The Man

But all the men do not show that way of relation. In another point, we found the explanation psychological, that is to say, man through the violence expresses his wrath and its anger in front of figures that considers inferiors to him. That is to say, that when considering to his wife inferior it requires to attack it, to only satisfy its wrath. Then, yes it is only the expression of the wrath and the anger, that determines the violence becomes selective. Since the man can socially be an enchantment, but not to which he talks about with his pair. In such a way that the violence because he is iracundo is not justifiable in any sense. The violent forms of expression become more and more complex, when we tried to give a meaning them. Factors of sort and the construction of each society also exist in which to the society it talks about.

But this does not only concern to the men. The women also are subject to those ideas that the society dictates about how to be woman or like being man. To which we in the society are expected of all that was called on to us to live. But these dictations not necessarily are in all the men and all the women of that society. Although one society dictates that the men to be it require to control his wife and to do violence to it so that is controlled. All the men and to all the do not accept it women. In a society men and women accept who it and other exist tolerate that it, but also exists the great range that does not tolerate it absolutely. Then on what he depends that a man becomes violent and he accepts it to a woman? The answer to this question is difficult and contains a great amount of edges to take into account.

Mexican Food

The gastronomy of Mexico characterizes by its great variety of subjects of gossip and prescriptions, as well as by the complexity of its elaboration. It is recognized by his distinguishing and falsified flavors with the great seasoning. It reunites mesoamericanas gastronomical traditions as much as European, among others many. The Mexican kitchen is not other people’s to the kitchens: Spanish, Cuban, African, of the Middle East and Asian, to mention some. The 16 of November of 2010 the Mexican gastronomy was recognized, with the French kitchen, like Immaterial Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO History The history of the Mexican gastronomy goes back approximately 10.000 years, to the time at which it is considered was domesticated the maize to become the culture that later was the nourishing base of the mesoamericanas cultures. This remote origin gives to the Mexican gastronomy a letter of singular presentation in the contest of the nations, that distinguishes certainly it of other cooking heaps.

During the pre-Hispanic time, the indigenous towns that they inhabited the territory mainly had a diet based on vegetables. Of them it is necessary to indicate that there is a species of duality that was common to many of them from at least year 3000 aec, is the maize and Chile. The great mesoamericanas cultures, and to a lesser extent, the oasisamericanas were fed materially with these two Earth fruits. To Chile and maize other species of nonsmaller importance were associated, some of which have extended their native ecological niche to become consumptions of the most varied kitchens. It is possible to mention to the tomato, the cacao, the avocado, the pumpkin, the nopal, vanilla, divinizados all of them in the figure of Chicomecatl, Nahuatl name of the mesoamericana goddess of foods. In order to complement their feeding, the old settlers of Mexico went to two strategies, on the one hand, the raising (in Mesoamrica) of guajolotes (turkeys) and xoloitzcuintles (dogs); or, the hunting of all type of animal, and this bond for all the towns of Northern America.

Businesses created by women 30 less FAIL

Only four out of ten entrepreneurs are women. However, in recent years, there has agency been a significant incorporation of women into the labor market, in addition to an increase in their level of training, thus enabling a change in the profile of women entrepreneurs and empresaria. Due to this change, the study jobs in “Women Entrepreneurs in the Spanish Economy,” prepared by the Chambers of human resources Commerce, INCYDE Foundation job search and the Institute for Women, with support from the European Social Fund, pretended to know which is the contribution sales jobs of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to the economy of Spain. Important data used in part time the study were: the number of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, the number of jobs created, the billing of their business and their consultants contribution staff to total employment and GVA. Meanwhile, the study revealed that those companies started by women break 30 menos. At management jobs another point, one can see that the number of wage-dependent women entrepreneurs is about to 954.000, part time jobs corresponding to 10 of total wages. an amazing success is is now the director of AirClic In Spain, female sex has gained much importance as employers, mainly from agencies year 1993 when they represented 9 (85,000 women), reaching 22 in 2004 where their presence was 216.000.

Bare Rigidity

Clinical manifestations As Smeltzer; Bare (2002), the illness of Parkinson presents slow and gradual evolution. The main clinical manifestations of the illness are: unilateral slow tremor; bradicinesia; difficulties to speak; alterations in the movements; rigidity of the neck, trunk and shoulders; increase in the production of saliva with risk for breathlessness and/or aspiration. The unilateral slow tremor can be of rhythmic rest, that disappears with the proposital movement of the member, becoming evident measure that walks or remains motionless more and accented when is concentrated or anxious. According to previous reference the movements of the carriers of the evil of Parkinson can be: slow (bradicinesia); slow abnormal person (hipocinesia);? freezing phenomenon? decurrent of the incapacity to carry through the active movement; they costumam to drag the feet. They present alterations in the position; writing; face expression; in the movements to blink the eyes.

