Wilfredo Camacaro

Carlos Mora Vanegas cannot be ignored the inflationary reality that Venezuela is facing and that of not to know you properly handle is will increase and will cause serious problems to the Venezuelan in their quality of life, in the high costs of products, their needs. Faced with this reality, we have always emphasized the importance of schools of Economics, his prostrate decide and make a diagnosis of this reality. Unfortunately, in the case of the University of Carabobo, which concerns us this has been very difficult to achieve, indicating little commitment to its teachers, managers in making a pronouncement thereon, taking advantage of reality and to make known the points of view of its specialists, proposed suggestions, in such a way that their participation is not contained in the classroom, but which express publicly and thus, alert the population in a detrimental fact in the economic development of the country. Worried about this sad reality that faces, company consultant, training adviser and professional development Deproimca, has approached some of its teachers so that they expose their points of view, not within the classroom, but personally, by direct contact, through its journalist Lic. Pedro Montero who interviewed some teachers in order to understand their points of view, such is the case for example, the Economist, Wilfredo Camacaro, well-known teachers in the region, former candidate to the Rector’s administrative office. Vice President of IPAPEDI who pointed out that the new nomenclature which is using the BCV, looked like it was going to be a cushion of inflation from the statistical point of view, but as it has been so exponential that is happening with prices and goods, clearly inflation exceed what the Government believe, 12%, and you will easily reach a 25 or 30 %, and even more so in an election year such as this where the liquidity is going to grow and there is little capacity to supply the demand.