The necessary human organism of cares to remain itself balanced well, and the base of this balance is what we conquer day-by-day in ours; through good feeding based on fruits, vegetables, proteins, carboidratos, little fat and much water. Rest, leisure, physical activities, care with the personal hygiene. Our health in perfect necessary state also of a clean environment with basic sanitation, garbage collection and deposit in adequate sanitary aterros, pure air, green areas, combat the illnesses through search of information, not only to wait, but to go behind what it is better for proper itself and its family. It is of basic importance the reflection on what it is better for its life, its health, information on the health he is right of the citizen, and from taking care of this there it is a duty of each citizen. Also it is mentioned to the physical, mental, psychic health, health in general. DAY 05 OF August was established by Law N. 5352 in 08/11/1967 as the National Day of the Health.

Homage also to the doctor Oswaldo Gonalves Cross that was born in 08/1872 acted in the public health of 1903 the 1907, suffered during four years of renal insufficience and faleceu young to the 44 years in Rio De Janeiro. It is necessary periodically to take care of of the health, consulting the doctor. They exist atendimentos in the Ranks of Health, SUS, and particular net of health. Many professionals of the health had made history in our country, one of that marked leaving much sadness for the esportiva medicine for carrying people of physical deficiencies, was the Canadian doctor Dr. Robert Wilson Jackson, in 06/01/2010 to the 77 years of age, was the pioneer occidental person in the field of the artroscopia and was the protector of the Brazilian Society of Artroscopia. The Health department always worried in well-being of the population carries through combat campaigns the transmissible illnesses or not, and the Minister of the Health if it pronounces way TVs, radios, periodicals all the medias on the had campaigns and cares that each person (citizen) it must have with its health.