Another characteristic of the pathology is the rigidity of the neck. trunk and shoulders. In the initial period of training it is common algia in the shoulder in virtue of the resistance to the slow and which had movement to the unilateral comprometimento. while the other is active and voluntary. The slowness of the movements, the rigidity and the tremor are the cardeiais signals of the evil of Parkinson, the tremor of the fingers resemble the movement to count money to it, in the advanced periods of training of the illness the carrier can present dementia and lose the autocuidado capacity of, difficulty to carry through activities of the daily life as to take bath, to change of clothes and uprising ( FREITAS, et al, 2002).

Anatomofisiolgicos Milk

One concluded that although the knowledge told for purperas on basic questions that involve breast-feeding, perceives one deficiency in the spreading of these information to the mothers. The actions are suggested that educative and preventive, are spread out in all the after-Christmas attendance, having emphasized the importance of the aleitamento, the advantages that human milk has on other milk, demonstrating its nutricionais values, detaching despite pain is a common signal of this process, but that writ of prevention they can minimize the problem. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: exclusive maternal aleitamento, assistance of nursing, purperas. INTRODUCTION human milk is the feeding form most economic, and preferred for the neonato the term, is always available, soon to be served to the ambient temperature and exempt of contamination, it offers to protection against the obesidade and aterosclerose. The suckled neonatos, especially beyond two the three months of age, tend to grow in a satisfactory speed, however, slower than the neonatos suckled with baby’s bottles (WHALEY; WONG 1999).

Breast-feeding also is important for the mother conferring many advantages, between them, the effect of the ocitocina acts on the musculatura of the uterus, helping it to reestablish it its size and forms original. To the measure that makes the remaining portion of its body to come back more quickly to the normal one. finally brings a beneficial loan, therefore it facilitates to the establishment of the affective bond mother and son (MORETTO, 1990). It is configured in a food capable to supply all the necessities of the child until the sixth month of life. The orientation given to the women on the exclusive maternal aleitamento in the periods daily pay and after-Christmas increases its knowledge on the subject and guarantees greater effectiveness during the lactation. The success of breast-feeding requires preparation and previous knowledge on the anatomofisiolgicos, well-taken care of aspects prophylactic with the breast, nutricionais values of maternal milk and its advantage on too much milk.

Motion Sickness

In addition to children's products must be at hand bag and a means of motion sickness. If you are traveling by car, of course, must be the child car seat. On the one hand to secure your baby in the road, while the other will help her move easier. Now that may come in handy during the holidays. In Summer travel is very important to have a child with sunscreen. It is also important not to forget to take a baby soap.

If you take a stroller, it will be useful sunshade for strollers. Bathing is important not to forget towel and inflatable range, perhaps your baby seems more comfortable inflatable life vest. For the youngest it is important to take enough diapers, raspashonok, caps and Pampero, as well as bottles and collapsible pot. If you feed your baby infant formula, make sure you take it with a stock, because as we know everyone who spends all day outdoors appetite is much better. In general, pay attention to children food. If you're going to spend much time on the beach, buy a child a thin cotton blouse with long sleeves and light comfortable pants.

You will not regret if you buy several of these kits. When choosing children's clothing, be sure to pay attention to the fabric. It is important that she should "breathe" – a well permit air and moisture, without giving effect to the brew. It is also worth taking with him a few pairs of worn shoes.

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Cooking Granola

Today begins a series of posts about useful and most importantly delicious food. I will begin – with an amazing breakfast and granola (a mixture of nuts, seeds, cereals and dried fruits). Fans will appreciate her muesli appreciated. Americans, as a large Granola fans, and spent a lot of research and proved that it actually improves the functioning of the heart and skin condition. Just what we need from you. Options to purchase granola do not recommend – it is basically American, and they are out – for his passion for chemistry and various surrogates have turned her in, to put it mildly, is not useful. These recipes are present sugar, syrup, chocolate chips, juice concentrates, powdered milk and oatmeal quick preparation. I hope to convince you to prepare yourself granola and here are a couple of recipes: Recipe number 1 Hercules – 100 g sunflower seeds – 50 g pumpkin seeds – sesame seeds 50 g – 50 g pumpkin seeds – 50 g hazelnuts – chopped almonds 50 g – 20 g sunflower oil – 50 Mr.

Honey – 50 g seedless raisins – 50 g dried apricots – 50 g Mix honey and butter and heat the honey until dissolved, then connect with the oat mixture and stir. Pour honey mixture into the pan, oiled. Bake 50 minutes at 140 C to Education golden brown, stirring occasionally. Add raisins and dried apricots have a ready-mix. Recipe number 2 = 100 g rolled oats, oat groats – 100 sunflower seeds = 50 g pumpkin seeds – 50 g chopped almonds – 20 g walnuts and pine nuts = 50 Mr.

