recall, but emo kidy not found in cemeteries, do not drink blood, do not dream about death.

Emo stand for the triumph of life in all its manifestations. The main task of emo – find great love. In love, they give overwhelming feeling no worse than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. If love is a non-reciprocal, suffering, emotional kidov not will limit the next few hours they devote to thinking about the imperfection of our world. But wept a couple of days, they head up to the rush to further search for new love. Emo music can be different: melodic serious, calm and explosive. But its main task – to show the world and everyone around the true and sincere emotions. Every emo band expresses these emotions in their own way: screeching, wailing, moaning, whispering, screaming exploding, the texts of the unhappy love, injustice, the brutal and full of violence worldwide. Proponents of this subculture are listening artists such as Bob Tilton, Harriet The Spy, Yage, The Hal Al Shedad, Sunshine, Submission Hold, Saetia, Breakwater, Monochrome, Frodus, The Party Of Helicopters, "Neversmile", "Monalisa", "Origami" "The ocean of my hope," etc. Often, emo – this is bad teenagers dressed in black with a small amount of bright spots. And guys and girls can paint her lips, fingernails, to sum up his eyes, toned face. Also, they wear black and pink clothes and ragged fringe, beveled on one side. Young boys painted nails and hair black and lose weight to indecency, and the girls wear funny hair clips and rims in peas and T-shirts with the cartoon Sponge Bob. If you see before you a young person with such attributes, then before you definitely emo. So: ragged slash bang, straight black hair, a scattering of icons on your clothing or bag, made-up black eye pencil, gym, headphones in ears, a sweater with a V-shaped notch in the diamond, anorexic skinny, black lacquer nails, t-shirt with hearts have broken, shards and crossed pistols, sad appearance, shiny hair clips, skinny jeans, soft toys in a bag, bright bangles on her arms. That he was so emo-style. On the pages of our site followers of emo culture will discover a lot of interesting things. Here is the huge selection of merchandise emo: emo wallpapers, photos, pictures and avatars, we find rare songs and can download emo music, find references to emo-friendly sites.