Honey – 50 g seedless raisins – 50 g sunflower oil – 50 grams of oatmeal recipe number 3 – 100 g sunflower seeds – pumpkin seeds 50 grams – 50 grams of hazelnuts – 50 grams of dry ginger – 10 g cinnamon (or vanilla, like more ) – 2 teaspoons honey – 50 g sunflower oil – 50 g of figs – 50 g Ready granola should be dry and toasty. Dried fruits and vegetables are best added in a ready-mix, or about five minutes before cooking. Granola, you can: – Upload and milk or yogurt in a form to use for breakfast – Bring a snack or lunch on – this is the best alternative to sandwiches and all sorts of filth office – to eat a dessert with ice cream. But, by the way, the popular American recipe for granola: rolled oats – 100 g brown sugar – 50 g concentrate apple (orange) juice – 70 g honey, 30 g milk powder – 50 g cinnamon – 2 teaspoons of sunflower seeds – sesame seeds 50 g – 50 g grated coconut – 50 grams of chocolate chips – 50g Mix juice, powdered milk, honey and sugar and a little warm, so all melted. Mix well all the remaining ingredients and pour over sugar mixture. Bake 50 minutes at 140 C until golden brown, stirring occasionally. As you can see variations on the granola may limited only by your imagination and budget. If they can, you can besides oatmeal, barley and rye used flakes (not quick cooking), sprouted wheat. Go to the nuts can be added peanuts, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts. For dried fruits – prunes, dried cherries or cranberries, as well as pineapple, pear, melon, figs, bananas. And do not forget the berries. Experiment on the health and enjoy your meal! And in my Blog Agidel still a lot of interesting stuff!

Destiny Palm

Palmistry – (derived from the English. Palm – palm), this area of knowledge is a set of indicators and characteristics of the palm (from nails to pattern itself on the palm) reflect certain features of human development. At once the question arises – what is different from the widely known palmistry 'palmistry' – the answer is simple – in the approach. In the case of palmistry – this is a clear, factual and scientifically based approach to treatment and development of the human condition, so I consider Example: The cause of change may be the state of health: for example, poor blood circulation, the palm is pale, sometimes radiating a bluish tinge, in contrast with a bright, energetic people hands are almost always bright red, reflecting the rapid circulation. In the first case we are faced with the fact that an insufficient quantity of blood rushes to the essential parts of the body, and they lose their color and color in the second case we are faced with an excess in blood supply. The simplest example, which reflects the conclusions, and you can check out: enough to raise one hand while standing up, and the second drop down, then keep your hands in this position for about a minute thereof, then visually compare the color – hand that was raised – it will pale in color, and the palm, which had been omitted, will be dark red. Such examples are hundreds, most importantly understand that understand how it works, rather than build on the findings of lengthy reflection.

Nobel Prize

Environmental research has shown that in the recreation areas over the sea in the ozone layer dominates lactic acid bacillus. In environmentally disadvantaged areas are the opposite. And there, most people complain to the work of the digestive system. Today it is no secret that a good digestion depends on the microflora inhabiting the digestive tract. In cities is difficult not to feed your friends with bacterial products, preservatives, dyes, disintegrants, stabilizers and other chemicals, like antibiotics that kill bacteria so important. Man breathes the poisoned air, drinking bad water, drinking in general violate the regime and then transport medium slag output lags behind the general metabolism, etc. This is the main reason for the failure of adaptive mechanisms – IMMUNITY.

Start it is intestinal wall! The error of modern society is that by advertising convince us of the usefulness of yogurt, but …. they do not contain dairy sour sticks Mechnikov. Yes, they are useful as food, and if the period of storage is not more than 3 days. Analysis of the scientists showed that the "live bio yogurt" does not happen! In products with long shelf life can not live bacteria, the floor – the year, it just dies … why fermented milk market such a product does not have …. What do? How to raise immunity to propagate a number of important microorganisms. PRESENT MOVEMENT MECHNIKOVSKOE offers a technique called "Oseyanie." The method developed consciousness of the population in a new aspect – "the microbes to of man.

" Therefore, there is refreming conscious relation to its protective microflora. Personal health is the lot of man himself, rather than doctors. Top of the knowledge laid Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov. He always advocated preventive medicine. Although he received the Nobel Prize for developments in the field of immunology, namely, for the phagocytic theory of immunity, (incidentally, the last 100 years the prize of Russian scientists in the ARMY Physiology and Medicine).